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How to Fix Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error

How to Fix Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error

For many years, Pokemon Go has won the hearts of millions of players. But when the error message pops up (especially when playing the game), it can take away the fun.

One of the popular error messages on Pokemon Go is the “Unable to Authenticate” message. As soon as this message pops up, you can’t log in to your Pokemon Go account and play the game.

Luckily, there are ways to solve the annoying problem. If you use the following tips, you can clear the Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error

Before solving the Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error, let’s check out the possible sources of this problem.

What Causes Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error?

There are many reasons why you’d be getting the Pokemon Go unable to authenticate error, here are a few:

1. Server Issues

One of the common causes of a Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error is a faulty server. Until the sever returns to normal, you will have to endure this message.

2. Your Device Does Not Support Pokemon Go

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Image: Triton Magazine

Sadly, Pokemon Go does not run on all smartphones. To play Pokemon Go, you will need either an Android 4.4 device with a 720×1280 screen. You can also use an iPhone 5s or above that has iOS 9.

Besides, all devices should have a stable data connection.

3. Your Pokemon Go Account Was Banned

If you have a banned account, you will end up with an Unable to Authenticate error on your screen. Now the question comes – how can I get banned from logging into my account.

Well, you can get banned for the following reasons.

  • Using the third party software
  • Choosing the wrong location
  • Unauthorized access to the Pokemon Go Backends.

4. You Logged in With a Jailbroken/Rooted Smartphones

Pokemon Go does not work on either jailbroken or rooted devices. Even if you unroot your smartphone, you might still have a Pokemon Go  Unable to Authenticate message.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error

1. Close and Open the App

If you have a Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error, you should close and relaunch the Pokemon Go app. You can use this method for the following devices

  • Smartphone Phones with Andriod 4.4, 720×1280 pixels, GPS and a reliable data connection.
  • iPhone X or later / iPhone 8 or earlier

2. Visit the Niantic Labs Support Page

Niantic Labs is the developer of the Pokemon Go app. If opening/closing the app does not work, visit the Niantic support page. You can also use this method if you were wrongly banned from the game.

3. Use a Pokemon Trainer Club Account

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You can also solve a Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error by logging in with a Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) Account. To check if you have a PTC account, use the following steps:

  • Visit and tap the Log In icon
  • Type in your user name and password
  • Choose Edit Profile and select Pokémon GO Settings.
  • Read and Accept the Terms of Use

After completing the third step, you will get the following message “Great! You’re all set to play Pokémon GO. Additional settings can be changed in the Pokémon GO app.” But if you can’t find it, move on to the fourth step.

To play the game with your account, click on the New Player option, tap on the Pokémon Trainer Club, and fill in your details.

4. Uninstall and Reinstall the Pokemon Go App

Are you still getting a Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error message? Then you might have to remove and reinstall the Pokemon Go App on your device.

  • Uninstall the Pokemon Go app from your Andriod/iOS device
  • Visit the Google Playstore / App Store, download and install the latest version of the game.
  • Head to the Settings option and activate the Airplane Mode
  • Open the newly installed Pokemon Go app.
  • Watch the screen as it loads and brings up the Google Sign-In Screen. Remember to ignore the ” You Do Not Have an Internet Connection” message.
  • After the screen loads completely, the prompt for signing into your Google/Facebook/Pokemon Trainer account, but don’t sign in yet.
  • Head to the Quick Setting Menu and switch off the Airplane Mode
  • Wait until the “You Do Not Have an Internet Connection” message clears from your screen.
  • Now sign in with your Google/Facebook/Pokemon Trainer Account and play the game.

5. Avoid Having Multiple Google Accounts

If you have multiple Google accounts on your device, you can end up with a Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error. You can avoid this issue by deleting some accounts and leave a single Google account on your device.


Each of the methods can help you clear a Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate error message. But if they don’t work, then you might have been banned from the gaming platform.

You can contest a ban by filling a form on the Niantic Labs help site. If you didn’t break any of the rules of playing the game, the contact center should help resolve your problem.

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