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6 Ways to Make Your Android Phone Charge Faster

6 Ways to Make Your Android Phone Charge Faster

Can I make some Android phone charge faster? The answer is yes but it depends, the ability of your phone to be able to charge faster depends on many factors like the technology used to build the device.

The battery, the charging brick, even the cable all have influence here and that’s just talking about inbuilt factors, other external factors also apply the power supply current, device health and state among other factors.

As mentioned earlier, every phone has limits to the number of energy currents it can take in at a time, while technology continues to evolve, this aspect of your smartphone gets better, for example, OPPO built a technology called VOOC charging, according to The Verge, it is the fastest technology battery charging technology in a smartphone these days and since its been launched VOOC has evolved to super VOOC delivering even faster charge.

Here’s a video comparing this charging technology to the regular charging tech we’re all used to.

Regardless, we can make do with what we have, and you can make your Android phone charge faster than normal with these simple hacks.

1. Use the charging brick and cable from your device manufacturer

This is probably the best thing you can do for yourself and device’ health.

This is because the charging brick and cable that came with your phone were tailored specifically for your device and should be used to preserve the health of your battery, you don’t want to kill it with a brick that delivers less or too much voltage.

However this isn’t always the case, some android device is capable of fast charging but the brick isn’t included in the phone’s original packaging, you may have to buy it as an extra and that’s fine but for all our sakes, stay away from generic chargers, they’re cheap but not good for your battery in the long run.

2. Charge directly from the wall socket with your charging brick

Yes, charging directly from the wall gives you just the right amount of juice your phone battery needs provided the energy current at the time is the right one.

With the technology advancing and the availability of USB ports everywhere, you might be tempted to charge your phone with your laptop, heck, the standing fan right beside me here has a USB port. Apart from that, there’s also the more advanced Qi wireless charging tech that’s fascinating.

I mean it’s nice to charge your phone by placing it on a charging pad but unless you’re using the new OnePlus device and the new 30w wireless charger:

Then while charging your phone wirelessly is cool, for when you want your Android phone to charge faster, consider using the cable and brick directly from the wall.

3. Get a fast charger

If your Android phone has fast charging capacities, the fast charger brick may not be included in the box as mentioned above but if it supports, your device manufacturer may have it on sale separately.

For example, the Redmi Note 8 pro has 18w fast charging capacity and the 18w fast charger brick was included in the box, if yours didn’t come with a fast charger, you should get one 🙂

4. Don’t use your phone while charging

fast charging redmi note 8 pro

This is a no brainer, while it’s tempting to use your device while charging it, but its generally not a great idea.

As you use the charges, they get replaced and over and over again it goes. This is one of the easiest ways to ruin your battery quality. If you use your device while charging it won’t charge faster.

5. Turn off mobile data while charging

Even after not using your phone while it’s charging, it’s a great idea to put off your mobile data while it’s charging to enable it to cool off and charge faster.

Also, be sure nothing is running in other to allow your battery charge well, its good practice. You can take this up a notch by putting on airplane mode, this puts off every battery consuming processes on your phone.

6. Current check

Might not be a thing if you live in a place with great electricity but it’s a good idea to make sure the energy current you’re charging your phone with is not too high or too low.

It may blow up your charger, device or ridiculously slow charge your device and we don’t want that.

With all these said, if you want a device that charges a bit faster and has a better battery, you could check out these mid-range Android devices for when you’re on a budget, devices like Realme on that list has fast charging capabilities and so are the Huawei devices on it.