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Are Airpods Compatible With Android?

Are Airpods Compatible With Android?

The AirPod is one of the most popular Bluetooth headphone outlets. They are also leaders in the market. However, like some Apple products, you can actually use AirPods with your Android device.

While the experience may be designed for iOS users, Android users are certainly not left in the dark. Many people think that AirPods are the best Android accessory available today! But how exactly do you use your AirPod with your Android phone? Can you replicate some of Apple’s features?

The answer is simply “Yes”, and it’s simple to do.

AirPod Features for Android

AirPods Android features are quite limited, but the double-tap feature works. Double-tapping, one of your AirPods, will play or pause the music. If you applied your AirPod to your iOS device, the next track and previous track gestures would work, too, but Siri will not be applicable, because it requires an Apple device.

One additional advantage of AirPods for Android is the Bluetooth connection distance.

AirPods typically have a much longer Bluetooth range than other Bluetooth-enabled headsets, and this is true for both Android and iOS.

AirPods lose the rest of their unique Android feature, but some Android apps are designed to play some of them, adding what you can do with AirPods on Android.

Pairing Airpods With Android

connecting airpods to android

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Pairing your AirPod with your Android phone is as easy as pairing any other Bluetooth accessory. This is because it is the same process. Of course, we’ll admit that Apple’s pairing is pretty cool (open them, and you’re ready to pair!), But it’s pretty easy to do.

The first step is to open the lid, then press and hold the white button on the back of the AirPods case. Inside the case, there is a light-emitting diode, which is white when in pairing mode. It should take only about three seconds for the back button to enter pairing mode.

In pairing mode, go to your phone’s settings app and find the Bluetooth settings. Then start searching for a new device and tap AirPods when you see it on your list.

Adding lost AirPod features

AirBattery – AirBattery adds a feature that allows you to view the charge level of your AirPod. This includes battery levels on the left AirPod, right AirPod and charging cases, much like the battery interface on iOS devices. It also has experimental ear detection when used with Spotify, which can pause music when you remove your AirPod.

AssistantTrigger – AssistantTrigger lets you see the battery level of your AirPods, and adds ear detection features. Most importantly, it can be used to change tap gestures, allowing you to set up Google Assistant to double-tap.

Final thoughts on Apple Airpods compatibility with Android

Even with Android devices, AirPods are a great way to wirelessly mount headphones that outperform many other Bluetooth headsets available for Android devices. If you use both Android and iOS devices, AirPods are no mean feat because downloading the right Android apps will allow you to use them on both devices with multiple compromises.

Even with the many ringtones and sounds that can be found on iOS devices, AirPods has some cool features that Android users might like, though there are specific Android wireless options like Galaxy Buds and Pixel Buds that Android users might want to explore.

Many AirPods users find that they are quite comfortable and stable in their ears, with a low risk of falling out and a beautiful battery life. The AirPods come with a charging case that gives the portable compact battery 24-hour battery life. The case is also easy to charge, as long as you have a Lightning cord.

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Tuesday 28th of January 2020

Wow... I never thought they could be used with Android phones. Thanks for the enlightenment!