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The Best Android Skins — One UI, Oxygen OS, MIUI

The Best Android Skins — One UI, Oxygen OS, MIUI

Typically, Andriod smartphones spot the same operating software. But in a bid to stand out from other brands or provide unique user experience, some companies place their customized skin on the Andriod UI. This scenario has led to various types of skins that have multiple benefits and problems.

So what are the best Andriod skins? Stock Andriod used to take the lead in this department. However, several smartphone companies have incredible skins that can compete with this software. OnePlus with Oxygen OS/UI is known for its crazy fast and neat interface, Samsung’s OneUI? Colourful and feature-rich.

The other Android smartphone makers to have a few things that set each UI or in this case, Android skin apart. Do you want to know the best android skins with great user interface for Andriod smartphones? Here are the best Andriod skins out there in 2020.

1. Oxygen Os from OnePlus

oneplus 8 pro oxygen OS

Let’s start our list with the OxygenOS. Developed by OnePlus, this system software is one of the best Andriod skins out there. Besides, it reminds us of stock Andriod and does not feature bloatware.

There are many reasons to love OxygenOS. For instance, it gets dependable but fast updates. Next, it offers you options that help customize the device to your satisfaction.

In terms of navigation, the software enables you to abandon the on-screen buttons. Instead, you can use gestures to move around the smartphone with ease.

For your secret files and data, the OxygenOS provides an App locker. If you want to open it, the feature requires a PIN or fingerprint. Besides, it’s ideal for users that don’t want unauthorized access to their apps.

2. Samsung One UI

samsung s10 lite

Image: PhoneArena

Normally, Samsung uses this system software for its Andriod devices. Known as one the best Android skins, the One UI is the third version of the Touchwiz. By working with this Andriod skin, you will enjoy many features.

If you have apps, documents, or media that you want to hide, the Samsung One UI provides a secure folder for this task. Since it uses a PIN or your fingerprint, the locked items are safe from prying eyes. Moreover, placing items in the folder does not require many steps.

The “Lift to Wake” feature stands another reason why this skin stays on our list. As the term suggests, the screen comes on, especially when you pick up your phone. This erases any need for tapping the power button to perform the same function.

For people who use Samsung UI One devices at night, the skin provides a dark mode. Apart from making your screen look sleek, it protects your eyes from the dangers of bright light.

3. MIUI from Xiaomi

Redmi Note 8 Pro Pictures

Redmi Note 8 Pro // DroidRant

Seen as one of the best Android skins, Xiaomi’s MIUI skin has a list of exciting features. Since it recently launched the MIUI 12, let’s see what this skin has to offer.

On supported devices, you can multitask between two different apps. For this purpose, MIUI 12 provides a floating window that opens and closes with a single tap.

Looking for a way to keep track of your health? Well, this Andriod skin supports a fitness app that serves this purpose. Here, it monitors various physical activities like walking, cycling, and even sleeping.

For comfortable viewing at night, the dark mode dims the wallpaper gradually. Besides, various apps on the supported devices will also use this mode.

4. EMUI from Huawei

huawei emui

Image: GSMarena

You can find this skin on Huawei and Honor devices. Although some people feel it imitates Apple’s IOS, it has specs that make it one of the best Android skins.

To avoid cluttered phone home screens, EMUI provides an app drawer. Asides making your screen clean, it frees up space. If you don’t like this feature, you can switch off the option from the controls.

Mobile games consume a lot of power. But the EMUI skin supports GPU Turbo that reduces the loss of power and increases the performance of the processor. Moreover, the GPU Turbo also helps with network connectivity and touchscreen sensitivity.

Like most skins on our list, EMUI has a feature that allows you to keep private media and documents. Nicknamed “File Safe,” it requires your fingerprint before unlocking.

5. Stock Andriod

nokia 4.2


Google ships this operating system that sits on many smartphones. Compared to other skins, Stock Andriod offers the perfect Andriod experience. With this in mind, it is one of the best Andriod skins in the mobile world.

If you own a Stock Andriod device, you will get updates from Google quickly. Since the companies do not have to work on new iterations of Android for their phones, you can pass through the update process without hassles.

Less bloatware exists on the Stock Andriod UI. After all, it does not have duplicated apps. Instead, it makes use of the ones developed by Google, such as Chrome, Google, and Gmail, thereby reducing the clutter on your home screen.

Since this skin avoids bloatware, your device will run smoothly. You will enjoy this benefit because of the extra space provided by the absence of bloatware apps.

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