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The Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Case And Screen Protectors

The Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Case And Screen Protectors

It’s finally official – Samsung is releasing its latest flagship, the Galaxy S20, which looks very impressive as a smartphone, scratch that, the whole lineup is a beast. The new Samsung Galaxy S20 series is the quietest and most potent Samsung lineup of flagship smartphones of all time, while it’s yet available for sale as at the time we write this, we do have the prices for you.

It is also the most expensive, meaning you had better get your hands on a good case for your S20 as soon as you open the box. If you are planning to buy any of Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 phones, order the case now, so it gets ready and waiting for your new phone to arrive.

Whether it’s an edge-to-edge screen and a stunning display, the infinitely high amount of power under its hood, or the fantastic performance of its cameras, if you’re going to pick up a new Samsung device, or if you already have, you probably want to protect it.

Fortunately, the Smartphone market already has a wide variety of cases, which means you can choose from stylish and rugged options.

Best Galaxy S20 Case Covers

1. Samsung Clear View Case

Samsung S20 Case S-View Flip Cover with Kickstand Hard PC Protective Samsung S20 Flip Cases for Women/Men (6)

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If you’re not a bulky case lover but want some excellent protection, then Samsung’s official Clear View case may be exactly what you’re looking for. It fits on the sides of the Galaxy S20 and provides some basic corner protection, but the main highlight is the transparent lid that folds over the screen when not in use. The smart thing, in this case, is that it reveals incoming messages you don’t need to open the cover. If you want something slender that doesn’t interfere with your S20 or any of its features, then this case may be ideal.

2. Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet Case

best s20 cases

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Wallet cases can be handy if you like traveling easily, or if you want to carry your phone in your purse or pocket, this wallet is for you. Snakehive gives you some experience and style; inspired by vintage leathers. Each wallet has a simple plastic cradle to hold the S20 in place, and the leather hood has a magnetic closure. The inner cover is soft and has three slots for credit cards or ID cards.

There are many openings for easy access to everything, including the back of the camera. These purses come in a variety of colors, ranging from classics like black or brown to tea or plum. The skin also feels good in the hand.

3. Totallee Thin Case

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If you want a thin base protection layer that will also increase your grip on the S20 but can’t stand logos or unnecessary details, then Totallee has you covered. This case is as thin as it is; we are talking about 0.02 inches behind matte black and 0.03 inches behind transparent. The Totalle Thin Case offers protection for the camera kit and will prevent the frame or glass from scratching.

Best Galaxy S20 Plus Case Covers

1. Ghostek Atomic Slim 3

Galaxy S20 Plus Case

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When it comes to pure protection, Ghostek is one of those companies that can indeed supply. The Atomic Slim 3 is manufactured using advanced military-grade construction and features an absorbent TPU core, R7x shock absorber technology, and a Ghostek aluminum armored metal frame called Atomic No. 13.

Ghostek boasts up to 3.6 feet (3.6 m) of fall protection. The sides are non-slip, and the raised edges mean that your phone will not face directly on the surface. There is an expensive side to it, as it costs insanely cheaper than a new phone.

2. Ringke Fusion X

Ringke Fusion X Case Designed for Both Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Plus 5G Model (2020) - Black

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Ringke Fusion X is firmly established and has a reputation for robust protection. It is made of a combination of TPU bumper and precise polycarbonate tip. This combination of materials provides excellent protection against falls and scratches while allowing you to show off your phone.

The soft TPU is easy to grasp around the edges, but also has a strap mount. Raised edges protect your phone from dirty surfaces, and the unique design will definitely set your phone apart. However, this is not the most perception of style, and those looking for something beautiful may want to look elsewhere.

3. ESR Essential Zero Clear

ESR Essential Zero Slim Clear Soft TPU Case Compatible with The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, Soft Flexible Silicone Cover - Jelly Clear

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The ESR Essential Zero is a clear and incredibly slim case, and while it won’t hold up well to drops and scratches, it is still better than nothing and offers protection from dirt, scratches, and dust. The soft TPU material is easy to grip and the slightly raised edges protect your camera’s lenses and screen from dirty surfaces.

