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Risk Of Rain 2 Best Characters Guide 2020

Risk Of Rain 2 Best Characters Guide 2020

Risk of Rain 2 is one of the most popular rogue-like games. In this video game, you have several playable characters known as Surviours. If you want to enjoy your battles, you should pick someone with incredible skills and abilities.

In this post, we will be looking at the best characters on Risk of Rain 2 (The video game).

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Risk of Rain 2 Best Characters Guide

Here are the best characters to go for in Risk of rain 2.

1. Acrid

If you want to cause considerable damage to the field, you can pick the Acrid. When used, this Survivor has poison attacks that can increase your chances of victory. It also uses rare powerful attacks like the Old Guillotine.

However, Acrid’s poison cannot kill enemies. Also, it cannot move quickly or cope with melee attacks.

Here’s how to unlock Acrid in Risk of Rain 2.

2. Artificer

The Artificer is one of the D- tier characters on Risk of Rain 2. You can unlock it by completing the Pause challenge of the game.

So why is this character seen as one of the best characters on Risk of Rain 2? Well, she can use a few items to take charge of the battles. She also has a high chance of activating Uncommon attacks such as the Ukulele.

Sadly, this character does not have an ample supply of health. During battles, the Artificer even dodges attacks poorly.  Also, her abilities cannot be used freely because of cooldowns.

3. Commando

There are many reasons why you should love this yellow and brown character. First, for instance, the Commando is easy to use and boasts of an impressive kit. He also helps you understand the gameplay.  However, he is very slow on the battlefield and depends on

4. Engineer

The Engineer is one of the best characters that you can find on a Risk of Rain 2 Best Characters Guide. If you choose this Survivor, it promises various skills that will make you play this game quickly. The Engineer is one of the perfect choices for solo missions.

Thanks to its healing ability and impressive survival rate, the Engineer can withstand many attacks on the battlefield. However, the character performs poorly in the Monsoon difficulty.

5. Huntress

Like most of the mentions on our Risk of Rain 2 Best Characters Guide, the Huntress is another excellent option for playing this game. If you want to choose this Survivor, you will have to win the Warrior challenge.

She has an excellent dash and causes considerable damage to in-game enemies. But she has one of the lowest HPs on the game.

6. Loader

The Loader comes as another interesting character on Risk of Rain 2. She attacks with incredible punches and moves quickly across the battlefield. Moreover, she also has a build that can cope with anything thrown at her.

But she cannot cause significant damage to flying enemies. This problem stands as one of the significant weaknesses of this Survivor.

7. Mercenary

From cybernetic enhancements to laser swords, this Survivor has a large number of abilities. For this reason, the Mercenary is one of the lovable characters on Risk of Rain 2.

The Mercenary moves surprisingly well and also has an excellent base kit.  However, it depends on melee attacks and dashes. It also provides low single target damage.

8. MUL- T

When it comes to having the best features on this guide, MUL – T ticks all boxes. After all, it boasts of an impressive armor and has the fastest attack rate in the game. Besides, this Survivor also offers excellent health.

Apart from these abilities, MUL – T can take up to two equipment at the same time. To earn this character, you will have to complete the Verified challenge.

9. REX

Unlike most of the characters in this game, REX is a complicated character to use. However, he deserves a place on our guide for some interesting reasons.

This character regains its health, especially if it hits an enemy. He also does a great job of weakening in-game enemies.

If you want to progress faster in the game, you can pick any character featured on this list. However, this guide is not an exhaustive list of Survivours to use in the game. You can play with any character as victory depends on your playing style and strategy.

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