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How to Make A Horse In Minecraft (Step by Step Guide)

How to Make A Horse In Minecraft (Step by Step Guide)

If you play Minecraft a lot and play around the huge Minecraft ecosystem, sometimes you’ll need to make certain artifacts to pass missions or just for the fun of it since the game is so robust you can literally do anything you can think of.

For example, if you want to make a book in Minecraft, we have a guide for that, please refer to that link, to learn how to make a horse in Minecraft, please keep reading.

Method 1- mount and tame your horse

i. Search for a horse

Search for a horse

Image: wikiHow

You can find horses in plain biomes (grassy and flat biomes with small tress)

ii. Use an empty hand to right-click the horse

Use an empty hand to right-click the horse

Image: wikiHow

This will automatically mount the horse, and you will receive a buck within a few seconds.

iii. Continue mounting the horse

The horse will buck you off several times, but don’t give up, get back on it again. However, if it doesn’t buck you off, then just remain in your position. The appearance of hearts on the horse depicts that the horse has been tamed.

The taming process can be more comfortable and easier when you feed the horses with apples found by breaking oak leave blocks. No tool is required for breaking the oak leave block.

Method 2- using and crafting horse items

i. Crafting a lead

Crafting a lead

Image: wikiHow

You can craft a lead using four spider strings and slimeballs in a crafting table. You get slimeballs by killing slimes while spider strings are obtained by killing spiders.

ii. Equipping the lead

Equipping the lead

image: wikiHow

If you want to equip the lead, place the lead in your toolbar, and select it. The lead looks more like a leash. To place the lead around the horse, you need to place the reticle on the tamed horse and right-click on the horse.

iii. Tethering the horse

To tether the horse, click on the fence post. Similarly, when you’re riding a horse with lead, clicking on a fence post tethers it and prevents it from wandering off.

iv. Crafting a horse armor

Crafting a horse armor

Image: wikiHow

You can craft a horse armor using seven leather, gold, iron, diamond using the crafting table. You get leather from killing cows while Diamond, Gold, and iron must be mined for usage. Gold and iron ore need to be smelted to produce gold and iron bars.

v. Opening your inventory menu

Opening your inventory menu

image: wikiHow

You can open your inventory menu by mounting the tamed horse and clicking E. by so doing, you can also choose to transfer from your inventory to the horse.

vi. Dragging the horse’s armor

Dragging the horse’s armor

image: wikiHow

The armor slot looks like the upper part of a horse in the horse’s inventory window’s top corner. Move the horse’s armor from your inventory to the slot.

vii. Placing a chest on a horse

Placing a chest on a horse

image: wikiHow

Firstly, position a chest in your toolbar, then choose the chest with slot to equip it. Right-click on the horse to place the chest on it.

You can craft chests yourself using wood plank blocks. If you want to have access to the chest while riding on your horse, right-click on the horse’ back.

viii. Obtaining a saddle

Obtaining a saddle

image: wikiHow

You need a saddle to ride a tamed horse. In Minecraft, saddles are one of the essential items that you cannot craft on your own. You can only find saddles in nether fortresses or dungeons. On rare occasions, you can also get saddles by fishing.

ix. Locating a name tag

Locating a name tag

image: wikiHow

Just like the saddle, you cannot also craft a name tag in Minecraft. You can only find them in nether fortress chests and chests.

x. Using anvil for engraving name tag

If you want to engrave a name on a name tag, you must ensure that you have the name tag in your inventory, then right-click on the anvil. the nest thing to do is to move the name tag to the side of the menu. Click on “repair and name” in the slot box.

Type the name you desire for your horse, drag the name to the slot. The whole name engraving process costs one enchantment point.

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