Samsung S20 HD Wallpapers Leaked (Download Free Now)

Earlier this month, we reported that Samsung has set a date for its 2020 unpacked event where the giant tech company unveils new smartphones and another interesting tech.

Since the announcement on Twitter, there have been rumors upon rumors and leaks upon leaks on what we’re to expect from Samsung this year with the biggest and most talked about being the new Samsung Galaxy S20, the successor to the beautiful S10e, S10, S10+, and S10 5G.

Samsung’s superstar flagship devices for 2019.

One of the most awaited, talked about devices we’re expecting this year from Samsung too would be the Samsung Galaxy Bloom, an upgraded, slicker and probably cheaper version, or successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

All We Know About The Samsung S20

The S20 is set to be one of Samsung’s biggest and best flagship smartphone yet.

According to live picture leaks of the device, the selfie design is very similar to the one on the Note 10, 10+, right there in the top middle screen. The base version of the phone is also rumored to have nothing less than 12GB of RAM ?

Galaxy s20 picture leak
Image: Max Winebach

The S20 looks like it’s going to, or packs five back cameras (we can’t be sure yet) but from the look of this realistic leak, from quite a reputable source, there’s a higher chance that is true and is rumored to support up to 8k video recording right off the bat. Now, that insane.

While year after year we’ve seen new flagship devices even from Samsung lose some of our favorite features on phones, the 3.5mm jack, for example, we’re not sure yet if to expect it on the Samsung S20, Fingers crossed.

However, if you like some extra storage on your device, you can be rest assured, the S20 is said to have that option however according to SamMobile, it may only be available on the S20 Ultra edition with up to 16GB RAM.

Squishing the Galaxy Note 10? Very much so but still a king among smartphones today.

Samsung S20 Leaked Wallpapers

Yes, so device based leaks apart, apart from features, every year these devices also come packaged with some very nice new wallpapers.

We were able to get our hands on the fresh new wallpapers that come pre-packaged with the new S20, These wallpapers are up to 3200×3200 pixels resolution and were first shared on XDA developers forum.

We were able to scoop them so you can download to your device and use 🙂

Enjoy these wallpapers and do not forget to share this page with your friends using the share buttons on your screen.

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