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What Should Users of the Best OS in the World Do When They Need to Restore Data

What Should Users of the Best OS in the World Do When They Need to Restore Data

It is better to ask this question in advance because the problem is much easier to prevent than to cope with the consequences later. So, the most experienced and prudent Mac users, of course, know how to configure a Time Machine. I am sure that you know about this opportunity, which is one of the easiest ways to restore the state of a file from a specific time in the past. Also, prudent users make backup copies of the most important documents and don’t have problems even in the most advanced cases.

For the less cautious, there is a service Online File Repair. It is about restoring the most critical documents in the different and most popular formats. This type of recovery makes sense when not everything is completely gone, but just some files on the disk stopped opening. Of course, the service is not free, but it costs only $10 per file up to 1GB in size, and the fee is charged only for a successful recovery. You can try to look for free recovery methods, but most likely, they will work only with Windows, and for us, respectively, it will be useless.

How Online File Repair works

This software works with only a few clicks of a mouse!

The online service Online file repair doesn’t require the installation of any programs or tools on the local computer. The remote service performs all work. You can recover the following file types:

  • AutoCAD (*.dwg files)
  • CorelDRAW (*.cdr files)
  • Excel (Office for MAC: *.xlsx files)
  • Adobe Illustrator (*.ai files)
  • Adobe Photoshop (*.psd files)
  • Project (Office for MAC: *.mpp files)
  • Adobe Acrobat/Reader (*.pdf files)
  • PowerPoint (Office for MAC: *.pptx files)
  • Word (Office for MAC: *.docx files)

Yes, this is a single service for all supported formats at once. You need to select the desired document on the disk or simply drag it to the service window. The whole process seems as following:

  1. Go to the service page at
  2. Select a file to restore
  3. Write the email address
  4. Upload the file to the service
  5. Wait for recovery
  6. Pay for the recovery service
  7. Download the recovered document

You can upload—and then download—documents from any Apple device since a third-party service performs document processing. In this case, you can view the data that will be restored —preview function. The service also shows the size of the source and restored files.

And Is That All for Mac Users?

Exactly. However, other operating systems users can also use this service. Therefore, if circumstances suddenly force you to pick up an Android or Windows device, any phone or tablet, then files can be restored from there. The most important thing is that you need to have a reliable Internet connection. There are no more requirements.

Moreover, you do not need to specify somehow the format of the document to be restored on your part, when downloading the file. The online recovery service will automatically detect both the form and version of the source file and apply the desired algorithm. Remote document recovery is what you need precisely to avoid the loss of valuable information.

After all, incorrect user actions can theoretically lead to the fact that there will be nothing to restore. Upload a copy of the document to the site, and that’s it, wait for the results. This procedure will not affect the condition of the original file.

And if I work with secret data, they won’t give me away?

The service does not give up its customers, which is natural. Information recovery is fully automated. Data is stored for 30 days and then permanently deleted. In any case, the service takes privacy seriously and ensures that there are no data leaks. If necessary, you can request a non-disclosure document (NDA).

Intercepting data is not easy at all since Online file repair works via the https protocol, which minimizes the possibility of interception. If all this sounds unconvincing now, apparently, you need to abandon the online recovery service and do all the operations offline. Yes, it is possible. There are special programs that recover data without an Internet connection. They have only one small drawback—this is software running with Windows mostly. In theory, you can, of course, find the right computer without a Mac or, moreover, use a Windows virtual machine that can use specialized software to recover data offline. However, all of this will take quite a lot of time and effort. Is it worth it? With Online file repair, you can forget about the software of a different ecosystem.

As for the payment procedure itself, it is standard for any online store. At the same time, the site Online file repair does not have access to your payment data.

How to Continue?

A one-time file recovery service is always cheaper than offline programs. At the same time, most users learn something from needlessly using this service—next time, perhaps, they will no longer cope with damaged documents for the same reason, because they will avoid situations that led to this. For example, they will purchase an uninterruptible power supply if blackouts in your home are not uncommon.

By the way, to avoid similar problems in the future, you need to configure the Time Machine function, make backup copies of the most important files and store them in another place—not on a local disk—for example, in the cloud. It is essential to remember that even the best and most effective information recovery service can’t guarantee the successful processing of a damaged document.

The service can restore files in following formats: AutoCAD (*.dwg format), CorelDRAW (*.cdr format), Excel (Office for MAC: *.xlsx format), Adobe Illustrator (*.ai format), Adobe Photoshop (*.psd format), Project (Office for MAC: *.mpp format), Adobe Acrobat/Reader (*.pdf format), PowerPoint (Office for MAC: *.pptx format), Word (Office for MAC: *.docx format). It all depends on how badly the source file is corrupted. That is why I advise you always remember about backup, even if it is too old and does not include all the latest changes in the document, it can be useful.

You just need to take the latest changes to the document—obtained by the recovery service—and bring them to the existing document.


In some cases, software product development has provided the ability to restore the file using the application itself in which the document was created. If this is true, then you have a chance to recover data without using third-party services. Accordingly, you can save a little. Some other programs do not try to recover documents in case of failures, but by default, they make backup copies that can be easily restored if necessary.

The most important thing is that the hard disk shouldn’t be corrupted because, as a rule, in this case, backups are saving to the system disk. The most important thing is to prioritize correctly. How much time can you spend on finding a suitable and free solution? Will it be more profitable than spending $10 to restore one medium-sized document? It is unlikely that someone will be able to give the correct answer.

Decide for yourself.

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