JBL Charge 4 Review: 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy It

There are many reasons why you can decide to own a Bluetooth speaker. Well, it’s not new again that people now prefer the portability and durability to home amplifiers even while at home. When choosing a speaker, sound performance and design is a very take and right here is where you need to know more about JBL charge 4. Well, you shouldn’t forget about longevity.

The rich bass depth and clear highs are standard enough to beat the JBL charge 3. One new feature is the waterproof design that comes with it. You wouldn’t need to bother if you are going for a swim. Though, there are lots of cynic reviews about the JBL charge 4 just because it is almost the same as its predecessor and because it has a mono audio output with no speakerphone function.

But above all this, there are many amazing features that the previous iteration didn’t possess.

JBL charge 4 review: The good things about this Bluetooth speaker

The ranges at which an amplifier and Bluetooth speaker can cover are different. If you wish to know a lot more about the home amplifier, then you should check the 10 best cheap home amplifiers in 2020.

Moreover, the JBL charge 4 accompanied by a dual radiator also has a moderately sized frame speaker. This article would tell you why you should buy it. If you value quality sound and good battery life, then sit back and learn about the amazing features and reviews.

What’s new in the design?

When it comes to the design, the Charge 4 looks very much like the charge 3. Normally, speakers sitting on the upright side are the major setting, but charge 4 has its own at the side with boom coverage of UE Boom 3. The passive radiator is at each end and for the user’s convenience, there is an indicator at the surface of the rubber.

The weight isn’t as unwieldy as you think, but can still withstand rough handling from little children and butter-fingered adults. Trapping down the best part of its design, it has water-resistant fabric at the front and back with rubber at the foot and bottom basically covering the whole speaker.

What about sound performance?

JBL has made a lot of effort to add some crisp to the audio performance of charge 4, especially in the bass. At least for its size, it has a great depth and wide range of bass without compromising the concinnity of its design. The classy sound is extremely convincing with synchronized beats popping up with punchy rhymes.

Though you can say it doesn’t have real sub-bass, almost close to satisfaction.

When you take it up to high volume, the projection of the bass is reduced, and the upper-mids puts up with the show due to strain. Compared to JBL charge 3 and JBL Flip 4, the texture and substance help out on the vocal lines, but the power and depth are really not bombastic. Still, it would be bad to think that JBL charge 4 is part of some chunky and inferior speaker.

How long can it last?

jbl charge 4 speaker review
Image: JBL

You ever wished you could play your favourite songs all through the day? Charge 4 will last you up to 20 hours of playing time. Well, that’s something you should look at. Though, you will need to keep it at 50% except you aim for just 10 hours.

A recent rating in size has shown that JBL charge 4 is one of the Bluetooth speakers that have the best durable battery. It was initially built-in with 7500-mAH and for it to charge to full optimization; you have to wait for up to 5 hours as you will see the white LED indicator showing the battery level.

Is it just the Bluetooth connection?

Your phone battery is low? Worry less! Just as you see the name, JBL charge 4 allows you to charge your electronic devices by flipping the waterproof surface while you can fix it in your USB cord into the available port. Also, the music connection via Bluetooth isn’t the only thing it has.

There is a 3.5-mm aux jack where you can connect other external devices. This is suitable to enhance your sound performance especially if you are seeing a movie. It is the best because there might be a delay in connecting your Bluetooth when seeing a video.

How much does it cost?

To be honest, this is the best part you would love about JBL charge 4. Yeah, we know its all about the price and to say you can get JBL charge 3 at a lower charge. Now, JBL charge 4 sounds better in an open area and larger rooms than charge 3.

Though if you use it in an enclosed area, the bass tends to drop a little bit bringing a greater balance to how you hear what’s playing. The difference is actually minor, but if you are able to go for charge 4, you should do that. The JBL charge for is available on sale at Amazon for less than $150.

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What do we think?

We are well aware of the fact that JBL adds just a little update to previous iterations. But when it comes to wireless speakers, it has great value. The JBL Charge 4 comes with an extraordinary bass, good audio performance, waterproof feature, and a longer battery life that can also top up your smartphone. So, if you don’t consider the bulky price, you should add it to your next cart.

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