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10 Best Kid Games For Android And iOS (2020)

10 Best Kid Games For Android And iOS (2020)

The need for kid games these days stretches beyond finding a way to kill time or beat boredom, it even encompasses the fact that games these days especially those that are specially built for kids can make them smarter and think faster.

Take hidden object games, for example, they contain clues to help you solve mysteries, these mechanics require focus and overtime helps build your senses to spot things that even the ordinary eyes can’t.

If you’re looking for the best kid games for your little ones, you’ve come to the right place, not only are these games fun, they’re also educative and are mostly available on the Android and iOS app stores.

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1. Human Heroes Einstein On Time

Platform(s): Android

This is a puzzle game that’s great for any kid who wants to know how to make time out. The title was played by the British comedian Stephen Fry and read by Albert Einstein.

The game is pretty beautiful and the sound work is of course top-notch. It’s also a premium edition, so you don’t have to think about your kids having ads and in-app purchases when playing.

2. Fishdom

Platform(s): Android, iOS

Fishdom is a free, cute children’s game, enabling you to create your dream aquarium. When your child wants to play multitasking games that can boost your child’s intellect, you can install Fishdom. It’s one of Android’s most popular children’s games, tailored for boys and girls.

Your child’s going to have to trade and match stuff to create their virtual pet fish a home. This combines a solid match-3 puzzle game with an advanced fish tank simulator which can provide the aquarium with new fish and decoration rewards when the player finishes the puzzle stage.

3. Sago Mini Friends

Platform(s): Android, Microsft, iOS

This fun mini-game for kids encourages imagination, dexterity, and the ability to solve puzzles. Next, you have to pick a colorful character, and then he’ll explore a cartoon house nearby. All is bright and optimistic, the game encourages empathy and a friend would feel disappointed if the stolen goods aren’t distributed equally.

4. Disney Crossy Road

Platform(s): Android, iOS

The Disney Crossing Road is roughly the same, but the characters used by Disney often completely alter the game’s visual effects and gameplay. Crossy Road is a free game for kids, adapted to the classic Frogger format.

You can control various characters, from chicks to baseball players, who are all struggling to traverse the road. Yes, it sounds simple and has been done before, but it adds a lot of charm and surprises to Crossy Road. You can find more than 100 statuettes, while IAP is present, but in the game world,d, you need to play and collect the coins.

5. Solar System with Astro Cat

Platform(s): iOS

It is a fun little educational game that can teach kids about the universe’s wonders. Your guide to the universe is Professor Astro Cat and his trusted friend Astro Mouse, where you explore planets, satellites, the sun, the spacecraft, and everything in between.

There is even a fun mini-game where you can challenge yourself in a jetpack to make a good distance between more informative content.

6. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

Platform(s): Android, iOS, Microsoft

Another useful educational game for your boy, as an application for teaching alphabets. This game is aimed at helping your child to better learn the English alphabet. There are phonetic representations of letters and words which are very useful for studying basic education in the early language.

Around the same time, there are a number of games to track for figuring out the growth of the kid.

7. Lego Creator Islands

Platform(s): Android, iOS

To be honest, we think most parents would be happier to see kids playing with actual Lego toys, rather than playing virtual blocks on a computer. If you can’t choose the genuine product though, then this official game would be a decent choice.

The game is played on the Lego Creator Islands, where you’ll collect blocks to buy a Lego package with a few taps created. You’ll collect all sorts of homes, cars, and even cute animals running about while playing. There is no opportunity, as an added benefit, to painfully step on plastic bricks.

8. Bubble Shooter

Platform(s): Android, iOS

Bubble Shooter Want a great arcade game for kids? Then, for Android devices, Bubble Shooter is a children’s game in the arcade-style must-play. Your child must be hitting 3 colours here to kill them.

They can start bubbles floating around anywhere, anywhere. Your kids will be excited because they will continue to make money to advance to the next level. The highest score earns 3 stars to them.

9. Llama Spit Spit

Platform(s): Android

Llama Spit Slam is a strange shooting game featuring a flying llama combining flying and powerful weapons to blow up insane enemies from the cartoon. The controls are very simple, so even young players can join in.

When playing the game, you can collect a range of props and costumes, so that the game has longevity and even older kids can hold their attention. The electrified and collectible camel (with its own background image) will, in the long run make things interesting. However, it does not have an in-app purchasing option.

10. Dirty Farm

Platform(s): Android, iOS

A free, easy-going game for younger kids. Players are able to look after the farm animals. It consists of a series of mini-games that allow you to clean pigs, brush the teeth of horses, feed rabbits and raise other farm animals.

It runs at a smoother and robust pace, making it a great tailwind game. This also educates children about how to run a farm and how to care for animals.

That’s it for our list of the best kid games for Android and iOS devices. These games should keep your little ones occupied and keep them entertained while you do something else with your time.

We’re also working hard to keep this list updated regularly, if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments section.

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