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How to Make Your Own Custom Stickers On WhatsApp For Android

How to Make Your Own Custom Stickers On WhatsApp For Android

WhatsApp stickers are fast becoming a thing and I, for one these days can’t live without them. In fact, I wasn’t too thrilled when I changed phones and discovered that even after restoring WhatsApp chats through backup on Google drive my stickers didn’t come back with them.

It was not a good feeling so to get some of my favorite stickers back, I had to start sending messages to my closest friends, those we have exchanged thoughts, feelings through stickers to pitch in so I can have some of my old stuff back, of course, they obliged, life’s fun when you share with others.

But it was never the same as I couldn’t get some of my the stickers, I really loved, anyways that aside, it was also time to start creating some of mine as well so I ventured out for a solution and found some pretty amazing apps that were free and settled for one.

Want to learn how to make your own WhatsApp stickers to share with friends and family, use within conversations too? You should continue reading this post then!

Start by downloading Wasmeme App on the Google PlayStore

Out of all the apps that came up, I went with Wasmeme, and even as I am not able to test all the apps for creating stickers on the PlayStore to see how easy some are to each other or the features, the Wasmeme app is feature-rich and pretty easy to use.

Its a free app and if you tap this link, you’ll be taken directly to the install page on Google, if you already haven’t do install it and let’s get the ball rolling.

Watch the full video

A Quick Step by Step Guide on How to Make Your Own Stickers

For some reason, if you’re not able to watch the video then here’s a bullet point with the exact steps to take.

  • Download the Wasmeme app by searching for it on the Google Playstore or click here.
  • Install the app and open it.
  • Click on the my packs tab and hit the plus icon just below the screen.
  • Give your pack a name and author name.
  • Click on the empty plus icons to either chose a meme preloaded on the app or from your gallery.
  • Crop and click the check icon.
  • Then hit add to WhatsApp to be able to use your new stickers there.

It’s that easy. Loved this? Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more of the Good stuff on your Android Phone.


Monday 16th of December 2019