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Subway Surfers Alternatives: 10 Free Games Like Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers Alternatives: 10 Free Games Like Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is a runner mobile game accessible on either Android, iOS or windows phone. The game has a stunning feature of a teenager running on the channel to get away from a policeman and his dog. On his way, he gets some boosts and earns many coins in the fear of being caught.

Subway surfers come with one of the best grand visual styles designed with entertaining gameplay, but some players tend to murmur about the monotonous setting and unresponsive controls. Subway surfers might be one of the games you enjoy during your leisure time or adventure spree but it usually gets very boring earning just the subway surfers’ skin every new week.

If you have heard of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG), then you should know that people often get addicted to games. Unlike subway surfers, PUBG is a shooting game compared to none, but the truth is that even PUBG has many alternatives and you can find them on our website. There are many games like subway surfers but just a few people are aware of that. So, let’s go straight to the chase revealing to you 10 most comparable free games like subway surfers if you are looking for something new to play with.

1. Jetpack Joyride

After playing subway surfers, our team came across a large number of runner game and we can tell you that jetpack joyride is remarkable in gameplay to subway surfers as a result of being a challenging game.

It consists of a character called Barry Streakfries, who stole a progressed jetpack from a secured military research facility. Just like the subway surfers, it has a few hindrances, and that is the laser pillars and rockets placed on the way of Barry till the end of his run.

It was developed by Halfbrick studios with simple control, design of high caliber and unfathomable addictive gameplay. If you are just hearing about Jetpack joyride for the first time, we encourage that you to give it a chance when you need to have a moment of fun.

2. Temple Run 2

temple run 2 - games like subway surfers - subway surfers alternatives

In our little experience, Temple Run is a more genuine runner game than subway surfers. Speaking of records, Temple Run has been downloaded over a billion times the last few years, and it has a game plot that prompts opening a more increasing number of new characters.

It gets scarier when playing when you try to avoid barriers while shielding yourself from falling over the edge because you are being pursued by a fierce beast, Guerrilla. Interesting, isn’t? As a runner game, you have to run in mine trucks and zip lines. You must hop over and under snags that stand in your way.

3. Rail Rush

rail rush - subway surfers alternatives - games like subway surfers

The game has the character of Bob molenchaser who ventures through the mine. This mining truck was designed from Temple Run and with a thrilling experience. There are dangerous obstacles inside the mines like erupting volcano, hot water, and other deterrents that you need to confront in order to stay alive.

One interesting part about this game is that when you complete one of the stages, another stage awaits your player. The testing feel is more awesome than that of other running games because the difficulties are more regular. You can change your character but you need a lot of focusing on the brain to enjoy the game. You can buy additional gear to make the game significantly intriguing.

4. Sonic Dash

Firstly, if you have seen the movie “sonic the hedgehog, ” you might have a sensation of this game. Before playing the game, we watched the movie and it was very interesting. But is it the same as the game? Let’s find out. Sonic dash has a similar feature with subway surfers as a fun-loving and cheerful game.

Sonic has to keep away from snags and foes and gather rings in order to move through levels. The environment has a decent view being wonderfully made in 3D and regularly changes when you hop and slide. It has pleasant gameplay, and there is a satisfactory hodgepodge regarding music to keep the game fascinating. So, we should all be able to agree that sonic the hedgehog is not different from the sonic dash.

5. Looney Tunes Dash

Just like the sonic dash, this game has an unending stream of targets and objectives laid down for you to finish the game. The runner game has a feature of Elmer Fudd pursuing you, Bugs Bunny as you try to escape.

While bouncing, sliding and crashing your way through levels, you also get more coins to improve your boost and change your character as you spend those coins you earned with a star upgrade. The Looney Tunes box is added to your long list of objectives when you finish a stage. For you to enjoy the peak of this game, you need to open the whole Looney Tunes character that is built on the game and top off novel cards that you find on your way down.

6. Ski Safari 2

free games like subway surfers

This is one of the most interesting games that have a feature worth playing over and over again. Not in all the runner games will you get to ride on the Hoover board, especially on the winter snow while avoiding a lot of obstacles like every other runner game. It has animal features and you have the chance to ride them in the cold zones.

You can perform flips to the front and reverse somersault to gain more points. These animals include birds, penguins, and sea lions. The bird can move you so high in the sky while you play out many of the flip styles in transit down. On your thrilling excursion, you can take things and break into houses.

7. Giant Boulder of Death

This sprinter game has the character of a rock. The mammoth stone moves down the tracks shattering the targets and staying away from the obstacles by going sideways and hopping. You get to wreck towns, cars, and animals instead of earning coins.

One thing we love about this game is that you can contrast your scores and that of your companions by interfacing the game with your Facebook account and other social media platforms. You have to complete whatever number of objectives you can to move to the next level before getting broke by drawbacks.

8. Zombie Highway 2

Coming from zombie highway 1, you get to drive down a highway street endlessly while maintaining a strategic distance from bewildering zombies. The zombies are unable to topple your vehicle the more you get to redesign it. You are armed with weapons like explosives and bio arm while you continue to update your vehicle for you to continue winning.

The zombies are harder to slaughter when you get to some certain stages because there is an expansion in their number and quality. It is very advisable for you to spare your ammunition for the latter stages where you will require it the most. Zombie highway looks frightening because of its gameplay; nevertheless, it is a thrilling one.

9. Hunger Crunch

We’ve come a long way reading through all the list and we are wary of your appetite. So, who’s hungry? Well, that’s what the game is all about. Hunger crunch has each level designed to take care of your hunger crises. There is a character called Beasty on the screen.

You just have to stay away from dubious snares and hungry flunkies while you keep your sight open for obstacles and foods en route. Created by Rice Bowls, it has an increasing test as you go further on your run and you can also utilize the coins you earn to pay lasting redesigns and boosts to make your run simpler. How was the food? We hope you enjoyed it.

10. Monster Dash

monster dash gameplay - similar games to subway surfers

Let’s go to Arabia, where you get to run on their customary housetops as a character. Halfbrick Studios have made another stunning game that allows you to jump high so you can stay away from falls and spiky hindrance, and kill the foes in transit before they hit you multiple times.

To get more upgrades, you can pick up lives shaped like hearts and shoot the boxes brimming with boosts. There are varieties of weapons to pursue down crowds of beasts spreading over many areas.

Wrapping it up

We have come to the end of the journey and you can see that asides from subway surfers, there are more runner games. We don’t intend to pick the best for you because the choice is in your hands. So, if you have read the compilation of our alternative free runner games, you should be able to make an easy decision when you want to have your fun.

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