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How to Back Up Your Android Phone to PC

How to Back Up Your Android Phone to PC

Is your Andriod smartphone lagging? Does it freeze without warning? If yes, then you might have to perform a factory reset on your device. But if you perform this task, you might lose everything on your phone, including your pictures, music, contacts, and messages.

To avoid this scenario, you will have to back up your data on your PC. After completing the reset, you can download all your data back to your phone. Even if that is not the case, sometimes you may want to move your files elsewhere for safekeeping so you don’t lose them when something happens to your device.

Now let’s show you how to back up your Android phone to PC. Luckily these steps are easy and can be completed within a few minutes.

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How to Back Up Your Andriod Phone to PC

If you want to keep your files safe, you can send them to your PC via three ways –  USB and Bluetooth and third-party apps. You can use each of these methods with a Windows desktop or laptop.

How to Back Up Your Android  Phone to a Windows PC via  USB

If you want to back up your Andriod Phone to PC, a USB cord is one of the common and easiest ways to carry out this task. You can use the following steps to send your files to a Windows computer.

  • Plug-in a USB cable to your Andriod Phone and connect the other end to your computer.
  • Tap the Notification panel and scroll down to the USB connectivity option -> Tap the Charging Via USB button.
  • Move to the “Use USB for” option and choose File Transfer.
  • Find and click the file explorer on your Windows PC -> Scroll down to your device’s name and click to open -> Choose the files you want to backup and copy them to the PC.
  • After sending the files, eject your phone from the computer. To do this, head to the taskbar and click on the “Safe to Remove” button. Round up by removing the USB plug from the computer and Andriod phone.

How to Back Up Your Android  Phone to a PC via Bluetooth (Windows 10)

If you don’t have a USB cable, you can try this option. Although it is not as fast as the cable method, it is another easy way to save your Andriod phone files. Now here are steps to backing up your Andriod phone to a PC via Bluetooth.

  • From your smartphone, click the Settings icon -> Select the Connections option and activate the Bluetooth -> Return to the previous screen and turn on the Phone Visibility.
  • On your PC, tap the Start Button and choose Settings -> Scroll to Devices and choose Bluetooth -> Find your Andriod smartphone’s name and tap the Pair option to connect both devices ( the smartphone and computer)
  • From your phone, choose the files and tap the Share icon -> Select the Bluetooth icon and send the files to your computer.

Note: Unless you have a lot of time, this is not the smartest option to go for.

How to Back Up Your Andriod  Phone to a PC via Third-Party Apps like Xender

Apart from Bluetooth and USB cables, you can also use apps to back up your Andriod phone to the PC. Xender is one of the popular apps that will get the job done quickly. Besides, it does not work with a data connection.

If you want to know how to back up your Andriod phone to PC via an app, use the following steps.

How to backup android to pc using xender

  • Download and install the Xender app on your Andriod phone. You can download it from here.
  • Tap on the profile photo on the app and choose Connect to PC.
  • Log on to on your PC.
  • Use your phone to scan the QR code that will appear on your PC screen.
  • When connected, choose the folder option on the Xender menu bar.
  • Tap the Upload file option to send files from your  Andriod phone to PC.


These are the three ways that you can backup your Andriod phone to PC. But if you want to send the files quickly, use the USB option or Xender app. We hope that you find this guide useful in keeping your files safe.

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