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Archero Hacks: Tips And Tricks For Better Gameplay

Archero Hacks: Tips And Tricks For Better Gameplay

Just like when you play any of your favorite games, you’ll need a good game plan to move to the next stage. Likewise, you need an Archero guide with tips and tricks for better gameplay, if you must progress in the game.

Playing Archero game is not different from other android games. It is an interesting and easy game designed to stimulate your mind for growth. You need tested and proven hacks to progress to the next level. With the right knowledge, you’d get the best equipment, unlock talents, kill bosses, get gems, escape attacks from your enemies, and progress further in the game.

Improve Your Archero Gameplay With These Hacks and Tricks

With our Archero tricks guide, you can easily progress in the game and earn as much equipment, gems, talents, abilities, etc.

1. Avoiding Attacks From Your Enemy

archero hacks and tricks
Image: GamexGuides

If you want to progress further in Archero game, then learning how to avoid attacks from your enemy is a necessity. When you dodge attacks from your enemy, your health remains intact and you can focus on dealing damage to your enemies to move to the next level faster.

A good strategy for avoiding enemy attacks is to be observant of your environment and limit your movements. You don’t want your enemies to pull off a successful surprise attack on you.

You need to understand that the enemies you’d meet attack differently; so you need to know about their mode of attack to kill them. Each enemy fires his weapon in various ways. They sometimes shoot directly, others shoot diagonally, etc. Learn their various attack modes to progress further in the game.

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2. Getting Gems in Archero

Having gems in Archero game helps you unlock the best equipment and heroes. These gems are Archero’s game currency and you can get them after moving past each current stage and progressing to the next level. There are other ways of getting the Archero gems. You can get them by watching 5 ads per day. Another way to get gems is by spinning the lucky wheel each time you kill a boss.

3. Upgrading and Fusing Your Equipment For Better Gameplay

If you want to progress in Archero, then upgrading and fusing your equipment will help you deal more damages to your enemies. You earn equipment by searching the treasure chests dropped by your enemies. There are two different categories of treasure chest – the golden chest and the obsidian chest.

You can get four different types of equipment from these treasure chests: common great, epic, and rare. Each equipment type has different strengths. The more strength equipment has the greater the damage it does to your enemies. Fusing weapons help you to have a more powerful weapon. You can fuse three equipment of the same kind to have great equipment.

4. Gain Free Energy By Watching Ads

As you progress in Archero game and there’s a need for you to spend gem, but you can’t afford it at the moment, you can watch ads to gain free energy which you can convert to gems. You can watch as much as four ads per day. Each ad gives you 5 energy – 20 free energy. Converting the 20 free energy to gem results in 100 gems daily. Whenever you are in dire need of gems simply watch ads and change the free energy to gems.

5. Unlocking Archero Talents

archero gameplay hacks, tricks and tips
Image: WearsyncUK

Getting Archero talents helps you progress easily and quickly to the next stage of the game. You need these talents to build up your character and the good thing about having these talents is that they are for keeps. There are different types of talents such as strength, glory, power, recovery, agile, inspire, Iron Bulwark, time reward, and enhanced equipment. You can get these talents by buying them with your coins or you can get it as a bonus. As you progress in the game, you’ll be limited to how frequently you unlock talents.

From our experience our gaming experience we’ve created this Archero guide and we can tell you that glory is by far the best talent. This doesn’t mean others are not useful. But glory has some unique skill selection it gives you each time you begin the game.

6. Stacking Archero Auras

You can stack Archero Auras to help you move quickly to the next game stage. There are two types of aura – crit aura and speed aura. The speed aura provides your character with increased speed for two seconds in every right seconds. The crit aura increases your critical rate by almost fifty percent for two seconds in every right seconds. When you find yourself in dire situations, both auras come in handy in boosting your attack speed.

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