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14 Best Subreddits For Android And Tech Lovers

14 Best Subreddits For Android And Tech Lovers

If you have questions about your smartphone, computer, or anything technology-related, there is no better place to ask than the internet. But sometimes just checking a search engine doesn’t help. That’s where Reddit comes in. Better known for its “memes” and “copypasta,” the social content aggregator is also a great place to learn more about technology or seek help with specific queries.

Reddit is a useful site for keeping track of technology-related news. It gathers news from multiple websites, links to the good stuff, and brings together a bunch of fans with very niche stuff.

However, it may be difficult to choose a secondary point to keep up with the good technology news.

The most obvious choice /r/ technology was diluted with news only tangentially related to actual technology. Don’t just follow /r/ technology – follow these subreddits for more niche-specific updates. These are the best subreddits to join if you’re head over heels for Android like us, or just tech in general.

1. /r/Android

This is where all the Android-related Reddit news is, such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC and more. The community is also knowledgeable about technology.

If you’re looking for accurate stats or user reviews for Android devices, you can get them here. This subreddit will benefit anyone who prefers Android OS over Apple and wants to keep updated.

2. /r/androidapps

This app is only for Android apps, user reviews, latest versions, etc. Highly recommended for those looking for what users think of any Android app to better understand your target audience.

3. r/AndroidQuestions

This subreddit contains answers to various Android-related issues. If you are looking for answers to some of your problems, you should check out this subreddit. You’ll find a variety of new topics to think about and try out.

4. r/androiddev

This is quite clear from the title itself. Yes, this subreddit is basically for developers working on Android development.

There are many technical issues to be found in this subreddit, from programming to scripting. If you are a developer looking to learn more and more, you should follow this subreddit.

5. r/AndroidGaming

As the name implies, this subreddit is related to games, but they are for Android games only. No other platform games are discussed here.

Like the Android app division, this division has also helped users discover many new and amazing Android games that are usually never on Google Play listings.

6. r/PickAnAndroidForMe

We often get confused when it comes to buying a great Android device. It is not possible to determine which specifications will meet our needs, which processor to choose for such backend requests. If you are suffering from a similar situation, this subreddit is for you.

7. r/AndroidWear

This name, which is related to Android, is quite clear from the name associated with Android-based portable devices. Well, there are a lot of advanced queries that are dealt with in androidwear. Some examples are streams of Android-powered keyboards or smartwatches or even Android laptops.

8. r/AndroidThemes

This subreddit is mainly for the customization of various Android devices. Developers who mostly make mods or themes or other appearance-based stuff are essentially the focus of this subreddit. The main advantage of this subreddit is that you can customize your Android in the best possible way you would not normally have done.

9. r/Cyanogenmod

This subreddit is about Cyanogen Mod. Those who do not know what a cyanogenic mod is, this is a customized ROM for Android, which is very user-friendly and is better than the original Android ROM.

This subreddit addresses a wide range of topics related to cyanogen modifications, from development to discussion of cyanogen mods.

10. /r/Apple

/r/ Apple is a nice little fan community for Macs and iPhones. Discussion is smoother than most forums because the audience tends to get old. We would recommend subscribing to anyone interested in Apple news and discussions.

11. /r/Tech

r /tech should be what r/tech should be – a sub-discourse focused on the latest and greatest in current technology, not technology-related policies.

The purpose of /R/tech is to provide space for intelligent discussion of innovation and technological change in our ever-changing world. It focuses on high-quality news articles on technology as well as informative and thought-provoking self-reports.

11. /r/Gadgets

For those who are interested in consumer technology beyond computers and smartphones, there are /r/ gadgets. It’s a slow but enjoyable community about the latest Surface tablet or personal drone. For those looking for something new and new, the /r/ gadgets will show you that.

12. /r/DataIsBeautiful

best subredditsData is the oil, quote source, unknown. The Data Is Beautiful community is one of the biggest and insightful communities on the platform for the tech-inclined and people who are just looking to get somewhat accurate information on almost everything.

This subreddit has always seen active users, the likes of celebrities, popular scientists, even Bill gates has been active on this subreddit alongside a host of others. The community presents data in a way that doesn’t suck and is a must look at for techies patrolling Reddit constantly looking for something insightful as well as beautiful to look at.

12. /r/Linux

/r/ Linux is a friendly umbrella community for fans of free software without focusing on a single distro. The news focuses on kernel-level news or stuff affecting everyone in Linux land.

The crowd tends to push Arch Linux a bit too much, but that’s not a big deal, as the average level of technical knowledge is much higher than other subdivisions.

13. r/Bitcoin

/r/ Bitcoin is incredible to follow Bitcoin news – and it’s worth pursuing. Cryptocurrency would be a technological marvel if only people using it were not so utopian about it.

It would be good if you never took advice from everyone on /r/Bitcoin. While friendly, the community is raising Bitcoin to an overtly ridiculous level.

14. r/Photoshop_Battles

Even if you are not good enough in Photoshop to take part in “fights,” this submenu is definitely worth a visit. The premise is pretty simple: users submit photos that are good for photoshopping, while other members edit and remix the pictures before posting them in the comment section.

The results are almost always exciting, and some are just spectacular. As a bonus, the community also offers some of the best existing Photoshop tutorials, making it a great channel to hone your PS skills.

Reddit serves a universal platform by connecting people around the world to let them discuss what they want to discuss. This is true for any research. Unlike Wikipedia, it is more alive because the feed contains many different opinions. And unlike reading various blogs, nobody on Reddit tries to sell you something, so basically you only get precisely the needed information.

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