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10 Awesome Battle Royale Games Like Fortnite For Android

10 Awesome Battle Royale Games Like Fortnite For Android

Since 2017, battle royale games have become popular with players across the world. With this in mind, Fortnite for Andriod is one of the best games in this genre. Asides the intense gameplay and open-world elements,  this action shooter game has features that will keep the mobile gamer coming back for more.

However, the Fornite Sever can go down for hours. Besides, you might want to try out other games like Fortnite for Andriod. Luckily, you can find such games on the Google Playstore that offer action, open-world environments, and many enemies.

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10 Awesome Battle Royale Games Like Fortnite for Android

Are you looking for any Fortnite alternatives? Here are the top 10 Awesome Battle Royale Games Like Fortnite for Android to install and start playing right now.

1.Garena Free Fire

This game is a survival shooter that lasts for 10 minutes. During this period, you will land on an island and fight against other players

Do you want a safe place to hide from your enemies? Garena Free Fire has a large map with tons of space for survival and attacking rivals. If you can’t walk to your destination, you can pick any of the vehicles in the game.

Apart from fighting solo, you can team up with your friends and create squads. Since Garena Free Fire Fire supports in-game chat, you can also bark orders to your team.

In terms of graphics, Garena Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games like Fortnite for Andriod. It also boasts of controls that are easy to use. You can download the game for free. However, you will have to purchase some items in the game.

2. PUBG Mobile

With millions of downloads, this action shooter game stands as one of the top rivals of Fortnite. It is even seen as the best battle royal game ever.

In this game, you will also fight against fellow players and the undead. As expected from awesome battle Royale Games Like Fortnite for Android, PUBG mobile offers several types of maps with varying vegetation. Luckily, the game supports vehicles and a vast arsenal of weapons that will help with your journey.

The addictive gameplay comes with top quality graphics and sound. For keeping in touch with fellow gamers, PUBG Mobile boasts of a chat system. If you don’t know how to play the game, you can check out the training mode.

PUBG mobile is free; however, you will have to cope with ads and purchase some items from the in-game store. Besides, it is also an online game that requires a steady internet connection.

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3. Call of Duty Mobile

If you want another battle royale game like Fortnite for Andriod, you should add Call of Duty Mobile to your wishlist. This online action game offers deathmatches, sniper battle, and a 100 player battleground.

The 3D graphics are console-quality, while the sounds are also great. On Call of Duty, you can even send voice or text messages to any of the game’s million players.

You can enjoy Call of Duty for free and not bother about any fees. But it includes adware and in-app purchases.

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4. Battlelands Royale

Fortnite for Andriod works on phones with large RAMs. However, such devices are expensive. So if you have a phone with a low RAM, you can forget Fornite and install Battlelands Royale.

Even if it suits entry-level devices, it has features that make it one of the best battle royale games like Fortnite for Andriod. For instance, you have access to tons of weapons to fight against 32 players. If you don’t want to play solo, team up with your friends.

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5. Knives Out

Knives Out is another game that reminds us of Fortnite for Android. But instead of dropping alone on the island, you will land with a team.

Knives out is actually quite popular, It has over 450,000 reviews on the Play store and is also available on iOS if you wish to cross play with your other device. To play this game, you need a stable connection. You will also have to keep some money stored for in-app purchases.

6. PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile is the streamlined version of PUBG. Although it has many trimmed features, it still stands one of the best awesome battler royale games like Fortnite for Andriod.

If you have an entry-level phone of 600MB and 1GB RAM, you can stick with this version and ignore the original one. Apart from featuring good visuals and sound, this game promises an anti-cheating system that ensures fair play.

7. Rules of Survival

In this game, you will have to survive against 300 other contestants. It also has vehicles and accessories that help in combat. You will also fight across several exciting locations.

RoS is one of the most intense fortnite alternative games for Android and its worth a try, we recommend.

8. Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is another game that will suit people who love fantastic battle royale games like Fortnite for Andriod. Like most games on this list, you have to land on an area and fight against 100s of players.

If you are new to battle royale games, Creative Destruction has a tutorial mode that serves as a guide. As you become confident, you can step into the main game and battle with tons of weapons.

The gameplay and graphics are smooth. Besides, the controls are easy to understand. Overall, it is an excellent game to have on your phone.


Instead of using 3D graphics, this battle royale game comes in 2D. But it still has elements that make it stand against any battle royale game for Android.

You won’t get bored as the game offers several exciting modes. When you complete missions, will give provide rewards. As with most battle royale games, you can play the game alone or with your friends.

As you play ZombsRoyale, you will have to endure ads and in-app purchases. But you can install it on your phone for free.

10. Guns Royale: Multiplayer Blocky Battle Royale

This game uses pixel block style graphics that remind us of Minecraft. But it remains one of the excellent battle royale games like Fortnite for Andriod.

The game is easy to install while the controls are practical. To win this game, you will have to get tons of big guns. You can achieve this feat by exploring various parts of the game world. The developers offer Gun Royale for free. As you play the game, you will make purchases and watch some ads.

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