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The 5 Best Android Games Of The Decade (Opinion)

The 5 Best Android Games Of The Decade (Opinion)

I’m not much of a gamer by the way but this pattern seems to be re-occurring a lot these days, for every new Android device I get, I always install the same games, play them and finish them over and over again.

It’s not just so much fun but I’m the type that loves to watch, re-watch movies that I love, just ask Jet-li and his films.

One of the games in this post, Shadow fight 2, I’ve played and finished on more than 3 devices including my iPad and it is a very tedious game, it’s like the authors don’t want you to finish it, nonetheless, I always enjoyed it.

If you love simple games, with great stories, well a couple, this is just a mash-up of games I love, mostly available on Android devices.

These are not games that require a lot of money or time to find fulfillment in, and as I said, I’m not much of a gamer, but these are my favorite games to play on every new Android device I buy, most of them, if not all are free by the way.

1. Shadow Fight 2

Over the past four years, I’ve played and finished this game more than 3 times as mentioned above, and installed on every device, and each time I get surprised at what’s thrown at me.

On my new Redmi Note 8, I decided to go for the special edition which cost around $5 for unlimited energy, more gems, and an extended storyline and despite playing every scene multiple times, a new sensei story added, it still thrills me every time and I scream when losing a match.

When shadow fight 3 launched, I was excited but soon got disappointed when I installed and saw a completely different storyline with a lot of things I don’t understand.

Anyways, for people who crave simplicity and enjoy a good story, don’t want to be forced to play all the time for some reward or some sort, shadow fight 2 is great, if you have an extra $5 to pay, go for the special edition, you don’t have to wait after exhausting the five power bars and you get way more gems to buy stuff, it’s interesting!

2. Relic Run (Lara Croft)

If I told my friend I still play this game, he’d laugh at me, and I should confess, I’ve not been able to finish this one.

Tibet, the last place on the map after Cambodia, the dessert is very hard for me and on multiple devices, I’ve had to stop there, give up, but guess what? Four years later, I am still trying to beat Tibet to finish this game.

The storyline, the introduction of difficulties helps you ease into the game nicely and helps you get and not get surprised at the same time and damn it gets interesting as you advance in levels.

While it looks like and emulates the traditional Temple run, subway surfers gameplay, relic run is not like these, you run, at some point, you get an RV for a select part of the forest, in the desert, you get a bike, Tibet introduces something insane.

You fight a T-rex in Cambodia, A Japanese Oni-like creature in the desert, let’s keep Tibet a surprise, this game is a lot of fun, you’ll like it.

3. Ninja Arashi

I love Ninja Arashi. It has an amazing storyline and puzzles really work the brain.

Despite being an action, adventure game, Ninja Arashi is also more of like a strategy as there are enemies and traps everywhere.

It also gets harder by the level and like Relic Run has different locations and themes which makes it irresistibly good, so good you don’t get tired of playing.

There’s something about a change of scenery that makes games even more aesthetically pleasing.

Of all the games on this list, Ninja Arashi may be the most underrated, while I find it disturbing that I’ve not been able to slay the final beast, to have completed all the levels brings me so much satisfaction, you should play this game.

4. Smash Hit

Smashing stuff, the sound gives you some satisfaction? You’ll like this game.

While this one isn’t like the other games on this list, again, what makes most games better is the change of scenery alongside harder challenges.

In smash hit, you have an assigned number of balls to start with and you target obstacles in the way for more balls and smash them before you get hit. A hit results in a loss of available balls when you lost the game when you’re out of balls.

By playing this game you slowly learn how to use resources and know when to act and when not to. Pretty sick, it’s free but you can pay for an extension so as to be able to continue from where you stopped.

5. Vector 2

If you love watching videos of Parkour, insane stunts on YouTube and Facebook Watch, you’ll love this game.

I’ve had to learn to be patient playing Vector and its as old as most of the games on this list by the way. Vector also has an interesting storyline that’s sure to keep you hooked.

Its also not as heavy as the games that are being made these days.

Vector provides a neat gaming experience alongside the gift of patience and knowing when to act, in my lifetime, it’s one of the best games ever and if you haven’t completed it, you should, it’s so much satisfaction.

While you may be disappointed that popular games like PUBG and other games people loved in 2019 on this list, remember, I’m not much of a gamer and these are personal favorites, although I’m learning to play Call of Duty Mobile, can’t wait to see how that goes 🙂

Played any of these games? Let’s talk in the comment section, please share 🙂

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