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Terraria Alternatives: 10 Games Like Terraria For Classic Action Games Lovers

Terraria Alternatives: 10 Games Like Terraria For Classic Action Games Lovers

Looking for games like Terraria? You’ve come to the right place as we’ve made the most recent, action-filled alternative games for terraria enthusiasts in 2020.

If you take delight in playing Terraria, mining resources, exploring vast worlds, crafting new kinds of stuff and so on, you’ll love the list of games we have for you in this list.

While for many Terraria games lovers such as yourself, it may be the best but if you’re always on the quest to find more and even challenge yourself with what’s new and out there, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many similar classic action games out there that are either inspired by Terraria or just has similar features, based on the fact that they’re in the same genre.

Here are ten amazing games like terraria that you’ll love.

1. SteamWorld Dig

SteamWorld offers you an exciting mining adventure as Terraria does. With its incorporated goodness of Metroidvania, makes the game even more exciting.

All you need to do is just take up the role of Rusty, an old mining robot and embark on any exciting adventure that makes you go through the old earth with an ancient threat discovering riches and treasures.

Though it is a paid game, every time you play StreamWorld Dig, you will enjoy it to the brim as the world is randomized. Just get ready to mine some precious treasures and dispose of them for upgrades and money. In fact, if you like Terraria, StreamWorlf Dig is an amazing adventure game and a must-play for you.

2. Junk Jack

Junk Jack provides you with intriguing gameplay that has lots of fun based on the inspiration drawn from both Terraria and Minecraft. With Junk Jack, you will have amazing mining, exploration and crafting experience.

The game can be played on PC and mobile devices, offering numerous features like planting, cooking, and much more intriguing games that could get you hooked for hours. Junk Jack also has a multiplayer mode that enables you to pay and play with your friends online.

Get Jun Jack for Android.

3. Starbound

StarBound gives you the same thrill as Terraria. When it comes to the looks and plays of the game, it is the most similar to Terraria. The excitement is very high in this game, as it is full of amazing random features but not limited to limits, planets, quests, weather, etc.

Its randomized features enable you to play a game after the game makes it more exciting for just a little token. However, if you are looking for a game that could you get you hooked up a very long time like Terraria, Starbound is the best for you.

4. Crea

Crea gives you more excitement on mining venture including other RPG features to make you have a feel of gameplay full of fun. When you are referring to mod-friendly games, Crea is among the best.

It relies immensely on the game community for mods and modders will improve the gameplay by altering the game characters, environments, and including new elements that it fun play.

The game was launched with its modding tools, therefore you don’t need to be afraid of the modding scene complexities. However, Crea is exciting gameplay that has a combo of the best of crafting games and RPGs.

5. Minecraft

There is no doubt that Minecraft is one of the most famous games invoke. Mining adventure and survival genre have been widely adopted by many games at the moment, which is popularized by Minecraft just like Terraria. Minecraft gameplay is fun to a large extent, as it offers classic graphics.

Minecraft is a great survival, sandbox, and adventure full game. The game has a combo of amazing RPG features that could engage you for a very long period. Most people take delight in building and mining new resources, so if you are one of such people, Minecraft game is a must-play for you.

6. Craft The World

Craft The World has the combo of crafting and sandbox genre to offer you special interesting gameplay that wouldn’t let you leave your screen for long. This game has similar gameplay features and other varieties similar to Terraria.

The games if full of fun, you are in control of the Kingdom of Dwarfs living together where you build the colony into a full-grown kingdom as you explore the core part of the game.

The platform of this gameplay enables you to explore the randomly generated world as you find resources, craft items and create and grow your whole kingdom. Building your colony is just enough, but you must defend your colony against threats from enemies. However, just be ready to build your Dwarf colony and pass through the puzzles in this exciting gameplay.

7. Epic Inventor

Epic Inventor has a combo of both Minecraft and Terraria including some wonderful sandbox features that will sweep you off your feet excitedly. Inside the side-scrolling game, you will find elements of actions and RPG, that keeps the game more exciting to play.

Epic inventor is free of charge to play, offering you an open-source code spec. You can play alone and you may also play with others online as you explore, mines and roam on a massive random platform full of fun.

It is a very attractive 2D graphics, that allows you to roam the world on screen, lay hold on special resources, create With attractive 2D graphics, Epic Inventor allows you to explore the world, collect unique resources, build wonderful structures and craft items of various kinds. It is really fun to play.

8. Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is a survival action game that is centered on your ultimate survival. In the game, you are surrounded by monsters and you are supposed to crave and find a way to survive.

You just have to be very ready to explore resources, craft new elements build structures for yourself and survive in the face of danger.
Don’t Starve is not a colorful game instead it has very epic looks that makes it very impressive. The game exposes you to any style of play, be it crafting, hunting, and so on.

9. King Arthur’s Gold

Have you heard of multiplayer combat? This is what King Arthur’s Gold offers to you. Players explore gather resources, build defensive or offensive structures as the case may be while they fight each other. This is really amazing and big fun to enjoy.

The game comprises various classes you can choose to play from and each class changes the philosophy of your gameplay which makes the game period grow longer and more exciting. It also offers players with the feel of a competition as it has PVP features as well.

King Arthur’s Gold is actually a free game to enjoy especially if you are playing offline in a multiplayer mode, but if you have to go online,  you will also have to pay for it.

10. Spelunky

Spelunky provides you with randomized worlds that you a new feeling each time you turn on the game. It is a free game to enjoy, where you embark on an adventure underground in search of glamorous treasures. In the search of these treasures, you will have to fight monsters that are in charge of these treasure points under the earth.

The game is a combo of adventures, platformer including action games that are very rewarding at every point of breakthrough. Just be prepared to explore scary caves, combat big monsters and grab your treasure looks excitedly.

With the above-listed games, you just have to be ready to explore, mine, craft, and create your way to a new adventure. However, if you were actually searching for a few games similar to Terraria then you’ve got around 10 games that are as funny and intriguing as Terraria.