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[LEAK] Download The New Pixel 4a Wallpapers Now

[LEAK] Download The New Pixel 4a Wallpapers Now

Yes, the much-anticipated sequel to the Pixel 3a and one of the most hyped, talked about phones of 2020: The Pixel 4a from Google.

We’ve written about everything we know about the upcoming Pixel 4a but that post hasn’t been updated with the most recent information we have about the Pixel 4a, this post has it actually so, you’re welcome.

There have been many rumors about the Pixel 4a since Pixel 3a was so good, we’ve been talking about it from the beginning of the year and while it’s supposed to have launched, Google keeps delaying the release due to many factors of which the most suspected would be due to Covid-19, but in the time that it’s taking Google to drop this phone, Apple released its $399 stunning iPhone SE and a lot of amazing mid-range devices have released this year, the Moto G and Moto G stylus from Motorola is one, the A51 is one of the best mid-rangers of 2020.

Could it be too late to drop the Pixel 4a? Coming from Google? Maybe not yet.

Google Pixel 4a Release Date

According to what we’ve seen recently, it seems the Pixel 4a will be released before the end of July and that’s a smart move because come August, The second wave of Galaxy Unpacked will be happening and everyone knows its Samsung month.

The Pixel 4a has been delayed through the months however so July may not even happen but fingers crossed.

How Much Would The Pixel 4a Cost?

While Google hasn’t exactly come through with the official amount the Pixel 4a is said to cost, they may have just given away that info with this crystal clear billboard advertisement.

Pixel 4a price billboard

Image: HotHardware

The price of the Pixel 4a is said to be around $399 competing with the iPhone SE 2020, Galaxy A71, TCL 10 with that pricing.

Other Juicy Pixel 4a Details

Will the Pixel 4a have 5G? There’s a possibility. According to 9to5Google, there may be a may have been a discovery among search apps discovered by the publishers since Google hasn’t confirmed 5G for Pixel 4a since Google hasn’t officially said anything about it but the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 chipset in the Pixel 4a may make this happen.

Will the Pixel 4a Run Android 11 out of the box? That’s a bit of a toughie since Android 11 isn’t officially out at this time but as a Google phone user, Google Pixel users are usually the first to get new updates on their device.

Pixel 4A Design

Pixel 4A Design – Image: Tom’s Guide.

Could the Pixel 4a Have a Headphone Jack? There’s a possibility since the phone is a mid-range device and is rumored to have almost everything you’ll need at the price point. The design is also said to look like the Pixel 3a, 3a XL but you can expect the back design to be different, the camera housing setup since we’re expecting at least quad cameras on the Pixel 4a.

Where are The Pixel 4a Wallpapers?

They’re here and truly they’re beautiful.

The wallpapers carry the usual Google design aesthetics but are neat and will look good on any device really, they’re amazing on my Samsung Galaxy A51. Here’s a sneak peak:

You can download these individually and apply them to your device or download this zipped file of the full wallpapers from, unzip and choose your favorite design from the list to use as your wallpaper.

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