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BitLife Ribbons Guide 2020: How to Earn All 39 Ribbons In BitLife

BitLife Ribbons Guide 2020: How to Earn All 39 Ribbons In BitLife

After completing your life on Bitlife, you will win several types of ribbons. However, it easy to earn some ribbons, while others require less work.

To reduce stress, you can use this Bitlife Ribbons Guide. Besides, you can also discover all the ribbons that are featured in the game.

Now here are the various ways that you can earn all the ribbons in this game.

Bitlife Ribbons Guide: How to Earn All Ribbons in Bitlife

1. Academic

To win Academic ribbon, you should focus on studying. After college and grad school, you should get a job as a teacher or principal and frequently visit the library.

2. Addict

Do you prefer the Addict ribbon? Well, you will have to visit the casino and racecourse. But make sure your winnings stay below 1 million.

Another great way to get the Addict ribbon is to consume hard drugs. Also, avoid joining a rehab program.

3. Barbie Girl

To get this ribbon, you will have to play as a female or transgender female. For jobs, look for something that can pay for your numerous plastic surgeries. However, avoid careers in singing, acting, or any established industry.

4. Bandit

For this ribbon, commit a successful train robbery and have a net worth of less than 50m. Besides, stay away from well – paid jobs and gambling.

5. Big Boss

Have a degree in Information Systems, Maths, or English. Then join Business School and get a job in the corporate world. Work for 15 years and get to the top ranks of your organization. During your career, aim for a net worth of over $20 million.

6. Cat Lady

You can get this creme ribbon by owning more than 30 cats and caring for them. Asides the cats, you should also have five other pets.

7. Cunning

So what are the steps for getting a Cunning ribbon on your gravestone? Begin by committing a crime and ending up in prison. While serving your prison sentence, try to solve a puzzle, and escape from jail.

When you escape, ensure you get a sex change operation. If you like, you can also flee to a foreign country. To avoid ending up with  Medicare ribbon, repeat the above steps frequently.

8. Deadly

Now, this is one of the most robust ribbons to get on Bitlife. But with this Bitlife guide, you should not have any problems.

Commit at least five murders. One of the best ways to do this is by attacking a random person with a Driveby. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, seek the services of hitmen.

9. Family Guy

If you want the Family Guy ribbon, play as a male or transgender male and have a wife with at least two kids. Do not have many children as this scenario could earn you a “Fertile” badge. Moreover, do not abandon your children and spend much time with them.

Remember to avoid divorce and do not have more than one wife. It would be best if you also stayed away from activities that could land you in jail. Finally, make your family members smile by offering gifts and compliments.

10. Famous

Unlike most ribbons on this Bitlife guide, there are two ways to get the Famous ribbons: – with good looks/numerous social media followers or becoming an actor.

If you prefer the first method, you can reset your life or visit a plastic surgeon. Also, sign up for tons of social media accounts and get at least 1 million followers.

As for the second method, become a movie star in the porn or movie industry. Then visit the gym and have regular manicures. If your looks rate less than 80%, consider plastic surgery.

11. Fertile

You can earn this badge by adopting or giving birth to at least eight children. If you have up to 10 biological children, you will gain the “Fabulously Fertile” Badge.

12. Generous

The Generous ribbon will appear if you spoil your loved ones with at least 30 items, show appreciation, and even avoid arguments.

13. Geriatric

This ribbon is given to players that live up to 123 years. You can live long by treating illnesses and staying healthy. It would be best if you also considered vacations.

14. Globetrotter

Visit at least 20 different countries in Bitlife to earn this ribbon.

15. Gold Digger

To earn this ribbon, you must be attractive and come from any of the richest countries. You should also remain unemployed but try to make money by performing freelance gigs or steal – sometimes – from stores.

Launch your dating app and look for wealthy older adults. When you find partners, date, and offer them the BitLife Bitizenship. It would help if you also proposed and wed your partner with a cheap wedding ( drive-thru or barn wedding)

16. Hero

There are many easy ways to get this ribbon. You can achieve this feat by acting like a good person. Then, try to save someone’s life (without any help from the cops or fire service). You can also join the military and ensure that you fail a minefield puzzle and die.

If you want a safe way to earn the Hero ribbon, try performing the Heimlich maneuver on a choking individual.

