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8 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android in 2022

8 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android in 2022

Using the stock lock screen app can be tedious and monotonous often lacking pizzazz and many customization options Hence, we understand why you’re looking to install one of the best lock screen apps for android out there to even further style your phone, that is one of the benefits of Android anyway, the ability to customize your device to the smallest detail.

Lock screen apps are necessary to secure your smartphone from intruders and give you access to notifications and your frequently used apps without unlocking your phone every time.

These lock screen apps provide more customizable features compared to the default lock screen apps on your smartphone. You can change the wallpaper, add inspiring texts, and use your favorite images. Some of these apps offer power-saving features and you can download the best android launchers to save your battery life.

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What are the Best Lock Screen Apps For Android in?

There are several android lock screen apps you can choose from, but you need the list of best lock screen apps to make the right choice. Here’s our list of 8 best lock screen app for android to guide you.

1. LokLok

LokLok is more of a social media app that has lock screen features. It is useful for doodlers who want to share their ideas with their friends and family. You can choose any of the doodling tools like paintbrush, pencil, or eraser to start creating your art pieces and you can add texts to your drawings. The app has a library of stickers you can use to beautify your work, but it’s going to cost you some bucks. You’ll also get news updates, weather reports, and notifications whenever any of your pals share a new doodle.

Get LokLok On PlayStore

2. Hi Locker

hi locker - best lockscreen apps for Android

If you don’t like the default lock screen app on your phone, then you should give Hi Locker a try. Hi Locker is a free lock screen app that provides premium features for android smartphones. The app has three different lock screen themes– iOS, Classic, and Lollipop and you can customize these elements to suit your style. It supports fingerprint, and you can choose between PIN codes and patterns to unlock your phone’s screen. Hi Locker also has features like notifications display, responding to messages even when your screen is locked, etc.

Get Hi Locker On PlayStore

3. Always on AMOLED

Always on AMOLED lockscreen apps for android

Although Always on AMOLED is not precisely a lock screen app, it functions just like one, and it offers premium features you’d get on most flagship smartphones. Just like other lock screen app, it shows weather reports, notifications, incoming messages, etc. Even more, the premium version offers you a lot more features that help you customize your phone to your preferences. You can take notes from the Always on AMOLED app, set doze mode while you’re running, control music from your locked screen, etc. If you’re looking for a lock screen app that helps simplify using your phone even when it’s locked, then Always on AMOLED is worth downloading.

Get Always On AMOLED on PlayStore

4. KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker

KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker is another free android app you can use to secure your phone from intruders. The app has a lot of customization options that let you edit the background pictures, texts, images, color, and font of your for each element on your phone. You have direct access to notifications, weather updates and news extracts on your locked phone screen. The premium variant of the app provides more customizable features, and it only costs $4.49, and it is free from ads.

Get KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker

5. CM Locker

cm locker app

CM Locker is a free lock screen app that provides top-notch security and other features that makes it a choice screen locker for most android users. The app has a slide-to-unlock feature, after which you’d be asked to input your PIN codes or draw your pattern to access your phone. If for any reason you’re unable to input the right PIN or pattern, the screen automatically locks your phone for a specific time. And, if an intruder wants to snoop through your phone, the app takes a picture of the person and shows you once you unlock your mobile phone. You can also control your music and get notifications on your screen.

Get CM Locker on APKPURE

6. AcDisplay

ac display android lock screen replacement apps

The AcDisplay lock screen app is a popular choice among most android smartphone users. The app has an excellent user interface, and it’s easy to customize. You can access your most frequently used apps directly from your phone’s locked screen. You can also view weather reports, news, and other notifications. You can customize the app’s background to your style. The app is free on the Google PlayStore, and you check out the best file manager apps to organize and access all your files quickly.

Get AcDisplay On PlayStore

7. Solo Locker

solo locker lockscreen app

Solo Locker is one of the best lock screen apps for android in 2020 because it allows for more customization based on your personal preferences. You can change your smartphone wallpaper to reflect your style, and there are various categories you can choose from like a festival, animals, flowers, landscape, etc. You can also select between PIN code or pattern to apply to your screen. The app allows you to add shortcuts, check notifications, and see the weather reports on a different screen. The only downside of using Solo Locker is that it displays ads, and this can be a turn-off for most people. But if you don’t mind the ads, then you should download and install the Solo Locker on your phone.

Get Solo Locker On PlayStore

8. Start Lock Screen

Start Lock Screen app

Start is one of the best lock screen apps for android in 2020, although it functions primarily as a launcher. The lock screen feature of the app works well enough for Start to double as a screen locker. The app is designed to give you access to most of your favorite apps, even while your screen is locked. You also get news bits, weather notifications, and updates from your favorite websites too. Start lock screen app has three different ways you can access your phone after locking it – PIN codes, patterns, or fingerprint. A significant turn-off of this app is that it contains ads.

Get Start Lock Screen on PlayStore

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