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10 Best Free Call Blocker Apps For Android in 2022

10 Best Free Call Blocker Apps For Android in 2022

No one likes calls from unknown callers or answering calls when you have important deadlines to meet. Because you own a smartphone that is connected to the Google PlayStore or the Apple store, you can easily download and install anyone one of the numerous free call blocker apps on your mobile device to automatically take care of call blocking for you.

You don’t have to put up with the annoying call from a friend you’re not in good terms with too not to talk of the incessant bot calls from every company in the world trying to sell you one thing or the other.

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The Best Call Blocker Apps For Android

We’ve compiled a list of the best free call blocker apps for android in, by the time you’re done reading you should be able to choose the best free call blocker app that suits your needs.

1. Call Blocker

call blocker app for android

With Call Blocker, you don’t have to worry about receiving calls from people who you’re avoiding or answering calls from unknown numbers ever again. Each time an unknown number calls you, the call blocker app helps you create a personalized blacklist and backs up the file. You can send the created file to other devices to block the numbers on all your devices. Call Blocker also blocks messages.

The app has an easy-to-use and aesthetic interface. Call Blocker also has the whitelist feature which enables you to create a list of numbers that don’t require blocking. You can activate the ‘Silent Mode’ which gives you more control over your time and tight schedule.

2. Whoscall

Whoscall is one of the top 10 best free call blocker apps for android on the Google PlayStore. The app offers you premium features that help you automatically know the identity of an unknown number, block unsolicited calls and messages and access a database of registered phone numbers.

When you download and install Whoscall app, you have access to this database even when you’re offline. Also, you can report phone numbers to grow the database of callers. Whoscall comes with a feature, ShowCard, which lets you customize your identity like a business card. You can share your ShowCard with other callers who have the Whoscall app on their android smartphones.

3. Blacklist Plus

call blacklist app

The Blacklist Plus app allows you to block calls from numbers that aren’t on your contact list. You’ll need to set the app to the best call block mode you desire. You can keep a list of all the blocked numbers and send them to your other devices.

4. Should I Answer

Should I Answer? just as the name sounds, it helps you automatically detect and decline and message calls from unknown numbers. This is one of the must-have Android apps you should install on your smartphone. This app will help detect the ratings of unknown callers based on other people’s experiences with the caller. You can easily detect if the caller is a scammer, a spammer, an advertiser, or a telemarketer.

Should I Answer? It also has a feature that lets you create your own blacklist of callers you’ve had bad encounters with and upload it to the community. The app is available to users of the android and iOS devices on the Google PlayStore and Apple store respectively.

5. Showcaller

showcaller app for blocking calls

Just like other call blocker apps for android, Showcaller helps you detect the identity of anyone who calls you. But the twist to this app is that it has a feature that shows you the identity of past unknown callers, spammers, scammers, and advertisers as soon as you install and launch the app.

You’ll have more information about their identity to create an updated blacklist you can share with the Showcaller community. Be sure to download and the app to protect yourself and the community from picking up unsolicited calls.

6. Truecaller

Truecaller is a popular call blocker among android smartphone users, perhaps one of the most popular caller ID apps for Android. When you download and install the app, you can tell the identity of the caller even before answering the call. You’ll see the name of the caller as stored by other Truecaller users.

The database of call IDs are constantly being updated, so you do not have to worry about receiving calls and messages from unknown numbers. But the downside to using the Truecaller app is that your information is stored in the company’s server and this might be a turn-off for most users of call blockers.

7. Mr. Number

mr number call blocker app for android

Mr. Number is another free call blocker apps for android that offers you premium call-blocking features for free. You can block calls from anyone. The app also lets you block calls from a particular area and even any country of the world. This means that you don’t have to bother about blocking calls individually.

8. Hiya

The Hiya call blocker app works best for you to get comprehensive information about any unknown caller. The app includes features that let you know the identity of all outgoing and incoming calls, the sender of messages, etc. You can customize the app to create to display numbers you call frequently.

The app lets you add notes about the identity of callers. You get all these features and more for free when you install the Hiya app on your smartphone.

9. Call Blacklist

Call Blacklist works pretty much like other best free call blocker apps for android. You can create both a whitelist and a blacklist to accept and reject incoming calls and messages respectively. You’ll also be able to block hidden numbers, save the contacts, and share them among your friends and family members. The app comes with a feature that allows you to allot time to receive calls and time to block calls too.

10. Call Control

call control -- call blocker apps for android

Call Control gives you the chance to block calls and messages from unknown numbers and hidden numbers. All you’ve got to do is create your own blacklist of callers you don’t want to talk to.

You can also create a whitelist of people who can call you at any time – whether your immediate family members and friends, colleagues and team members. This gives you control over your time especially when you’ve got a pending deadline. Call Control has advanced search features that let you know the identity of unknown phone numbers.

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