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10 Roguelike Games Like Risk of Rain 2 For Android

10 Roguelike Games Like Risk of Rain 2 For Android

These days roguelike games have become popular among gamers and of course, one of the most famous roguelike games, Risk of Rain 2 is well known by almost everyone in the gaming community.

Risk of Rain 2 is a second installation of the Risk of Rain series. It focuses on the adventures of lost crew members as they navigate an alien planet. Moreover, it is a third-person shooter where you can shoot enemies and loot chests.

If you own an Andriod device, you cannot download Risk of Rain 2. After all, this game does not have an Andriod version. But there are other games on Google Playstore that are ideal Risk of Rain 2 alternatives.

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10 Best Roguelike Games like Risk of Rain 2 For Android

Here are some of the best roguelike Risk of Rain 2 alternatives for Android, all of them are officially on the Google play store and available for most devices.

1. Dead Shell

If you want something that reminds you of games like Risk of Rain 2, you should check out Dead Shell.

Unlike most roguelike games, Dead Shell has similar features as Risk of Rain 2. In the game, you will lead an assault squad and battle various demons. For this task, Dead Shell offers powerful weaponry and mercenaries. You can also level up your team and enjoy extra combat skills.

Dead Shell offers pixelated graphics and easy to use controls. Besides, it is less than 100mb, which makes it perfect for low memory devices.

2. Caves

Caves is another excellent roguelike game for Andriod devices. The game leads you on adventures through dangerous caves. Since you will have a collection of equipment, you can fight enemies and dig up loot.

The game also has pixel-like graphics that will mimic old school games. It also has controls that are easy to master. Also, it is offline, so there’s no need to turn on your data connection.

You can play the game for free. However, it comes with ads and offers in-game items for sale.

3. Elemental Dungeons

Here you will have everything that you will expect from a roguelike game. These features include roguelike gameplay, pixel graphics, and several battle modes. You will also love the catchy soundtrack that trails your adventures on the screen.

Elemental Dragons is about going into random dungeons and fighting strange beasts. To ease your tasks, you can use any of the environmental hazards to defeat your enemies.

4. Shattered Pixel Dungeon: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler

Shattered Pixel’s Shattered Pixel Dungeon focuses on the adventures of RPG characters. With a million downloads on Google Playstore, it has become one of the top Risk of Rain 2 alternatives for Android devices in 2020.

The game offers four playable characters. As you progress in the game, you can upgrade their abilities. You will also battle against tons of enemies and bosses.

Every inch of the game is free. After all, it does not support ads or any microtransactions. However, you can choose to donate to the game’s developers.

5. Gladiator Rising: Roguelike RPG

Gladiator Rising is one of the top roguelike games like Rising Rain 2 that you can find on Google Playstore. Instead of featuring adventures, the game offers gladiatorial style combat.

All you have to do is build a hero, train, and fight against many enemies. Luckily, the game is offline and does not require much storage. Also, it has graphics that look good on your phone screen.

6. Soul Knight

This game is one of the best roguelike games 2020 has to offer. Like with Risk of Rain 2, you can explore various locations, collect loot, and battle aliens.

It even provides an auto-aim feature for accurate shots. Ads are a significant part of this roguelike game. Also, you will have to pay to unlock some of the heroes.

However, it remains one of the top roguelike games you can play on your device.

7. Pocket Rogues

If you want more Risk of Rain 2 alternatives, you should try this roguelike game. Thanks to its incredible features, it has a Google Store rating of 4.3.

Although the game uses old school 2D graphics, it offers enough reasons to enjoy the game. For instance, there are many heroes to pick and locations to explore. You can also create a fortress filled with upgraded characters.

Pocket Rogues comes with easy-to-use controls. So if you want to start playing games like Risk of Rain 2, you should begin your journey with this game.

8. Space Pioneer: Action RPG PvP Alien Shooter

This roguelike game will remind you of the Risk of Rain 2. Since it has great features, it deserves a spot on this list.

Space Pioneers isn’t your regular dungeon roguelike game. Instead, Space Pioneer players can explore new worlds, build bases, and get resources. Also, the players can pick weapons to battle against alien minions.

Like Risk of Rain 2, Space Pioneers adopts a simple design. Moreover, the graphics are catchy and will keep you hooked. However, the game supports adware and offers items for sale.

9. Mr. Autofire

Light Heart Entertainment’s Mr. Autofire is about shooting up any enemies that come your way. To play the game, choose a hero and start blast anything that comes your way. Since the game has supports autofire, you will not miss anything.

Everything about the game is easy. To move your character, just drag the screen with your fingers. You can even get rewards for watching any of the featured ads.

Mr. AutoFire might be seen as a platformer. But it is one of the games like Risk of Rain 2 that you should try.

10. Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

Most of the games on our list focus on battles with aliens or monsters. But Fury Survivor focuses on your adventures in a zombie-filled world.

Here, gamers will play as a man looking for his missing family. Along the way, the character can collect various items while fighting off the undead. The game is ideal for any Android device as it requires little storage space. Overall, it one of the popular roguelike games out there.

Know more game Risk of Rain 2 alternatives that should be on this list? Tell us in the comment section below.

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