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Samsung Unpacked Date 2020 Confirmed: New Galaxy Phones

Samsung Unpacked Date 2020 Confirmed: New Galaxy Phones

Earlier today, @SamsungMobile official announced the date for its yearly Unpacked event for 2020.

This event looks and sounds exciting as Samsung is set to reveal the S11 also called the new S20 device, a successor to last year’s S10, S10+ and the S10 5G that was later announced.

The date for Samsung Unpacked 2020 as announced would be February 11, 2019.

Already a lot of buzzes has been generated as a result of this, every year we look forward to the devices Samsung launches and apart from the main S flagship that drops every year, we might be getting the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 as well.

According to leaks and the video embedded in a post below, it shows the device looking way better than the first flop that is the first version.

What are your thoughts?

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