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10 Best Cooking Games For Android and iOS (2020)

10 Best Cooking Games For Android and iOS (2020)

There are many cooking games for Android devices and iOS phones, this post highlights the best of the best so you can have fun playing games doing something you love.

Cooking is among the best culinary art to do on earth and making virtual cuisine fun that simple is now the best game food preparation feature. Since it would suit the personal taste of an individual; it is widely esteemed by experts in culinary specialties.

But what if you want to taste the cooking joy without putting a great deal of effort into it? Yeah, you should definitely play games on food preparation.

The aim of these games is to provide the exact details players need to create.

The Best Cooking Games for Android and iOS Devices

These games also have useful information about the art of cooking, as well as helping you pass time. If you’re looking for amazing cooking games to install on your Android or iOS devices then these are the best options in 2020.

1. World Chef

Price: FREE

It is one of the most famous cooking games in the world, and allows you to try cooking from all over the world. Under one system it’s a truly international game that combines a variety of cuisines. The premise behind the game is to provide you with the necessary experience to operate your restaurant.

Of course, playing games will never give you the experience you need to open your restaurant, but some of these skills would certainly be useful. It is much like real-world challenges it is a training wheel.

2. Cooking Fever Best cooking games

When you’re looking for the best cooking games, there’s no way Coking fever doesn’t show up. If you have to deal with various places, foods, ingredients, and all kinds of kitchen utensils you might think of, the game offers extensive guides. Players should cook regularly to make exquisite oyster dishes, and try cooking simple cafe machines on more complicated pizza ovens.

The game also makes it possible to decorate restaurants, presents, and other items to attract clients and enhance customer service. However, downloading is free but playing requires an internet connection.

3. G-Pizza

Price: FREE

The game’s aim is to expand the chain of restaurants by making pizza and eventually owning a store.

This food preparation game has scheduled meetings, so you can make pizza during the “open” hours of the store’s working days. You can then use your earnings to expand the store, buy new pizza ingredients, or upgrade the pizza machine. That’s simple, isn’t it?

4. Diner Dash Adventures

Price: FREE (Android Link)

For this culinary art in the form of a virtual game, you need to prepare and serve food fast to hit the top of the leaderboard. It lets you keep in touch with your friends, give gifts to each other to help you succeed, or match scores to see who’s doing well!

The game also lets you hire people to increase the speed of catering services and make more money quicker, or you can purchase different acceleration devices to make sure you’re at the top of the leaderboard.

5. Cooking Mama

Price: Free (Apple Appstore Link)

The game goes a step further to the food preparation phase of the game as it also helps players to build their ingredients. Although the game focuses on cuisine and restaurant activities, other tasks include fishing, animal herding, and collecting supplies from forests. Here you can make and serve different dishes, and make money.

The money earned will be used to decorate the kitchen, buy supplies, and restaurant upgrade. It is one of the best-cooking games in Android and iOS.

6. My Cafe

Price: FREE (Android Link)

If it’s in a coffee shop, a restaurant, or a professional dining spot, you can decorate your shop as you wish. The game has in turn all the decorations it takes to create a dream cafe. The food preparation game also lets you hire workers; set meal prices and also can make money.

You may choose to meet other clients just as in real life, or even become friends with regular clients. You can play with your children and compete with other café owners.

7. Toca Kitchen 2

Price: FREE

It is a very unique cooking game, where you can make recipes and dishes at will. Boil the tomatoes and the strawberries, fry the bananas, and grow fruit burgers. To impress guests and to observe their reactions by giving them unique and imaginative food combinations and preparations.

The game is perfect for young children because it will enable them to be creative and increase their creativity. It’s interesting to watch the reactions of the guests trying out the food they don’t like.

8. Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

Price: FREE

This game will guide you to become a star in restaurants around the world and to prepare international dishes as you improve your culinary skills. You can customize the chef’s avatar, play online with others, or combat the strongest in the battle of celebrity chef bosses, and get unique items for better rewards formula upgrades.

9. Cooking Diary

Price: FREE (Apple AppStore Link)

Cooking diary is one of the best cooking games for Android and iOS. This is another common food preparation game where you will have a cafe or restaurant going. All you need to do is pick a chef’s position, a boy, or a girl’s position, open a restaurant, and start preparing food.

The game contains many distinct characters that can play a hero chef’s part. You are going to personalize the look of the chef by changing the clothes of the chef.

10. Cooking City

Price: FREE (Apple AppStore Link)

Playing the cooking game with a colorful platform is fun, and simple. However, this type of game no longer operates restaurants but focuses on timed ‘food packages’ How quickly these combinations can be filled out for customers and how to please them with such orders-determines the overall income.

These are the best cooking games that are worth your time right now for when you’re using an Android or iOS device, we’re currently scanning both app stores to find more great apps for you. Know an option that should be on this list? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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