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What Is Stock Android And Why Is It Better?

What Is Stock Android And Why Is It Better?

The contrast between stock Android and custom versions of the OS is very subtle.

In the mobile market, Android remains the most-used operating system, but the stock android has a load of more benefits especially when you dream of playing awesome games on Android. Now, the question is – what is stock android and why is it better for your next device?

This article should help you have an insight into what the stock Android entails.

What is Stock Android?

This is another version of OS designed by Google. Sometimes referred to as pure Android, no smartphone manufacturer has the ability to change or alter it, unlike the custom OS which allows such when a new update is rolled out or a bug is detected.

Varieties of Android smartphones have their own OS or even Android UI. Take for example; the Samsung Galaxy devices have a custom Android OS skin called One UI while Xiaomi has its own skin called MIUI. Knowing well that these smartphones are also android, they all contain apps, software, and drivers but without the stock Android experience.

Major Android manufacturers still go with their custom OS back in 2019, but after then, different companies started to produce smartphones with stock Android. Though all the new devices still don’t come with the stock Android, if you want to enjoy this experience, you can either root your phone or download apps that have the stock Android fixed on them.

Why you should choose stock Android?

Why is it the best experience? Why is it better? Some Android manufacturers believe that it is about the preference and Upgrade, but there are actually major benefits in using the Android stock.

The points about to be listed will help you note it different from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or custom version.

1. Stock Android is Storage and Bloatware-free

samsung galaxy a51

Image: AndroidCentral

When we say a smartphone is bloatware-free, this means that they do not contain pre-installed apps made by the manufacturer. In most cases, you end up not using these apps while they sit there and occupy a lot of space. The bad part is that you can’t delete these apps (i.e. calendar) on your device until you root it. Most of these apps are also available on the Playstore for download, so why need to be pre-installed?

Now, this is one real benefit of the stock Android. These unnecessary apps occupy some space that you can use for something else. Also, the custom OS is guilty of this, designed by the manufacturer to swallow your storage without utilization.

Apparently, the stock Android doesn’t take your space compared to the custom skin of the Android operating system. Productivity is the main goal of the stock Android version, and this is why Google has designed it with bigger space storage and improved performance. As long as your storage keeps getting occupied, the battery life on your device isn’t safe and your phone will also run slower. The stock Android is just as simple as that.

2. Most stock Android devices require no Security patches

Over the years, iOS devices have been ahead compared to Android smartphones with bugs, malware threats, and security issues. This platform in the first place isn’t bedrock for malware (software functioning like that of a computer), making the security risks doubled more. But thanks to Google who is always on their toes to fix these flaws that are targeted as the major criticism for Android phones.

Now, when these gaps are being closed, they take quite some time to be released as new updates of the Android version. This is because the manufacturers need to customize these updates to their brand-specific and skin of the operating system.

A delay like this affects users as it increases the security risk. Google saw the need to cater to these problems by rolling out a pure Android version to improve security fix. Typically, stock Android has a fast update and you wouldn’t have to wait to be upgraded to the latest OS version like Samsung and LG.

3. Enjoy the original of Android version

nokia 4.2


Do you know that Chrome is the Google main browser? But what you mostly find on your device is the manufacturer’s internet browser. Another thing is the Goggle play, smartphones like Samsung has its own different app store which is the Galaxy store.

The duplication on Android smartphones by manufacturers are a means to fit their custom skin. As discussed earlier, they include pre-installed apps from Google causing storage enwrap. Unnecessary collage occurs as you are likely not to use these apps with no way to uninstall them.

The stock Android is as simple as it is. Although the custom OS is actually more dated and colourful, the stock Android is still a great choice many people will love. It comes minimally in storage alteration and cannot be manipulated with branded apps.

4. The power of choice

You can always choose the apps you wish to install on your device because the main apps rarely occupy a satiable amount of space. Another major benefit of the stock Android is that you can get rid of the pre-installed app except for essential apps that might disrupt the software function of your phone (Google assistant and Google play are essential apps).

Once Google Android’s open-source code is being accessed by a manufacturer, they change the Android versions to work differently on your device. Many people want to make their own choice. They don’t want obsolete apps and custom skin coerced into their phones.

To note the superiority, many manufacturers have been called to infuse the stock Android experience in their smartphones.

This would mean that in a few years’ time, the stock Android will be the main operating system of all Android phones. There are also many devices that run their own Android UI just to look unique and add their own features and functions so they can have control over their smartphone software.

The best stock Android phones you can get in 2020 are all Motorola One models, Google Pixel line-up phones, and all Nokia Android devices.

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