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How Much is The New PS5?

How Much is The New PS5?

The PlayStation 5 was finally unveiled on the 11th of June, 2020. The PS5 will also be launching with a pack of new games. The company has long teased its next gaming system’s specs, features, and peripherals but kept its form factor under lock and key until now. We got the chance to see a couple of games that will be launched with the PlayStation 5 getting us ready for what we will be playing for.

With the PlayStation 5 running on custom GPUs and AMD CPUs. It has a 7nm Navi/RDNA 2 2.23GHz GPU with 36 compute units and a 16GB GDDR6. The PS5 also incorporates an eight-core Zen 2-architecture CPU running at up to 3.5GHz.

The PS5 also switches to solid-state storage like the Xbox, a much-needed change both needed to overcome the slow load times imposed by traditional spinning hard drives. Sony says This permits developers to load their assets directly from the storage into the graphics frame buffer, freeing up system memory which was previously used to speed up PlayStation 4 and reduce latency.

When will the Sony PS5 be available for purchase?

Sony still stands on its word to its 2020 Holiday release, but the one thing still keeping gamers at the edge of their seat is how will the next-gen console cost. We still don’t know yet since Sony finds joy in keeping us waiting. The cost in manufacturing one is rumored to be $450, according to a Bloomberg report in mid-February.

While the price is still unknown to us, one of the factors that add up to the elevation in cost is the ground-level supply of NAND and DRAM flash memory which could also be found in smartphones. But with that included Sony might just be kind enough to give us a lower price for the PlayStation 5 to set the bars with their competitors, Microsoft.

How Much is the new PS5?

A certain Canadian retailer reportedly priced the console at $559 in Canadian dollars, which would equate to approximately $410, and at the time PlayStation 4 was released it cost about $400 depending on the country. We know fully well that Sony understands the importance of keeping its customers and one of the fears of most gamers is the price and Sony won’t want to lose customers.

Bloomberg reported that the price of the next-gen console, PlayStation 5, might be higher than what we expected due to its specifications and that Sony might offer fewer consoles at launch because it expects that the higher price will cover demand. With this in check, we can say that what we will be playing for will cover some of the assets we saw when the console was announced.

According to Bloomberg, the company told partners it plans to make 5 to 6 million units by March 2021, which would be fewer than the number of PS4 consoles launched in 2013. Also, the coronavirus pandemic isn’t exactly a great time for marketing a new device. But we all know that Sony will always be a step ahead.

The future of the PlayStation 5

With Sony’s new feature of making gaming eco-friendly, they urge players to make use of the energy-saving mode in order to save electricity. Most players might not understand why Sony advises this, but energy-saving will make a positive impact in most undeveloped countries. This is a system both Sony and Microsoft believe would be really helpful to not just homes in the US, but around.

We still await the release of the PlayStation 5 price and hopefully, our pockets won’t have to bleed for us to afford one. But while we hope for a lesser price, we have to remember that what we are paying for isn’t the same as what we paid for seven years ago.

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