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The Sims 4 Android: 10 Interesting Games Like The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Android: 10 Interesting Games Like The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is the fourth title in the popular Sim Series. To play this simulation game, you will have to create an avatar and live in a virtual world. Since its launch in 2014, The Sims 4 has become popular with millions of gamers and there have been hints by EA, the creators that a The Sims 5 is on the way.

Now the question comes-are there other games like Sim 4? Yes, there are tons of simulation games that offer similar content and gameplay. Besides, they also work on various platforms.

The thing with The Sims games is that they are only available on consoles like the PlayStation, Xbox, and while there’s a standalone version for mobile, its nothing like the one millions of players all over the world play.

We’ve made this list to showcase more complete alternatives to The Sims 4 for mobile that you can play and these games like The Sims 4 has hundreds of thousands of players, this is how awesome most of them are.

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10 Ultimate Games Like The Sims 4 For Mobile

Here are ten exciting games that are just like The Sim 4 for your Android device, some of them are even available on iOS as well.

1. The Sims Mobile

This is the mobile version of the Sim Series. As expected, this simulation game shares many features with Sim 4. 

On Sims Mobile, you can make an avatar, create your dream home, and try various lifestyles. If you prefer some romance, the game allows you to build relationships and even get married. 

Like most Sim alternatives, this game boasts of incredible graphics and excellent gameplay. However, Sims Mobile requires an internet connection and supports adware.

*Also available on iOS

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2. Avakin Life 3D Virtual World

Avakin Life 3D Virtual World is one of the top Sim 4 alternatives. In this game, you can create an avatar, shop for clothes, and build a new home. You can also interact with other avatars and hang out at exotic locations.

To play this play, you will have to activate your internet connection. Besides, you might need to cope with several ads and in-app purchases.

*Also available on iOS

Get Avakin Life Play Store

3. SimCity Buildit

Although this game focuses on city management, it is one of the best simulation games on Andriod. This game was developed by Electronic Arts (the same company that made the Sims mobile version).

On SimCity Buildit, you will play as a Mayor and build a  beautiful city. You can also provide several services such as power, security, and transportation.

The game also allows you to make decisions that will affect the lives of your citizens and the growth of your city. If you want some competition, you can join the Club Wars and battle against other mayors. A stable internet connection is required to play this game. It also comes with several ads and in-app purchases.

*Also available on iOS

Get SimCity BuildIt On Play Store

5. Roblox

On Roblox, you can become anything and visit different worlds. Unlike other Sim 4 alternatives, all the locations are created by a global online community. Roblox is huge and cross-play.

There are many things to do on Roblox. For instance, you can hang out and chat with other players. You might even take your friends and go on a thrilling adventure.

*Also available on iOS

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6. Life is Strange

There are many reasons why you should love this simulation game. First, it features incredible graphics, an exciting storyline, and a fantastic soundtrack. Besides, it works without a data connection.

On Life is Strange, you play as a teenager that uses her powers to find and save people. Every event in the game depends on the choices that your character makes. However, this exciting game does not work on lower-end devices. Also, you will have to pay to play most parts of the game.

*Also available on iOS

Get Life is Strange On Play Store

7. BitLife

BitLife is another simulation game that offers some excitement. As you play the game, you will have to choose between becoming a model citizen or a dangerous criminal. 

Instead of 3D graphics, Bitlife offers a simple text-based interface.  It even works without an internet connection. But it has sexual themes, thereby making it unfit for younger children.

*Also available on iOS

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7. Idle Life Sim

This game is perfect for passing the time. Filled with brightly colored images, Idle Life Sim is a delight to behold on your screen.  With this Sims 4 alternative, you get to customize your avatar, begin a career, and design your dream home. You can also look for extra jobs to fund your current lifestyle. 

Do you want a game that will not suck up your data? Well, you should download and install this exciting offline game. Moreover, it is perfect for low memory devices.

Get Idle Life Sim On Play Store

8. Dog Simulator

Playing as a human can get stale. If you share this view, Dog Simulator will keep you hooked. With over one million downloads from the Google Playstore, this game has become one of the popular Sim 4 alternatives.

Dog Simulator allows you to play as a puppy. Since it has a multiplayer mode, you can interact with other players and make new friends.

If you are bored with your avatar, spice up the look by using any of the provided costumes. In this game, you can get tons of hats, collars, and even a pair of sunglasses. Although the game is offline, you will need data to play the multiplayer mode. You will also have to spend extra cash on upgrading parts of the game.  

Get Dog Simulator On Play Store

9. Home Street: A House Design Game

Home Street is all about designing your dream home. You can also make friends with your neighbors and become an essential part of the community. If you want more things to do, you can start your career or get an exciting job.

The game is free to download. Although it offers items for sale, you can ignore them and still enjoy the game.

Get Home Street On Play Store

10. Life Simulator 3 – Real Life

This game has everything that you would expect from an ideal simulation game. 

Like most simulation games, it allows you to create a life, go through school, start a career and raise a family. If you have earned enough cash, you can splurge on luxury items or pay the bills.

There are also loads of fun activities on Life Simulator 3. For instance, you can raise pets, design your home or just hang out with your in-game buddies.  The game is easy to play and will not take up your storage space. Since it does not use an internet connection, it is the perfect game to play on an airplane.

Get Life Simulator 3 On Play Store

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