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11 Best Free Ringtone Apps For Android

11 Best Free Ringtone Apps For Android

Ringtones have always been the most used personalized term for mobile phones. There are also fantastic Ringtone apps for Android that will let you set the tone for just the right occasion – business, nature, horror, office, romance, and more.

Original ringtones for Android phones are available when you receive a message, a call, or any other message. The downside, though, is that the choice of ringtones is quite limited, and most ringtones are not that great.

What if you want to use a particular song you like as a ringtone?

Well, then you should try installing the ringtone app on your phone. That way, you can choose the song you really like and set it as your message tone. And if you don’t find a ringtone you like, some apps will let you edit your voice recordings or songs stored on your phone to set as a ringtone. You can even set unique ring tones for all your contacts.

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The Best Free Ringtone Apps For Android

There are many Android apps available on the Google Play Store for free ringtones. With ringtone apps for Android, you can get notification tones, alarm tones, ringtones, and more. Here are the top 10 best free ringtone apps for your Android device:

1. Audiko

Audiko is one of the best free ringtones apps for Android. It was created by audio ringtones and possessed a size of 4.3 MB. The app lets you make a custom ringtone for free, and you’ll find millions of free ringtones in this app’s database.

It is also a wallpaper application that you can download in HD and 4K wallpaper. It’s a safe and reliable ringtone program. You can make ringtones for your mobile phone and tablet and share them live on social media platforms.

2. Pi Music Player

The Pi Music Player is a good one-two punch. It works like a perfectly good, simple music player. However, it also has some melody options.

The music app includes a five-band equalizer, metadata support, themes, backgrounds, and a fantastic user interface. You also get a ringtone. So, you can take any record in your library and turn it into a message ringtone or ringtone.

 3. Zedge

If you are searching for an app that lets you set ringtones and wallpapers at the same time, this is the ZEDGE app for you. Setting up your own wallpapers and ringtones is made more accessible with ZEDGE.

Zedge is a productive app for your smartphone that works more than just ringtones, messages, alarms, and more. Although well known as a ringtone app, this app allows you to set both wallpapers and themes. As for the features of the ringtone, it also allows you to create new and converts songs to ringtones.

4. MTP – Ringtones and Wallpapers

As the name of the application implies, MTP ringtones and wallpapers are an application for ringtones and wallpapers.

When it comes to ringtones, MTP ringtones and wallpapers give users a wide range of ringtones, alarm tones, message tones, and more. Not only that, but it also provides users with high quality and vibrant wallpapers. So, MTP ringtones and wallpapers is one of the best free ringtone apps for Android today.

5. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

Next on the list of top Android ringtone apps are MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker. You can use this app to set a custom ringtone.

Basically, it is a music editor application that creates ringtones, alarms, and messages from your favorite MP3, WAV, MP4/AAC, 3GPP, and AMR audio formats. Now you can create MP3 ringtones in just a few steps. You can also record your personal sound and set the best part of it as your ringtone.

6. Bells and Whistles Ringtones

For those that like to keep it simple and prefer it loud. This app has all the sounds you’ll need from alarms to notifications to setting your ringtones. Belles and whistles ringtones is free and very easy to use. It has been downloaded over 50,000 times on the play store and it has some very nice features for folks who like to go crazy with their ringtone customizations. It is one of the best ringtone apps you can download today.

7. Z Ringtones

Well, if you are looking for an Android app where you can download free ringtones, notifications, and alarm sounds, then Z ringtones may be the best choice for you. Guess? Z ringtones come with an excellent interface and are completely free, no in-app purchases required. The app has many high-quality ringtones that you can directly set as your phone ringtone.

8. Ringtone Maker

This one is similar to the MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker mentioned above but comes with its own unique set of features. You will also be able to create ringtones from WAV, AAC/MP4, 3GPP, AMR formats.

You can also copy, cut, and paste. View ringtones and assign them to a specific contact. It comes with enable/disable mp3 options. You can also view a waveform image of an audio file. This program also offers the ability to sort by tracks, albums, artists, just like a regular music program.

9. Mobiles Ringtones

Mobile Ringtones is another best free ringtone app for Android that gives users a wide selection of the latest MP3 ringtones. The great thing about “Mobile Ringtones” is its interface, which looks clean and neat.

Not only that, but the app also organizes ringtones by their categories. You can download popular ringtones, such as iPhone ringtones, Nokia ringtones, and more, from “Mobile ringtones.”

10. Ringtones Top 100

As the name of the program puts it, the Ringtones Top 100 contains only the 100 most popular ringtones from around the world. The program has a limited, but a most fantastic collection of ringtones.

Top 100 ringtones include a wide range of sound effects, stunning 3D surround sound, amazing pop music, etc. You can set the tones as ringtones, SMS ringtones, alarm tones, etc. So, the Ringtones Top 100 is another best free ringtone app for Android that you can use right away.

11. Super Funny Ringtones

Super Funny Ringtones is also one of our top free ringtone apps for Android. It has a massive list of features like 3D hi-fi sounds, funny ringtones like baby laughs, banana crowd, Christmas song, best friend, bear song, crazy chicken, Donald duck, iPhone minions, and much more.

Wrapping it Up

The above are all apps that can help you set the best ringtone effectively on your Android. So enjoy them with the space and convenience of your phone. Of course, all of them can meet the need you want to meet.

Default cell phone ringtones can be frustrating, so it is good news having an app that can give you unlimited message tone choices. We want to help you get the perfect ringtones, so we’ve compiled a list of the best free ringtone apps for Android. With these apps, your ringtones will no longer be boring.

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Friday 21st of August 2020

Thanks for sharing these apps. I never heard about 3 of these apps.


Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

These apps are nice. I needed a new ringtone, thanks for the ideas.