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How to Make A Book In Minecraft (2 Methods)

How to Make A Book In Minecraft (2 Methods)

Making books in Minecraft is simple and straightforward, but getting the ingredients and materials can be challenging and frustrating. With the right materials at hand, your journey to setting up your farm will be a reality, and you will never run out of the leather and papers needed for the farm set up.

In this post, we will walk you through the process of bookmaking in Minecraft.

Method 1- Minecraft for console or computer

gather sugarcane in minecraft

Image: WikiHow

i. Gathering sugar cane

In Minecraft, sugar cane grows in warm biomes; it rarely grows on frozen water. It is mostly a green reed which grows next to temperate biomes (bodies of water).

Finding sugar cane on some worlds in Minecraft can be frustrating and challenging; however, if you can find some if you follow through coastlines. You can easily use any tool to pick it up or use your bare hands to break it.

ii. Start your sugar cane plantation farm

Start your sugar cane plantation farm

Image: wikiHow

Because gathering sugar cane can be difficult, you can save yourself all the stress by starting up your sugar cane plantation. Plant some of the sugar cane you have before turning it into the paper. All you need to plant sugar cane is to place it on the ground. However, the sugar cane will only germinate under the following conditions.

  • You must plant it on podzol, grass, sand or dirt
  • You must ensure that it is planted adjacent to at least one water block
  • You must wait until the sugar cane breaks the top block and grow taller before you can harvest it. The shorter cane blocks will keep growing.

iii. Turn some sugar cane to paper

Turn some sugar cane to paper

Image: wikiHow

To get more sheets of paper, fill the crafting table with some sugar cane. Once you do this, you will have enough sheets to make one book.

iv. Search for leather

It is easy to find cows in Minecraft, and you can also hunt for horses in savannah or plains. Each cow or horse killed produces about two units of leather. Each book requires one piece of leather.

You can also hunt leather in the following ways

  • From rabbit hides or by fishing
  • If you want to have a consistent supply of leather, plant wheat and use the harvested stalks for building enclosures to lure cows.

v. A combination of leather and paper makes a book

A combination of leather and paper makes a book

Image: wikiHow

To make a book, position leather in one square and place paper in three squares around the crafting area. Your book is ready.

Method 2- Minecraft Pocket Edition

i. Confirm your version number

The instructions shared on this post are for the latest versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition or version 0.12.1. if you have a different version, you must take note of the following

  • Before the emergence of version 0.12.1, crafting books does not require the use of leather. Leathers had no use in the game.
  • Books did not exist until after version 0.3.0

ii. Look for sugar cane

gather sugarcane in minecraft

Image: wikiHow

Search for sugar cane in biomes. They are green reeds that grow in bodies of water. Once you find one, harvest it using a tool or break it with your bare hands. If you want to have a constant supply of paper, you should consider having your sugarcane farm. It is easy to set up a sugar cane farm. Take note of the following.

  • Sugarcane grows on dirt or sand close to water bodies
  • Sugar cane grows faster in bone meal

iii. Turn sugarcane into paper

Turn some sugar cane to paper

Image: wikiHow

You can easily turn your sugarcane into paper in the crafting table. To achieve this, click on the crafting table and choose a paper recipe. This will automatically turn the sugar cane into papers. The amount of paper you get depends on the amount of sugar cane in the crafting table.

iv. Get leather from cows

You can get leather by killing cows. Each cow produces about two pieces of leather. If you are using Pocket edition version 0.11, you can get your leather from fishing instead.

v. Combine leather and paper to make a book

A combination of leather and paper makes a book

Image: wikiHow

It’s as easy as that.

If you have any challenges with still making a book on Minecraft, please let us know in the comments section.

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