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Ok Google Not Working? How to Fix Google Voice Not Working

Ok Google Not Working? How to Fix Google Voice Not Working

Using the “Ok Google” voice command has become a norm, and working without it can be somewhat tricky.

You can use it to search for articles, check the weather report, follow your favorite teams’ news, and play your favorite music on the best free offline music player apps. Whatever be your purpose for using Google Assistant, you need it to function optimally to get the best out of the app.

Quick hint: Try Hey Google to see if that works too.

Fixing Google Voice Assistant Problems

Several issues arise when you use the Google Assistant app. No matter how loudly you scream the “Ok Google” command, your app can seem to respond. Some of these issues include a terrible microphone, wrong language settings, or outdated Google Assistant version. Whatever might be the problem, you can fix it by following any of those steps.

1. Retrain Your Voice on Google Assistant

One of the significant problems you’d encounter with the Google Assistant app is the app not recognizing your voice. Probably, you didn’t set up the voice command when you first activated the Google Assistant on your device. But, this shouldn’t cause much stir as you can quickly retrain your voice model.

To retrain your voice model and make it recognize your voice, open the Google Assistant, and click on the symbol at the right-hand side of your screen (see the picture below).

After that, click on the three-day drop-down menu and select Settings. Scroll down and click on the “Assistant devices” menu. Select the “Voice Model”, then click “Retrain Voice Model” and start retraining your voice model on Google Assistant. Ensure your environment is free of noises when retraining your Voice Model.

2. Clear Cache For the Google Assistant App

clear google app cache Google assistant not working

Clearing your cache should be the next thing to do if after you’ve retrained your voice model and your Google Assistant is still not working. When you clear cache for the Google Assistant app, you free up space on your device storage and improves its functionality. To clear the cache, go to Settings on your smartphone and select Apps. Next, choose Google and click on Storage. After that, select the “Clear Cache” button. This step will automatically clear your cache and cause your mobile device to function better.

Alternatively, if you use Files Go, one of the file manager apps we recommend for your Android device, you can use it to routinely clear your cache to avoid problems like these.

3. Reinstall the Google Assistant App

You can also reinstall the Google Assistant app to get your voice assistant functioning properly. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Assistant app is straightforward. Simply open your PlayStore app and search for Google. Click on the Google app and select the “Uninstall” button. You can still install the Google app immediately by merely searching for the app and clicking the install button.

4. Check Your Device’s Microphone

Another way of fixing ok Google not working problem is by checking your smart phone’s microphone. Check to know if your microphone is working correctly because it affects how your Google Assistant functions. Doing a mic check is straightforward.

Head over to your device’s recording app and record your voice. You can use any voice recording app to try this step. If your voice sounds great, then you find another solution to the ok Google not working issue. But if your voice doesn’t sound good enough, the problem is with your microphone, and you can repair it.

5. Update the Google App

update Google app to fix assistant not working

You can fix your Google Assistant not working problems by updating your Google app. The Google Assistant is continuously set for bugs and issues users face when using it, and you can simply update your app to download and install the latest version of the app.

To do this, go to your PlayStore app. Search for the Google Assistant app on the search bar and select update. Once you update the app, your Google Assistant functions as the current version of the app void of bugs and issues that once plagued your device. If your Fitbit is not charging, you can fix it now.

6. Check Your Language Settings

A quick fix for your Google Assistant not working could be checking your language settings. While setting up your Google Assistant on your device, you could have selected the wrong language as your input, and this can impact on the functions of your Google Assistant. To check for your language settings, open your Google app, and select More. Next, click on Settings, then choose Voice and go to Languages. Ensure you choose your preferred language for your region.

7. Search For Support

If after all of these methods have not got your Google Assistant functioning again, then it is time to seek help. You can contact the Google support team to fix the problem.

Alternatively, you could join tech forums on different social platforms where you can get help from other techies. You can search for technology groups on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Google Forums. Ensure you search to get the right knowledge that’s proven to work for others.

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