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Overwatch Alternatives: 10 Amazing Games Like Overwatch

Overwatch Alternatives: 10 Amazing Games Like Overwatch

Are you bored of playing overwatch over and over again daily? Never mind, it is common among everyone who plays great games like overwatch, playing the same game continuously even while it can be so tiring.

Overwatch is a multiplayer action game that offers amazing thrills to the players, if you enjoyed playing these games you’ll love the overwatch alternatives listed in this post. please keep reading to discover the top games like overwatch we have for you today.

Let’s begin.


BRINK is an enjoyable shooter game with an aim on parkour-style movement. You can play online either on a co-operative game or you can play against others, as the game online server can accommodate 16 players. The game offers it’s best having the co-operative feature that makes it a first-person shooter game.

Brink comprises four classes of characters you can select from such as Medic, Engineer, operative and soldier. It is just a faction game with the members of each class having a special set of skills. You can even purchase a set of unique skills. There are a lot of exciting things to explore in this game, including its multiplayer features that will remind you of your favorite Overwatch game.

2. Battleborn

Battleborn has the same features as overwatch, that focuses on teamwork and a team player. It is also a first-person shooter game that offers you a roster to pick from, where each of the game characters has special skills and abilities portraying various play styles.

Battleborn has both the singleplayer and multiplayer modes and MOBA features much more than Overwatch.

However, if you are very much interested in playing games with deep gameplay and loads of MOBA elements, then Battleborn is what you should be enjoying.

3. Blacklight Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution provides plenty of customized alternatives for your various loud outs and characters to enjoy. In this game, you have to make your choice from the availability of surplus weapons and build your customized loud outs in line with your playstyle. Blacklight makes it easy for you to switch options whenever the need arises.

It is advantageous to play this game as you can focus on singleplayer mode at first and mater it before you can advance to the multiple player playstyle. The game has unique elements and features that make it distinct from other games and makes it exciting for everyone to play.

4. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

You will enjoy plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 if you admire the cartoon graphics combined with the action thriller seen in Overwatch gameplay.  Everything you need to catch your gameplay fun is all found in this game. You can either join the zombie force or plant force, anyways it fun shooting the Zombies. Isn’t it? Each force has special soldiers with special skills and capacity that will assist you during the battle. This is a game you can’t afford to miss.

5. Tribes Ascend

Tribes Ascend offers a deep class system that allows players choices from plenty of options while playing the quick-paced shooting action game. The fast-paced features include the use of jets and dashing machines that makes your day tick in each encounter.

Playing Tribes Ascend demands your fast reflexes because any little lag in the use of your unique traits and abilities will culminate to outright defeat. Therefore you need to be agile and play the game with a provocative or offensive approach to avoid numerous defeats.

Furthermore, at the cost of movement speed, various amour systems make available extra abilities for players, though you may experience a twist in the game and you have to select your fight meticulously. Tribes Ascend is an all-in-one game that you have to play.

6. Block N Load

Block N Load could easily make you forget Overwatch and Minecraft in a hurry due to simple graphics and roster loaded with special and stylish characters. It has a top-notch map design,  having a balance to perfection and a roster of characters that makes the gameplay intriguing.

You are allowed to choose from various characters and various abilities that may be good in defense while others may be good offensively, depending greatly on your playstyle.

7. Monday Night Combat

The Monday Night Combat is good for when it comes to the gameplay experience and catching fun as it is among the best alternative to Overwatch. In this game, you are required to choose from a plenitude of characters and synergize efforts as team combat and pull down the Moneyball(opponent’s base). Besides, you have to be agile in defending your money all as you keep attacking the base of your enemies.

The uniqueness of a game is centered on its playstyle and attractive design which makes it very outstanding. Though Monday Night Combat is a third-person shooter, yet it is still fun to play and you may have to it a trial.

8. Paladins

When comes to gameplay, Paladins is just identical to Overwatch. They both share MOBA features and also provides players with first-person shooter experience. Nevertheless, there are a few distinctions between the games. Paladin’s main aim is on the customization of each character using a card.

It also provides fun for those who prefer moving around and combatting on larger maps while Overwatch keeps the maps concise. Its main focus is on winning strategy and not just running around and running around. However, if you are in love with slower pace games, Paladins is just what you need.

9. WarFrame

Warframe is a similar game to Overwatch in terms of war gameplay, where the soldiers are working tirelessly to provide stability now and in the future. Therefore it is your hands to assist these soldiers in restoring peace and tranquility in the world. Warframe gives you an entirely new experience than overwatch.

Though the game doesn’t offer very vibrant colors like overwatch, you will always feel right at home while playing because it requires efficient synergy among team members to play the game more effectively.

10. Gotham City Impostors

If you want a fast-paced action game, Gotham City Imposters is the game you need. Who would have thought that Batman game would be fun to play even in the absence of his friends and enemies? If you want to see a guy putting on Batman attire, just try Gotham City Impostors. The game has no possession of Batman’s doom, but it still has lots of excitement and offers you great entertainment then you may think of.

The major focus of this game is your ability to move and maneuver by each character using various weapons, tools, and techniques to combat and win the enemies.

If you desire to explore other games that can replace Overwatch, here you have it all. Just go ahead make your choice on any of the games listed herein and start having fun with your teammates. Nevertheless, most of these games are free to play, hence, it’s gaming non-stop.

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