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Which Is The Best 55 Inches 4K UHD TV Among LG UK6360 And Samsung NU7100?

The Samsung NU7100 is a good budget option. It is equipped with Dolby Digital Audio and a decent built-in speaker, but it lacks the bells and whistles of more expensive models. However, its sluggish performance could make it a better choice for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a television.

The LG UK6360 is the smartest TV, featuring a unified guide that brings together content from popular streaming services. Its smart features also include a built-in ethernet port, WiFi, and a built-in analog tuner. Both TVs are capable of controlling other compatible devices, and their storage space allows them to store and access personal content in the cloud. The Samsung NU7100 does lack a voice assistant, but it is a great addition to the smart home.

Both of these TVs have similar features and price range. Both TVs come with USB and HDMI ports, and both have an ethernet port. The Samsung NU7100 also has built-in wifi and an analog tuner. It lacks Bluetooth, but is a great addition to a smart home. So, which is the better 55 inches 4K UHD TV?

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