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Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra Price Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra Price Revealed

So as announced earlier, Samsung unveiled its star flagship device today at its “UNPACKED” event and the new devices, successors to the S10 and its variants were introduced.

Finally, we have all the major details on the new devices and now can stop speculating on the specs, camera samples, features and pricing.

While we’re unable to download the full devices of the devices to you until we get a copy for ourselves, we do know what the prices look like when the new devices eventually go on sale in March, Later this month, Samsung would be opening doors to accept preorders.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra Price

As mentioned earlier, the main gist of the S20 devices this year with no e-version like the S10e from last year, just those three devices. According to AndroidCentral’s hands-on video, the devices will cost:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Price: $1000 (Base version)
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ Ultra Price: $1200
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price: $1400 (128GB Model), $1600 (512GB ROM, 16GB RAM version)

That’s a lot of money, it also is Samsung’s biggest device till date, check out the full monster specs on the official Samsung site.

Watch the full hands-on video to see some of the new amazing features that ship with the device, credits to AC.

Earlier, we wrote a post about the leaked S20 wallpapers, you can still go download them for free.