10 Best Gacha Games For RPG Lovers In 2020

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The best gacha games came to limelight and started bossing over the gaming stage in 2019, Having an understanding of the vibes gamers need, Gacha games developers have released a lot of scintillating games in the light of this.

Trust me, if you are not resistant and, you will stay glued and stuck to your mobile screen more than you can imagine. The sleeky graphics, enticing and engaging stories, ecstatic soundtracks and a host of others are even more than enough to tickle your fancy and capture your interest for an extended period.

If you are game savvy and an RPG, We’re pretty sure you must be excited already about the 2020 Gatcha games.

RPG lovers are getting what they love from Gatcha game developers, and I give it to them for their skill and prowess. Unlike before, Gatcha games are now very rampant and widespread. The conventional ones enjoy their fans and loyalty.

Gatcha games are characterized by their exciting pattern and style of play, and their trademarks include; JPRG fights/combat mechanics, Old school, catchy fictitious storylines, unmatched events, and sometimes, online multiplayer.

Nevertheless, The Gacha element is the most unique and best part of Gacha games. The Gamers can convene characters using the in-game currency, otherwise known as Character pulls.

Without further delays, let us begin with a list of the Best Gatcha games RPG lovers will enjoy in 2020.

1. The Alchemist Code

Alchemist code is a well known and popular mobile RPG. The usual thing is the regular RPG mechanics, but the Alchemist code makes use of strategy RPG mechanics.

This means you have to move the units around the board to combat and battle the villains. The strategy RPG mechanics are not too different from the regular RPG mechanics, so, it doesn’t take time to adjust and get your sweet moves and touches.

2. Fate/Grand Order

The soundtrack and storyline of this game are exceptional and superb. Many things about this game remain scintillating, but the most obvious is the storyline and the soundtrack. The game employs a broad range of cast of the famous anime series to give Gamers several and morefold choice.

Other unique features of this game are that you’ll have various units to summon, a good number of unusual and exclusive events and spellbind anime-style graphics. However, the sole complaints that come in about this game are dissension between the Japanese version and the Global version.

Nevertheless, it remains a sui generis Gacha game in which a layman in anime series will gain a lot of pleasure and satisfaction playing.

3. Another Eden

This is a recent and unfamiliar Gacha game. If you know Chrono Trigger, then you know the brains behind the story writer and music composer of this Gacha game. There are some similar events in Another Eden and Chrono Trigger such as; Time travel and other story, design elements and a few others.

There should be updates and more developments subsequently to be done on the Gacha elements as it is relatively little compared to that of other games. This Gacha game has a map for the gamer to use and explore.

You can also engage in story missions like early console JRPGs instead of the regular and conventional mission style gameplay.

4. Azur Lane

Azur Lane is another new Gacha game with an almost perfect review score on the Google Playstore and a bit improvisation of the popular Kantai collection game in Japan.

Of a truth, the original game should be appreciated and revered more, but the Kantai collection has a regional limitation because it cannot be accessed anywhere outside of Japan.

Just as the feature available in other Gacha games, the Gamers get to summon characters as usual, except the whole characters are females that transform into a tank.

The game consists of more than three hundred (300) characters.

5. Brave Frontier

Among other games on this list, Brave frontier is actually one of the most popular with over 700,000 amazing reviews on the PlayStore, it is one of the best gacha games on the planet right now and it is free with a lot of communities around it in places like Reddit, YouTube and so on.

Brave Frontier has been there for a long time. It is a proper mobile RPG, and it works like every other Gacha game. The features are just similar to other Gachas.

You can summon characters, and use them to combat and defeat the antagonistic characters or the bad guys. Brave Frontier is F2P friendly, a non-complex to play a game that Gamers will sure love.

6. Exos Heroes

Just like every other gacha games, exos heroes has it’s own very unique feature(s). One of the most noticeable is its polished 3D graphics. A lot of gamers are excited about the flawless graphics, of a truth everyone expected something beautiful, but no one saw it coming this pleasant.

Diverse gameplay modes were actually promised, from the CBT, there were activities and events such as; treasure hunting.

The game also had the feature of AFK leveling which requires the game to be on and active. It also has a feature where you can switch the gender and appearance, though the idea behind it remains unclear and unknown at the moment.

Some other beautiful make-ups of this game are; Anime-style artwork, online PVP, streamlined fights and combats, exciting and engaging stories.

7. Epic Seven

Quite epic that the number seven in the list is “Epic Seven”. Every game comes with different vibes and sensation.

A lot of people who have dropped their reviews have hailed the engagement they’ve gotten from epic Seven. The reviews can get you to abandon whatever you have at hand to go and download the game and try it out.

It’s very catchy and engaging, it is a hybrid type, with the combinations of Mecha with anime and CGI stuff. It has loads of funny stories. The Gacha system is all great and fun. It also has amazing graphics. It has a vast number of events and a highly active community. It is a huge plus.

8. One Piece Bounty Rush

This is a special one for the gaming world, but trust me, the anime lovers are going to appreciate it so much more.

If you’re an anime lover, I can boldly say it is impossible you have not heard of this game. This game is all an anime lover craves. Trust me, the fact I am talking about anime lovers appreciating it more doesn’t mean it will not please others. Surely everyone who gets to play this game will definitely enjoy it and ask for more.

It is a great and fantastic Gacha game that will get every gamer entertained and excited.

9. Langrisser Mobile

Langrisser Mobile is another masterpiece of extraordinary graphics work. If you are a graphics person, you can’t even find a place to flaw this game based on graphics. It is a sweet combo of fantastic 3D and 2D graphics. This contains all you can ask for in a game.

10. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

This one also follows the line of the famous final fantasy franchise; in essence, it is a prevalent and well-renowned game. I might be mistaken if I end up not saying this one is very awesome as well. Very amazing graphics.

An exciting storyline that makes you want to keep going and going. Of a truth, it is not any young, but it won’t give you anything less than Electrifying.

Definitely, there are many other exciting Gacha games, but the above listed are the ones that made it into our top 10 list for 2020 as the best gacha games, through the year, we’ll be updating this article with new and cool finds.

Other gamers might find them not so enjoyable anyway, and it validates the saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Enjoy your gaming periods, and don’t forget to drop your comments naming your top games as we are on a high level of curiosity to see games that tickle your fancy.

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