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10 Interesting Games Like Age Of Empires (2020)

10 Interesting Games Like Age Of Empires (2020)

Tired of playing Age of Empires on your mobile phone? You’ll love this list of fantastic strategy games like Age of Empires to play now.

Since 1997, Age of Empires has won the hearts of many strategy game enthusiasts. The game includes four series and allows you to take part in major historical events. All action gameplay within this gameplay happens in real-time (occurs live) and the graphics are out of this world.

To play Age of Empires, you will have to raise an army and create an empire. You must also control and share resources amongst your citizens. But like other games, e.g car racing games, you get tired of playing one particular game for a long time or inevitably win everything there is to win in the game, for example, our Bitlife ribbons guide you to get all the ribbons available on the life simulation game.

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Interesting Games like Age of Empires

These are the top 10 age of empires alternatives for Android and iOS to install on your device now.

1. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

On the Playstore, this game boasts of up to 10 million downloads and has also won an Editor Choice label. Compared to most strategy games, Rise of Kingdoms offers similar features as Age of Empires.

Rise of Kingdoms allows you to rule one of its 11 civilizations and take part in real-time battles. To ensure victory, you can use any of the historical heroes offered by the game. If you get tired of war, you can also explore new territories or take care of your citizens.

Since Rise of Kingdoms is an online game, you should have a stable data connection. However, it boasts of incredible gameplay, art and does not support annoying ads.

2. Rise of the Kings

If you are a fan of GOT or the Lord of the Ring series, then you will love this fantasy game. Here, you will have to lead an army of men and elves into battle. Besides, you can explore various locations on the game and discover loads of treasure.

Also, Rise of the Kings supports PvP battles. So if you want to test your strategy skills against your friends, you should download this game.

Like most top strategy games, Rise of Kings has stunning visuals and easy-to-use controls. However, it requires an active internet connection.

3. Lord’s Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Lord’s Mobile: Kingdom Wars is one of the top free strategy games for Andriod devices. Since it is an RPG game, you can recruit magical heroes and battle against other players. If you don’t like playing alone, you can join a guild and fight alongside your friends.

During peacetime, you can make your troops stronger. You can even upgrade buildings or conduct researches.

The online game offers 3D animations that bring the game to life. It also features daily quests so you will not get bored.

4. Dawn of Titans: War Strategy

Even if the game requires excess space (1.6 GB) and features high priced upgrades, it boasts of one of the most realistic graphics. Thanks to this feature, Dawn of Titans has even received an industry award.

On Dawn of Titans, you will have to take the role of an ancient god and lead your army into battle. Like most games on this list, this game works with mobile data or Wi-Fi.

5. Gods of Olympus

You can describe this game as a lighter version of Dawn of Titans. After all, it requires less than 100mb storage space which makes it perfect for entry-level devices. Even at this size, Gods of Olympus have visuals that will keep things interesting.

As you play the game, you will use famous Greek gods and battle against tons of cities. If you are not on the battlefield, you can spend your time raising buildings and defenses.

6. Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire

The game focuses on your battles against magical enemies. During your campaign, you have command dragons and a large army. As you record victories, you can build an empire, increase the strength of your troops, and gather vital resources.

Rise of Empires is one of the top games like Age of Empires that is easy to play. It also boasts of a decent set of graphics and offers free installation.

7. Clash of Empire: Epic Strategy Game War Game

There are tons of things to do on Clash of Empire. For instance, it allows you to choose legendary generals and battle against foes. As expected from strategy games like Age of Empires, you can also come up with powerful strategies and seek the help of allies.

Clash of Empire is one of the top Age of empires alternatives for Android right now.

8. World at Arms

Gameloft’s  World at Arms is one of the best strategy games around. Instead of featuring knights and dragons, it offers modern armies, tanks, and fighter aircraft.

However, it has similar elements like Age of Empires. When played, you will have to wage modern warfare against a rouge army. Also, the World at Arms allows you to manage the resources on your bases.

There is also a chat system that helps you communicate with your allies. In the heat of battle, you can use this feature to plan strategy or get help from your friends.

9. Abyss of Empires: The Mythology

interesting games like age of empires

This is another online strategy game that reminds you of Age of Empires. Like most strategy games, you can raise a powerful army and build an empire. Apart from soldiers, your army will also consist of legendary dragons.

You will fight against or ally with members of a global community. Moreover, the game has a chat system that ensures real-time communication.

Abyss of Empires is incredibly light and features decent graphics. However, you might have to cope with numerous ads and pay for upgrades.

10. European War 4: Napoleon

European War 4 is the perfect game for people who love offline strategy games. Although it does not feature console-like graphics, it has enough visuals that will keep you playing for hours.

The focus of the game is to help you become the greatest commander of the Napoleonic Wars. All the battles in this game are based on actual historical events, and you get to use legendary generals.

The game has a simple interface that gets the job done. So if you want to start playing games like Age of Empires, you can start with European War IV.

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