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GTA Alternatives: 10 Best Games Like GTA in 2020

GTA Alternatives: 10 Best Games Like GTA in 2020

Have you thought of finding a game like GTA that offers you the freedom to explore your surroundings, test your skills as you go about accomplishing your missions? Grand Theft Auto is one of the greatest games of all time, no cap, so it makes sense if you’ve finished it and is not looking for similar games to GTA in 2020.

We understand your concerns about testing new grounds and conquering new territories in new games like GTA.

Or just like playing any of your favorite role-playing games, it might become stale and boring in the long run. So, you’d want to try out the best games like GTA that offer the same action-packed missions and quests. There are a lot of games that offer you the GTA gaming experience of being the undisputable boss in your city.

The Best Games Like GTA in 2020

If you like games like GTA, we’ve made an awesome list of amazing GTA alternatives you won’t be able to stop playing. Here are the top 10 games like GTA in 2020, in no particular order.

1. Mafia III

Mafia III game has a storyline that focuses on the activities of the Italian mob in a fictional city, New York City. Your main goal as the game’s protagonist is to seek revenge on the locals who killed your adopted family.

To accomplish this mission, you must usurp the leadership of your environment and install your gang members to Increase your influence in your location and ultimately achieve your goal of vengeance. Mafia III game setting’s of the late 1960 period is matched with the slangs, music, automobiles, and culture of the era.

Get Mafia III on Steam

2. Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 was released, and it has become a top choice among GTA lovers. The action-packed thriller offers you a safe avenue to get creative in releasing mayhem on your enemies. You have access to weapons and equipment that help you destroy the game’s evil dictator. If you love using rockets in games, then Just Cause 4 is a good choice. The entire Republic of Medici is yours for the taking to usurp your rivals in the most chaotic way you can ever imagine. Just Cause 4 is developers held nothing back in creating a where the only thing needed to progress further in the game is mass-scale destruction.

Get Just Cause 4 on XBOX / Steam.

3. Saints Row: The Third

Although the Saints Row series started as an exact copy of GTA, the recent release has a twist you don’t have on GTA. Saints Row: The Third has a dark sense of humor for gamers who enjoy bouts of laughter while playing their favorite games. You’ll need to set up your gang members, and you can attack folks with a three-foot purple dildo bat weapon and crush anything on your path with an armored tank. In Saints Row The Third, you’ll have to wreak havoc on your enemies to become the ruler of the free world.

Get Saints Row: The Third on Steam.

4. The Godfather: Family Dynasty

The Godfather: Family Dynasty is next on our list of top ten best games like GTA. The game starts with you as a non-violent character who embarks on missions and quests to become a notorious and high ranking member of the Corleone dynasty. You have lots of weapons and tools at your disposal to achieve this feat. You’ll continue in the family’s extortion business and focus on eliminating rival families to establish your authority in their five regions.

Get The Godfather: Family Dynasty on PlayStore.

5. Watch Dogs 2

The Watch Dogs 2 is a sequel to the popular game Watch Dogs. The new game has its setting in San Francisco, and its storyline is about the unjust punishment of a hacker, Marcus Holloway. He was sacked after the successful installation of a centralized platform that connects and controls everything and everyone – the central operating system (ctOS). Marcus decides to seek justice and protect the citizens of San Francisco by joining the cover hacking team, DedSec to deactivate ctOS and bring the company that created the platform.

Get Watch Dogs 2 on PlayStation / Steam.

6. Lego City Undercover

If you are on the lookout for a game like GTA with less vulgar language, no sex, no drugs, or other obscene scenes, then you should get the Lego City Undercover game. Your character plays the role of a detective who works undercover to combat crime in the city. There are lots of quests and missions you’ll embark on too to satisfy your cravings like other awesome games like final fantasy tactics. Lego City Undercover game will get laughing out loud because of its light-hearted humor scenes.

Get Lego City Undercover on Nintendo / Steam.

7. Payday 2


If you enjoy bank robbery heists, then Payday 2 should be among your favorite games like GTA. You’ll have to successfully carry out a bank robbery job to progress further in the game. The awesome tweak to this game is that you can pull off the robbery job with as much as four players just like in other multiple player games. You can also play Payday 2 as a single-player, but it’s never a dull moment if you’ve got your buddies to join you in the game.

Get Payday 2 on Steam.

8. LA Noire

The GTA developers are also the creator of LA Noire. Unlike GTA that lets you explore life on the street like a criminal, in LA Noire, you’d play the role of a law enforcement officer during the 1940 era. You start as a low ranking cop and work your way upwards. But you have to be wary of your moves and choices because they affect how to game progress. Your actions on the cases you handle could earn you rewards or consequences.

Get LA Noire on Steam.

9. Sleeping Dogs

The Sleeping Dogs game has a storyline that’s a bit different from GTA, but it’s equally exciting. You take up the character of an undercover cop whose main objective is to infiltrate a lethal criminal gang on the dangerous and challenging street of Hong Kong. To succeed in your mission, you’ll need to balance out your role of pretending to be a criminal with your part of a police officer. Of course, there will be bullets flying around, and you’ll have to put your Kung Fu skills to practice.

Get Sleeping Dogs on Steam.

10. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is another game like GTA you can play as a single-player or with other gamers in the game’s online version – Red Dead Online. The game is a sequel to the popular Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Redemption 2 has a theme just like GTA, but the difference between the two games is the former has a Wild West settings. Unlike snatching of cars in GTA, you’ll ride on horses, partake in an adventurous bank robbery, try to get away by horse riding couple with intense gunfights. There are other quests and side activities like poker games, hunting, fishing expedition, treasure map hunts, etc.

Get Red Dead Redemption 2 on Steam.

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