Treblab xFit Review: One of The Best Earbuds Under $50

There were times when listening to music on your phone requires a lot of accessories, or in this case, a lot of wires maybe? Thanks to the advancement in technology and the evolving, innovative ways being made available every day, the earphone jack, even as it’s very very loved are becoming not needed by the day.

The incoming trends of smart sleek Bluetooth based headphones and earbuds are fast approaching, scratch that, they’re here. While these headphones may be expensive, for example, this GRADO GS1000e Statement Series Wired Open-Back Stereo Headphones cost as much as $995, that’s almost a thousand U.S dollars.

With all that said, there are still a couple of amazing headphones, earbuds out there that doesn’t break the bank and performs extremely well, one of them is the Treblab xFit sensational truly wireless earbuds and in this review, we’ll talk about everything you might want to know and where to buy.

What’s Inside The Box?

Treblab xFit Earbuds Unboxing

Immediately you open the box, you’re greeted with the earbuds charging case with the earbuds inside them. Underneath you’ll find:

  • Pairs of earplugs. S/M/L for different earlobe sizes (Very important)
  • A small USB charging cable.
  • A manual for understanding your new earbuds.
  • A couple cool stickers, extras.

The packaging is very compact and lightweight.

Performance of The Treblab xFit Earbuds

Treblab xFit Earbuds

I’ve had the Treblab xFit earbuds with me for a while now, about two months, carrying it around as well as using it as a primary tool for listening to music, making and receiving calls, the experience has been terrific. For its price, it is safe to say this one could easily outperform other earbuds in its price range and even compete with the big boys like the Amazon echo earbuds.

I am NOT getting paid to write this review, neither is this a free review copy, I purchased this earbud from Amazon, so, therefore, I am not overhyping this Treblab xFit earbuds, just the truth and its good.

My friend first mentioned it in a group chat, talked about how he liked his and I decided to purchase mine since the day it’s arrived, I’ve been amazed by the performance, it also has a nice range and you can step farther away from the host device and still stay connected.

Talk about Bluetooth 5.0, and it’s active noise canceling features. This earbud excels in these instances.

The Battery Life Isn’t That Bad At All

I’m not big at listening to music at a long stretch, my Spotify can testify to this however if you’re not like me and could listen to music all-day then this earbud may be for you.

I’ve only gotten the low battery warning once and after 5 hours of listening to music, for a device that size? Impressive, pop them back into the charging case for about 30 minutes and you’re good to go for enjoying another round of back to back music.

The battery life? Very good.

It Also Produces Quality Sound

Treblab xFit Earbuds Unboxing sound quality

Another friend saw me with the earbuds and after telling her the price, she wouldn’t believe how good it was until I gave her a feel, we ended up agreeing on the sound quality this device produces.

A lot of time, earbuds or audio devices at this price point always promise active noise canceling but ends up being a sham, The Treblab xFit earbuds actually delivered on this alongside an amazing audio experience you’ll have to pay x2 upwards for on other devices.

Very good, and recommended for those who are into listening to Hi-def music.

Resetting Your Treblab xFit Earbuds

Things happen and you may need to reset your earbuds.

Doing this on the Treblab is very easy, first you want to switch off the earbuds by pressing both buttons for about 4-5 seconds, then once that’s done, you want to press down again for about 8-9 seconds till you hear that a sound and the led lights glow pink or related.

That’s it, your Treblab xFit earbuds have just been reset to factory mode, go ahead and connect now to see if it solves the problem for you.

The Bad? Materials Used

The Treblab xFit makers bragged about how built it is with premium materials but after two weeks, the L, R labeling of the earbuds has faded off.

Devices like these do have the dominance functions (For the Treblab xFit, its the Left earbud) hence its actually a good thing to be able to tell which from which but in this instance, I’d really have to squint to tell the right earbuds from the left.

It’s not much of an issue but in cases where there is low light, it’s always very difficult for me to tell which is which hence I never switch their positions in the charging cases.

The Charging Case Shape

Treblab xFit Earbuds Review

This does not make it easy to carry around the earbuds, its quite small, compact and lightweight but boxy hence hard for me to pocket without looking odd.

I’ve left the earbuds on two different days on different occasions at places I went to just because I couldn’t pocket it, an attachable case would suffice in this case but that means I’d have to spend some extra $$$ just to be able to comfortably carry around my earbuds.

Not very cool.

Wrapping It Up

I don’t see a need not to go for this device as it’s just under $50. For that, you’re sure to enjoy the benefits of other earbuds with maybe wingtips included for way more that amount.

The Treblab xFit is the best earbuds under $50 money can buy right now.

Of course, its recommended that if you have a higher budget you go for premium earbuds with premium features like the Amazon echo buds and the alternatives mentioned in this post, they’re the best.

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