Best Galaxy S20 Ultra Case Covers

1. Anccer Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case

Anccer Compatible for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case [Anti-Drop] [Ultra Thin Fit] PC Material Slim Cover for Samsung S20 Ultra 5G 6.9 Inch (Smooth Black)

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For an ultra-slim and luxurious look, you need to purchase this Anccer-designed case. It is designed to fit perfectly into the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and show off its original design.

It has precise port cutouts and buttons for convenient access to all smartphone features. The sleek and smooth design brings luxury and protection in one.

2. EMAXELER Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case

EMAXELER Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case 3D Full Stylish PU Leather Shockproof Flip Wallet Bookstyle Case with Kickstand Credit Cards Slot for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra YX 3D: Panda

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For a unique print and wallet design case, you should choose the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra case from Emaxeller. It comes complete with a unique all-body 3D image design exterior, made of durable synthetic leather with a TPU enclosure for ultimate protection of your premium smartphone.

It even has a built-in stand and magnetic closure for comfortable use. You can carry all the cards and cash you need safely and conveniently in your wallet during trips.

3. Janmitta Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case

Janmitta for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Case, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Leather Case with Kickstand Function and ID Credit Card Slot, Wallet Folding Flip/Magnetic Closure Protective Case (Black)

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If you like leather cases, then this case is for you. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra case for Janmitta is made to protect your high-end smartphone fully. With magnetic closure, you can safely guard your phones.

The case is made from a soft, smooth leather interior that protects your phone from scratches. It offers superior shock absorption and protection to keep your Samsung Galaxy S20 safe and secure around the clock.

4. Olixar for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Wallet Case

Olixar for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Wallet Case - PU Faux Leather/Leather Style Flip Cover - Credit Card Storage - Built in Kickstand - Wireless Charging Compatible - Black

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The Olixar Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Wallet Case is all in one for keeping your phone, credit cards, IDs, and other necessary cards safe. Stylish and premium design made from high-quality faux leather that gives the feeling of luxury.

Also, it has a built-in stand for use with the Samsung Galaxy S20 headset while watching a movie or reading a book. It features magnetic folding clasps to protect your essentials.

5. Ouba Galaxy S20 Ultra Case

Galaxy S20 Ultra Case, OUBA [Shock Absorbing] Air Hybrid Slim Thin Shockproof Armor Anti-Drop Crystal [Clear] Back + TPU Bumper Protective Case Cover Compatible for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Clear

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If you want the perfect case to showcase the original design of the Samsung Galaxy S20, you must have this case. A sleek, ultra-clear case combined with Air Hybrid technology is essential to protect your Smartphone.

It has two layers of protection made of soft TPU to prevent falls and collisions. With its stability, you won’t have to worry about scratches when using your phone.

6. Dzxouui for Galaxy S20 Ultra Case

Dzxouui for Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Case,TPU Protective Cover for Girls and Women Bling Sparkle with Moving Quicksand Glitter Cute Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G(Teal-Purple)

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If you like glitters, then the Dzxouui is for you. It is specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with a unique glitter design. The case is made from a soft TPU that protects the phone from damage and has small glitter hearts on the back that float as you move your Smartphone.

The case is stylish but offers complete edge protection from accidental falls and collisions. The soft TPU ensures that your premium phone is protected from bumps and scratches. It also features precise cutouts for accessing all the ports, functions, and buttons on your Smartphone.

Wrapping it Up

There are many options to note when it comes to protecting your phone. Now the market offers endless opportunities at a variety of prices to give everyone something. It is impossible to say whether one type of protection is a necessity, a luxury or just a fashion accessory, as it will depend on the personal perception of each Smartphone user.

You have complete control over whether to use a case, leather, or screen protector on your Smartphone. It depends on the phone you choose, how you use it, and whether you feel emotionally attached.

A case or leather case can be a way to stand out from the crowd and express your wishes by caring for your phone. Going out with a naked Smartphone is also a statement. And that’s a choice!

The fact that these new devices are durable does not mean that they should not be pampered. Glass backs will always be too easily scratched and scratched. Take the step today by protecting the Samsung Galaxy S20 series with the cases mentioned above.

We’ll be updating this article very soon with the best screen protectors for your Samsung Galaxy S20 device 🙂