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How to Add Bots to Discord Server in 2020

How to Add Bots to Discord Server in 2020

If you have a gaming community and you want to manage the forum effectively, then you need to learn how to add bots to your Discord server. Discord is a free chatting application that helps game lovers all over the world share information and resources efficiently. Whether you have a forum for games like GTA or you own a community for the best role-playing games, you’ll need to add bots as more people join the group. Discord users can further customize their servers to better serve their communities by adding bots.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Add Bots to Discord Server

Bots have features that make managing large gaming forums less difficult by performing specific tasks that regulate the activities of users. Adding bots to your Discord server is pretty much straightforward. You’ll need to follow the steps in this article to add bots, but let’s discuss general information about bots.

What are Bots?

Bots are software applications programmed to perform various tasks. They are also called internet robots, web crawlers, web bots, or spiders. Bots are programmed to function without human interaction automatically. You can assign them tasks based on the features of the bots. Bots do specific tasks like interacting with internet users, scanning web pages, responding to messages, embedding links, attaching files, and indexing content. They perform repetitive tasks faster and better than humans – which makes it economical to add bots to your server.

Where to Find Bots?

There are several sites where you can find bots for your Discord server, and as a programmer, you can also create your custom Discord bots tailored to your server’s needs. Each bot has specific features that enable it to carry out a task. Popular websites where you can find bots include, and You can also search for other Discord websites on your browser.

Steps to Add Bots to Discord Server

1. Sign In to Discord

how to add bots to discord server

Image: TechJunkie

Before you start adding bots to the Discord server, you will need to sign in to Discord. You’ll log in to both the Discord desktop and web application versions. Also, you will ensure that your account is logged in using your browser. Another way of logging into Discord is by using QR code, and you will need the mobile version of Discord to sign in. To prevent the theft or loss of your data, endeavor to use the two-factor authentication process when you log in to Discord.

2. Invite the Bot You Want

How to add bots to discord server

Image: MUStips

After you have signed in to both the browser and the mobile versions of Discord, you can then select the bot you want. The bot you choose depends on the task you want to assign to the bot. For instance, if you want to regulate the activity of a large gaming community, you could select bots that send welcome messages to community members, assign tasks to them and regulate the community activities based on the stipulated rules guiding the forum.

To add a bot, click on the View icon on the bot. You’ll be shown the general information page on the specific bot you choose. Ensure that the bot you want to add is available online so you could communicate and invite it to your server. Select the Invite icon and a page with the “Add to Discord” button shows on your screen. Next, click on the button to confirm the invitation.

3. Select the Server

add bot to discord server

Image: Reddit

You will be taken to a window that shows a list of servers you can add the bot to and this depends largely on the managerial power you have over the servers. It is worthy of note that without administrative control, you can not invite Discord bots to a server. After you have assigned the managerial roles and the administrator is notified of what will be added, select the server you want the bot to be added.

4. Authorize the Bot

The next thing to do is to authorize the bot to perform its tasks. You can choose as many permissions you want the bot to have. It is advisable to give the bot full authorization at first, and you can change the permissions later on.

There are a lot of bots you can add to your Discord serve, and you must have administrative control over a server before you can add bots to it.

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