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9 Best Spotify Alternatives For 2022 (Updated)

9 Best Spotify Alternatives For 2022 (Updated)

Spotify not supported in your country? Tired of Spotify? or would you simply like to expand your music streaming experience by weighing the available options? We think you’ll like these amazing Spotify alternatives.

Spotify is a digital music service that gives users access to several millions of songs. It also enables users to make choices of artists, albums, and songs and help to determine what and when they want to listen to them.

On Spotify, you cannot listen to every artiste of your interest. It is also limiting access to its music services. But Spotify has very competitive alternatives you will like to consider.

What are the best Spotify alternatives to consider?

Some of these are music streaming services cheaper and even free with more music available for streaming on other music apps. Here are the top Spotify alternatives to look at in no particular order.

1. Amazon Music

Amazon music best spotify alternatives

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Amazon Music has a huge library and regular timely releases. There is a massive catalog of songs available through your Prime subscription, and Amazon Music Unlimited gives you free access to the entire 50 million songs in the library.

Users do not in any way have to worry over annoying ads experience as Amazon Music makes it free of ads, gives you unlimited skips, and more so, the ability to download tracks and also control playback with Alexa.

You enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited for a free 30-day trial before subscribing at $7.99. You will have access to many more songs with your subscription.

It is available on Web; Android and iOS

2. Soundcloud

Soundcloud - best spotify alternatives


Soundcloud has a massive library which adds up to like over 120 million tracks. The collection includes popular songs. This is way much bigger than Spotify.

The app is also constantly bringing up new features that would make its discovery much easier. It is known to pack common features like a stream of artistes you follow, playlists, and the ability to skip tracks.

On Soundcloud, you can also decide to see or remove ads, support emerging artists, and even be part of the social element. Emerging musicians on the platform can share their uploads with a wide variety of listeners across it.

The subscription is just $5.99 for a month. That amount to cheaper when compared to Spotify. And equally much fun.  You will be able to enjoy music on and offline without ads. Soundcloud Go+ goes for $12.99 for over 180million tracks.

You have a free 30 days trial to help you decide.

For the most part, you don’t need to even pay to use Soundcloud, and if you’re a fan of EDM or different remixes of your favourite songs, this is your best bet.

It is available: Web; Android and iOS

3. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of Google’s services. And it is a music main streaming service that integrates with a variety of other Google services across the internet – YouTube inclusive. This particular music platform is available to anyone with a Google account.

Google, with its wide range advancement, has created Google Play Music to be able to learn your taste and also deliver up to 40 million tunes and playlists to your devices – Android or iOS. This is also based on your location at that time and why you may be listening. Recommendations are based on what exactly you do or are into.

You have a 30-day free trial benefit, after which you are to subscribe with just $9.99 and $14.99 for a family plan. With your subscription, you’ll be able to create your own playlist, listen offline to music and also enjoy YouTube music without ads.

However, if you already have an active premium on YouTube Music, then Google Play Music is absolutely free.

It is available on Android, iOS

4. Apple Music

Apple music - best spotify alternatives


The subscription on Apple Music goes for the same cost as Google play Music and Spotify. But on Apple music, you are entitled to a 90-day free trial after which you will subscribe for $9.99 a month. The family plan goes for $14.99.

Owned by Apple, Apple Music will give you access to over 50 million songs to stream, and with no annoying ad. You can also download and play offline music which is being tailored to your interests.

You will also get exclusive and original content on the platform which you will rarely get elsewhere. This includes personalized radio stations, genre-based radio stations, breaking news, and exclusive programming.

It is available on Android, iOS.

5. Deezer

deezer - best spotify alternatives

One of the things that makes Deezer a worthy Spotify alternative is the fact that it looks very identical to Spotify and has quite the collection in its music archive.

Deezer is free to use and like other music streaming services compiles amazing playlists, handpicked by the staff itself. Asides being free which is a huge plus, Deezer boasts of over 56 million tracks and counting on its platform.

If you’re a free Spotify user (with fewer features) you might want to check out Deezer. While Deezer also has premium plans, it is way cheaper and the right move for those who want to stream high-quality music on a budget. Download the app and get all the deets on

6. YouTube Stream

Free music player: Stream for music spotify alternatives

Think of this as Youtube itself but stripped down for music videos and you can play the music while doing other things as this app creates a small video popup for each song.

YouTube stream helps you listen to the top 100 hit songs in major countries like the US, U.K, Canada even Brazil and the app is free to download and use, all you need is a free Google account or your normal YT account.

Songs are even categorized by not just the top 100 hits but in different genres and for different moods. If you’re only particular about listening to what is trending and wouldn’t mind not having the entire 60 million songs available on Amazon Music or Apple music, then this is the perfect Spotify alternative for you.

Get it on the Play store.

7. Tidal

Tidal changes the whole music streaming game to the next level with its impressive library of up to 60 million songs.

One of Tidal’s biggest boasting points is the audio quality it provides. Tidal can definitely go head to head with music streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music and still manage to come out on top with some of its amazing features which makes it one of the biggest, best new alternatives to Spotify we’ve seen in a while.

Tidal also has a team that curates songs you’ll most likely want to listen to, Hand-picked playlists make this possible. You can get Tidal music streaming service with high fidelity sound for as low as $5.99 but first, you have the option to try the service for 30 days completely free.

Get Tidal on Android.

8. AudioMack

audiomack - best spotify alternatives


Audiomack allows artists to share mixtapes, songs, and albums as an on-demanding streaming service. Users can play music offline.

And through its millions of content series, users are not limited or charged for storing content on the service. There is an opportunity to download the best new songs. Albums, playlist, and mixtapes can be played offline data-free, and even downloaded for free!

Audiomack is perfect if you’re reading this post from a region like Africa, it has so many local songs.

Audiomack is available on the web and on Android.

9. MusicPleer Web App

musicpleer best spotify alternatives

How about a website this time? That lets you stream free music. Yes, this site does. Musicpleer is a free music streaming search engine where you can type the song you want to listen to and have multiple options from different sources presented to you.

Personally, Musicpleer is one of my all-time favorite music streaming platforms, apart from the fact that its indexed millions of mp3s you can access directly from the site, Just like these free movie streaming platforms, you don’t even need to sign up to get started.

Simply visit the site and search for the track that fits your mood, you can even directly download those songs to your phone, caution, this service is not a legal service so be careful.

We still think you’re better off with the amazing Spotify alternatives listed above, but it doesn’t hurt to use this service by the side, for when you want to download these songs offline or when your app is out of reach.

Overall, Spotify is a great service to use for music streaming, if you’re in any of the unsupported countries, then you could try sticking with Apple Music or try Tidal if you have an advanced sound system to go with the audio quality it provides.

Soundcloud is also recommended. Again, another alternative is to use YouTube Stream, a third-party app that lets you play music from YouTube videos while doing other things on your mobile phone.

Did we miss anything on this list of the best Spotify alternatives online right now? Let us know in the comment section.

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