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11 Best Tower Defense Games For Android In 2022

11 Best Tower Defense Games For Android In 2022

Tower Defense games are thrilling games that are very captivating. These games involve strategic moves to battle with your enemies, in order to defend the tower. Travelling according to the map directions, encountering various obstacles, and getting different rewards, makes these games challenging.

Unlike gacha games which have a lot of actions and shooting, tower defence games are similar in a way, much more fun to play, that is for people who like them of course. Pvp games like PUBG also has its own audience.

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The Best Tower Defense Games

With the fun-filled and tough features these games possess, gamers are always attracted to the games at all times. Here are eleven best Tower Defence games for your android devices.

1. Bloons Tower Defense 6

Bloons Tower Defense games are among the most famous tower defence games. The latest of these series is Bloons TD 6 which was launched in 2018. This game has a rating of 4.7 stars on Google play store. This version has many features that are absent in the previous ones.

It has many upgrades, 19 towers, 20 maps, new game mods, offline support, etc. It can fit into a small amount of space on your android phone, as it is sized 64mb only. It is very interesting and cost quite a reasonable amount.  However, its price is little compared to its worth.

2. Godzilla Defense Force

Tower defense games area bit hard to play especially when you’re new to them but consider Godzilla Defense Force one of the best defense games as at a glance or at installation, is very easy to play and has a awesome gameplay thereby very addictive.

In Godzilla Defense Force, you go around defending cities and getting in epic boss fights to earn cards you can use to further strengthen the defense of your cities, in this game, the card you get is the Kaiju card.

Godzilla Denfense force is available for free on the Google PlayStore and IOS users can also find it on the App Store as well.

3. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom rush is one of the best most played tower defence game on the internet. Kingdom Rush is an exciting game from the kingdom rush series. This game is thrilling and has a rating of 4.7 star on Google play.

It has a great animation which keeps gamers on a fun-filled tour. Kingdom rush is similar to Ming Rush Frontiers, Kingdom Rush Vengeance, Kingdom Rush Origins, with some modifications. This game is available for free on your android devices.

4. Iron Marines

Iron Marines is among the newest tower defence games. It is a paid game, but its exciting features is worth the price. It costs $4.99, and it is sized 526mb.

On Google play store, it is rated 4.7 stars, this proofs how thrilling this game has been. It has different heroes and towers and features several challenges. It also has fourteen campaign missions and an impossible mode for a tougher experience.

5. Defense Zone 3 HD

Defense Zone 3 is a popular tower defence game, rated 4.6 stars on Google play store. It has an amazing graphic, as it is an HD game. It is available for free on your android devices and has several exciting features. It features support for twenty languages, making users comfortable while playing.

It has eight types of turrets, different difficulty modes, and special battles. With the amazing gameplay, you can have a fun-filled experience.

6. Digfender

Digfender is a free to play tower defence game, that is full of adventures. Each level of the game provides a mal that leads you through. This game is rated 4.4 stars on Google play store, and has an amazing graphic. It has a survival mode, different upgrades, and more than 70 challenge filled levels. In.this game, you search for treasures as you dig deep, then you use the valuables found to build your towers and set traps for the enemies.

Digfender is definitely one of the best tower defence games to play in 2020.

7. Infinitode – The Infinitive Tower Defense

Infinitode is a free to play tower defence game with simple graphics. On the Google play store, it has a rating of 4.4 stars. It allows gamers boast of the ability to build up to a thousand towers at an instance.

This game provides maps for direction, maps editors, and different upgrades. With so much enemy waves, every level is tough and fun-filled. Using the game currency, you can simply upgrade and unlock various features.

8. Archers Kingdom Tower Defense

Archers Kingdom TD is one of the best tower defence games for android devices. It is rated 4.3 stars on Google play store, and this game can be played offline without an internet connection.

It has an empire and kingdom features. In this game, you have to protect your kingdom from the enemies, with a tough battle. Using your arrows as an archer, go into battle and defend your castle by building towers. This game has an excellent graphic and gameplay, that keeps players on the game at all times.

9. Defenders 2

The Defenders 2 game is an excellent game that is rated 4.3 stars on Google play store. It is a challenging game that requires the full attention of the gamers. The first few plays are free, but after several exciting experiences, you would be asked to pay for the game. It has 20 spells, 29 bosses, and 40 towers. Quickly download this game and enjoy the thrilling effect.

10. Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense is a colourful tower defence game that has several unique features. It is rated 4.0 stars on Google play store, and it has amazing gameplay. It is not an expensive game, it is adventurous. You have to build routes as there are over 400 waves of enemies. This game also provides 9 weapons that are upgradable, to kill the aliens.

11. Element Tower Defense

Element TD is tower defence game with a thrilling effect and is one of the best tower defense games to download in 2020. It is rated 3.6 stars on Google play store, and has a simple graphic that is excellent. It is sized 82mb and has about 50 various villains and 44 towers.

It is a paid game, and it is a once payment game. It is challenging and requires strategic moves from the players. The chosen elements determine the towers you place done. You have to defeat the 50 waves in the game to be the winner.


Tower defence games are thrilling and always fun-filled. To enjoy games, it is important for these games to have amazing gameplay, excellent graphics, and terrific sounds. The best tower defence games have all these two features and a lot more. The above-mentioned games are available for android devices and can be download from the Google play store.

Get adventurous, defend your towers, defeat the enemies, and become the winner of these games. With both online and offline choices, you can enjoy an amazing game experience.

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