17. Houdini

Earn this ribbon by escaping at least ten times from prison. For this reward, you should play the maze puzzle. When in jail, do not spend too much time, or you will get a Jailbird ribbon.

18. Highroller

Start with an impressive net worth. Then, try to bet the highest amount allowed and try to win more than a million. If you can’t get this amount, a lower but substantial sum will work.

You can also keep your total winnings at about one million.

19. Influencer

Be smart, attractive, and stay healthy. From your 13th birthday, open accounts on all social media sites, and post frequently on them, You can get followers and likes using the correct hashtags and promoting your products.

If you like, you can skip this process and buy followers. However, avoid buying too many followers.

If you have thousands of subscribers on your YouTube channel, you should monetize it. As soon as you have thousands of followers, you can become verified.

20. Jailbird

To get this ribbon, get locked up in jail, escape a few times, and return to jail until your character dies. During your sentence, cause lots of trouble in prison. You can earn this ribbon by dying from an illness that you contracted in jail.

21. Lazy

This is another easy ribbon to earn on Bitlife. If you want this ribbon on your headstone, avoid working or having relationships. Just laze around and keep your intelligence level at 10%.

22. Loaded

Characters with the Loaded ribbon tend to have lots of cash. So if you prefer this ribbon, you should play as a character with $20 million.

23. Lustful

You can get this ribbon by having at least 20 sexual partners. During your escapades, avoid STDs as they can affect your chances of earning this reward.


Avoid moving up in life and get this ribbon. Start by sticking with low paying jobs and enjoying taunts from your friends and family. You can also achieve this ribbon by pressing the “Age” bottom a few times.

25. Monopoly

This ribbon is one of the medium rated ribbons on this Bitlife Guide. For this reward, you must buy, renovate and sell at least ten buildings. Repeat the process until you have made up to $1 million in profits.

If you don’t want to spend excess cash on buying new houses, you can become an exorcist. Then buy haunted buildings ( they cost less than regular homes), free any ghosts, and sell the houses for a profit.

26. Model Bitizen

This is one of the toughest achievements to earn on this Bitlife Ribbons Guide. If you prefer this ribbon, you should maintain a minimum net worth of $50,000. You should also be generous with compliments and gifts. Overall, avoid any harmful or illegal acts in the game.

27. Mooch

Ask your loved ones for money always, and do not give out cash to anyone.

28. Movie Buff

If you want a Movie Buff ribbon, you will have to visit a theatre and watch movies for at least 20 times a year.

29. Rich

To get this ribbon, you should own a net worth of between $2.5 –  20 million. You can become productive by getting a good job or committing crimes.

30. Rowdy

Attend clubs for at least ten times and get into arguments with clubbers and club staff. You should also do drugs and drink tons of alcohol. You can also organize noisy parties to disturb the neighbors.

31. Scandalous

Spend at least five years in prison. You should also avoid any plans to escape.

32. Stupid

Getting this ribbon does not require much work. You can drop out of school, make poor choices, and overdose on drugs.

33. Successful

This is another easy ribbon that you can find on this Bitlife guide. You can get this item by avoiding illegal activities, having a minimum net worth of $250,000 and live for 65 years. You should also stay away from addictions and spend time with your loved ones.

34. Tarzan

As a male or transgender male, you can get this ribbon. But first, you will need a net worth of less than a million dollars. Then, purchase a minimum of 20 exotic animals and spend most of your time with them.

35. TeamMate

If you want this ribbon, you must complete the game as a Tuscon or Miami-born app developer. You should also have a degree in Computer Science or Information Systems.

36. Thief

Commit up to 10 thefts. If you get caught, remember to escape from prison. Remember to avoid well – paid jobs.

37. Unlucky

You can get the Unlucky ribbon by dying of a disease at a young age. You can also die from explosions or lightning strikes.

38. Wasteful

There are few steps for getting this ribbon. Just tap the Surrender button at the ActivitiesActivities screen and choose the Yes option.  You can even earn this reward by dying in prison.

39. Wicked

Win this ribbon by cheating on your partners, spreading STDS, and abandoning your kids/ pets. You will have to graduate from University and join the military. Besides, have at least three successful mine deployment missions.

Remember to also retire at the age of 62. But before you leave the service, attain the rank of either sergeant major, admiral or general.

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