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11 Best Android Strategy Games Of 2020

11 Best Android Strategy Games Of 2020

In the world of mobile games, Like pinball games, Android strategy games stand as one of the popular choices. From card games to chess, this form of entertainment helps you test your thinking skill—besides, it’s a fun way to try out your creativity.

Google Play store has tons of games that meet this criterion. Some require payment while you can download without paying, whichever you’re looking for, we’ve included them in this list.

Our list of games are always top-notch, take these gacha games and PUBG alternatives, for example, they’ve been read by over 20,000 people in the last few weeks, we believe we’ve selected the best of the best strategy games for you in this one as well.

Top 10 Android Strategy Games of 2020

Are you interested in getting the latest android strategy game on your phone? If yes, here are the top strategy games for Android in 2020.

1. Plague Inc

With about 50 million downloads, this android strategy game stands as one of the best games on Google Playstore. Offered by Miniclip, it allows players to destroy civilization with epidemics. As humanity fights back, you will have to upgrade your “customized” disease.

Plague Inc has stunning graphics and addictive gameplay. For first-timers, an in-game tutorial will serve as a guide. As you become better at churning killer viruses, you can save and load individual missions. However, Plague Inc comes with in-app purchases.

Price: Free

Download Plague Inc

2. Chess by AI Factory Limited

You can’t have a complete list without adding the oldest strategy game – chess. Instead of playing on a regular board, Chess Free allows you to test your chess skills on the screen. Although it does not promise stunning graphics, it has features that will keep you hooked for hours.

Developed by Al Factory Limited, this android strategy game consists of 2 modes with 12 difficulty levels. It also has options that help you save and load active games. If you don’t know how to play chess, an in-game tutor will guide you.

Are you tired of playing against the computer? Choose multiplayer mode and battle with your friends. Luckily, you can enjoy these features for free.

Price: Free

Download Chess by AI Factory

3. Rebel Inc

In Rebel Inc, you will have to tackle local rebellions. Basically, your task cuts across seven regions, and your decisions determine the plot of the mobile game. In the end, you will either win or lose the support of your citizens.

Even if it has a considerable following, Rebel Inc is a free game. But you might have to keep some cash for in-game purchases.

Price: Free

Download Rebel Inc

4. Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Moving away from board games, this android strategy game stands as one of the newcomers. However, it has elements of older strategy games.

Here, you have to defend your beautiful island kingdom from Viking invaders. You can achieve this task by commanding your troops to do battle. As you play the game, you might also find elements that remind you of tower defense games.

As expected, the game offers several challenges that will push your mental skills to the limit. For instance, you get to make your stand on randomly generated environments. Moreover, if you lose a commander, you can’t get a replacement.

Bad North offers beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay. If you choose to ignore the occasional bug, it comes as a great way to pass the time.

Price: $4.99

Download Bad North: Jotunn Edition

5. Machines at War 3

Machines at War 3 deserves a place on every Andriod device. Offered by Isotope 244 LLC, the game has features that will attract fans of real-time strategy.

It allows you to guide an elite team to find missing scientists. You will play across 21 missions and use the unit to do battle. Apart from fighting skirmishes, you can build units and technologies that will aid your progress.

Price: $6.99

Download Machines At War 3

6. 8 Ball Pool

If playing pool games are your ideal strategy games fix then you’ll love this one.

8 Ball Pool is actually the biggest pool game in the world right now with over 19,000,000 reviews on the Google Play store and over 550,000,000 installs. It’s simply the best pool game online right now. Enjoy by playing with friends or for rewards, either way, you’re in for a treat with this game.

Price: FREE

Download 8 Ball Pool

7. Bloons TD

This android strategy game has everything you could want from the strategy genre. Here you get to make your stand with incredible monkey towers, unique characters, and powerful upgrades.

During gameplay, you play as a monkey and defend your space against villains. Thanks to 19 upgradable towers, you can increase your chances of defeating the enemy. Since the game has several game modes, you won’t get bored.

Before installing Bloons TD 6, you will have to pay $4.99. As you play the game, you will also make several purchases.

Price: $4.99

Download Bloons TD 6

8. Pocket City

Do you love a game that allows you to build and control cities? Are you looking for an alternative to Sim city? Well, Pocket City has got you covered.

Complete with citizens and traffic, you can determine the everyday life in a small city. You can even control the happiness levels and cash flow of the locals. Besides, you can construct any structure and bring down with a natural disaster.

If ads don’t bother you, you can play the free version. But if they get under your skin, a payment of $3.99 should wipe them out.

Price: Free

Download Pocket City

9. Card Thief

If you prefer card games with a twist, this android strategy game should catch your interest. Unlike traditional solitaire, you play with as a stealthy thief that steals treasure while avoiding capture by the guards.

Card Thief includes four missions with various challenges. As you progress, the game rewards you with upgradable equipment cards.

You can play this game for free. But to enjoy the full experience, it requires a fee of $1.99.

Price: Free

Download Card Thief

10. Clash of Clans

Another excellent game for people with Android phones, Clash of Clans, will make you glued to your screen. On this android strategy game, you will have to grow a village, raise a clan, and battle in the Clan Wars.

You can get this game for free. However, you will have to make in-app purchases.

Price: Free

Download Class Of Clans

11. The Escapists 2

A sequel to Escapists, this game enables players to prepare for a prison break. But before then, you will have to act as a model convict. Although the game looks pricey, you will only make a one-time payment.

Price: $8.44

Download The Escapists 2

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