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Here Are Some Easy Ways To Make Your Law Ads Impactful And Creative

Here Are Some Easy Ways To Make Your Law Ads Impactful And Creative

Budding lawyers, accountants, and authors may have very different professions. But they have one thing in common – the need to promote themselves online. With the increasing influence of online marketing, it has become crucial to have a strong online presence and to advertise effectively to your potential customers.

For young lawyers and law firms, who have hectic schedules, this challenge can be especially daunting. However, online marketing in the legal domain has become a must-have. A digital marketing survey conducted in 2018 revealed that more than 50% of law firms considered digital marketing very important for their business (4 on a scale of 1 to 5).

An important aspect of digital marketing for law firms is being able to create advertisements of high impact and creativity. If you are running an upcoming law firm, this short article serves as a guide to help you with some easy ways to create effective law advertisements. If you are planning to implement some of the steps mentioned in this article, then researching on how advertising on social media and google works, and learning to use a good editing tool such as InVideo might be a good idea.

1. Tailor Your Content To Make It SEO Friendly

The first point to ensure while making your ads impactful is to tailor the content to make it Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. Every piece of content that you write is a way to enhance your SEO. While being creative is vital, ensuring that certain keywords are used in your content can be a game-changer, as the usage of those words will ensure ranking in the searches.

The creativity of your advertisements will only get leveraged if they are seen by people. Therefore, any impactful law advertisement needs to be SEO friendly. However, one needs to keep in mind that it can often be a fine line between being SEO friendly with your content, and removing its creative impact altogether through forced usage of words.

One of the effective features that can be utilized is the Google Featured Snippet tool. Content such as answers to frequently asked questions can be highly suitable for the snippet tools, ensure that your ads rank high, and create the intended impact.

2. Research Your Competitor’s Value Propositions

Law firms or individuals, who post advertisements, are jostling for space with many of the brightest, and canny organizations. An easy way to ensure that your law advertisements are impactful and creative is to do your homework on what your competitor’s value propositions are. If you can understand what value your strongest competitors are offering to customers, and the extent to which it is creating an impact on the online audience, you already have a baseline to create an impactful advertisement.

3. Communicate The Specific Benefits Of Working With Your law Firm

An assumption that is often made is that impactful advertising requires flowery words and sentences. Such an assumption is incorrect. When a potential customer is looking for a law firm, they want to understand two simple things. First and foremost – the specific services that your firm offers and secondly, what are the specific benefits of availing those services.

A creative law advertisement need not be complicated, as long as it communicates the specific benefits that the customer is going to get. A quintessential example of the contrary is mentioning a lot of complicated and inspiring rhetoric about your firm in your advertisement and forgetting what you are going to do for the customer. Ultimately, the customer primarily cares about what a law firm can do for him or her more than anything else.

If you are finding it difficult to communicate specific benefits via text, then video advertisements can be a great way of precisely communicating such benefits. Some of the video editing tools in the market even offer customized law firm marketing services and features. Using video advertisements can be very impactful if executed in the right way.

4. Give The Option To Call

If a law firm can think from the perspective of their potential clients, then they will be able to understand that a client wants to approach a law-firm because they have a legal problem that they want a solution to. A deceptively creative way to increase the impact of your law advertisement is to make the option of calling you available to your customers. If what they need seems to match what you are offering, they may want to speak with you right away.

5. Keep Consistent Branding

It is very easy to intuitively differentiate between a good brand and a bad brand, but hard to execute good branding. Some companies have managed to brand so well that their names have become verbs in the English language. Googling and xeroxing are two of the most striking words that come to mind.

Reaching the branding levels of Google and Xerox will require decades. However, law firm advertising also requires consistency in terms of branding. Advertisement content may vary, the service being advertised may be different, but the essential message about your law firm needs to be repeatedly consistent.

6. Show Your Previous Track Record

If you have a strong track record of having served customers, then showing that track record in your law advertisements can create a high impact. You can consider options such as creating a slideshow of previous customer testimonials or even news articles. In case video-editing is not your team’s strongest suit, you can search for the best free online video editor that suits your requirements.

7. Provide Some Useful Content For Free

Usually, your law advertisement, whether its video or text, will contain information that will help the potential customer make their decision. For example, the services that you offer, the rates at which you offer them, etc. An effective way of increasing the impact of your advertisement is by occasionally adding for free some useful content related to a service, which you would usually keep paid.

It could be a link to learnings from a landmark judgment or even strategies for dealing with a particular legal problem. While there is an opportunity cost to putting the content up for free, this cost can be covered by the delta of new customers that you may end up gaining because they can transparently see tangible evidence of your work. But, keep in mind that the cost-benefit analysis of such a strategy may not always work out to be a net positive.

In a nutshell, there can be several ways to produce law advertisements that catch the eye of potential customers. But, the decision to implement any strategy at scale should only be carried out after a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis and assessing the marketing ROI of a particular strategy.