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10 Fun Games Like Animal Crossing For Android

10 Fun Games Like Animal Crossing For Android

Animal Crossing is one of the most played simulation games of 2020.

This simulation game comes in three versions-two for gaming consoles and one for mobile devices (Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp). As you play any version of the game, you can choose an avatar, interact with other players, and even build a thriving community.

But are there other games like Animal Crossing? Yes, you can find lots of games that have similar features and gameplay, better even if you’re trying to find these Animal crossing alternatives for mobile phones so you can easily game anywhere.

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10 Best Alternatives to Animal Crossing

Here are some of the top games like Animal Crossing for Android you can install and play from Google Play store.

1. Family Island: Farm Game Adventure

This is one of the coolest Animal Crossing alternatives you can download on your Andriod device. The game is about helping a family to explore and live on a deserted island. As expected, this simulation game has enough features to keep you hooked.

Family Island is loaded with many quests which means you won’t get bored. Moreover, it is easy to play and boasts of decent graphics. However, the game has ads, supports in-app purchases, and requires an internet connection.

2. Harvest Town

Although Harvest Town is an early access game, it has become one of the popular simulation games on the Google Playstore. Since its launch, the game has gathered a million downloads on the Google Playstore.

In Harvest Town, you can build and manage your dream ranch. You can even get a house, grow farm produce, and get married. Apart from having straightforward gameplay, Harvest Town supports a multiplayer function. Thanks to this feature, the game allow you to race, trade, or interact with other players.

Like most games on our list, Harvest Town comes with annoying adware. However, it remains one of the best Animal Crossing alternatives.

3. Happy Street

If you want another game that reminds you of Animal Crossing, you should check out this exciting simulation game. With a 4.5 rating, many things make it one of the top Animal Crossing alternatives for your device.

For instance, it is fun to play. Happy Street focuses on choosing animals and using them to build your dream city. If you want a taste of adventure, you can explore various interesting spots on the map.

The game is free to play and great for kids. But you will need an active data subscription to access the game on your Facebook page.

4. The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is one of the best Animal  Crossing alternatives for smartphones. It is also the Andriod version of the popular Sims series. Although it is a mobile game, it has many features like the original series.

There are many things to do on Sims Mobile. For example, it allows you to create an avatar, get a home, and choose the desired lifestyle. The game even offers you the chance to date and live with other avatars.

To enjoy the game, you must have a stable internet connection. Besides, you will also encounter some ads. Overall, it is one of the top Animal Crossing alternatives on mobile devices.

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5. Township

Do you still want games like Animal Crossing? Well, Playrix’s Township is one of the fantastic games on Google Playstore. It has over ten million downloads and many positive reviews from its teeming players.

The game is about farming, trading, and using your profits to build your dream city. As you progress, you can collect various world landmarks and decorate your city.

Before playing Township, ensure that you have an active data connection. After all, you will need an internet service to take part in real-time events and interact with other players.

6. Idle Life Sim – Simulator Game

Like Animal Crossing, Idle Life Sim enables you to choose an avatar and build your dream home. Moreover, you can get a job to fund your new lifestyle.

Idle Life Sim is ideal for low storage devices and has easy-to-use controls. Overall, it is one of the top Animal Crossing Alternatives on Google Playstore.

7. My Tamagotchi Forever

There are many reasons why you should install this classic simulation game. First, it has impressive visuals that will pop out of your screen. It also an ideal virtual toy for the family.

In My Tamagotchi Forever, you will have to train a pet until it reaches adulthood. Apart from caring for your avatar, you can explore the in-game town or enjoy some puzzles.

Since the game receives regular updates, you will have enough content to pass the time. Moreover, it does not force you to buy any items. Because of these features, it is one of the coolest Animal Crossing alternatives that you can find.

8. Animal Restaurant

Animal Restaurant is about adopting a stray cat and employing it in your restaurant. As you play the game, hire more staff, and change your furniture. You can even learn how to make several types of snacks and dishes.

The game does not require much space. So if you have an entry-level device, you should try Animal Restaurant on your device.

9. SimCity Buildit

Have you ever wanted to control the events of your city? If yes, think about downloading this incredible game from Electronic Arts. When it comes down to it, it is one of the best simulation games out there.

On SimCity Buildit, you are a Mayor that builds beautiful cities and brings them to life. Also, you will battle monsters that might attack your domain. If you want something more, the game allows you to chat or trade with other Mayors.

Even if the game will keep you entertained, it offers multiple items for sale. So if you don’t want to spend cash on games like Animal Crossing, you might have to consider other options.

10. HayDay

On HayDay, you will have a farm and trade with your neighbors. As you earn more, the game allows you to customize the farm and build a new town. If you get tired of hanging around your farm, you can spend some mom

The gameplay is easy and will not bore you. Thanks to these features, it has become one of the popular Animal Crossing alternatives you can find.

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