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Which Is A Better TV Samsung Q90R Or LG C9?

In this comparison, you can see which is a better TV: Samsung Q90R or LG C9. Both of these are high-end TVs, but the Q90R is the winner. The Q90R has a deeper black level and more natural colours, while the C9’s OLED panel has a wider color gamut. This means you’ll get a better picture and more detail when upscaling. The C9 also offers a good smart TV platform and features AirPlay and Google Home.

Both OLED TVs have high-quality, detailed picture quality. The LG OLED C9 has an excellent contrast ratio, which allows for almost perfect black. The screen is so black that you’ll see small highlights even in a pitch-black room. The Samsung Q90R can produce extremely deep black, but it’s not as bright as the LG OLED. It also has an average brightness of 0.096 nits, which is less than half the brightness of the LG Q90R.

While both OLED TVs have good peak brightness, the LG OLED C9’s can hit up to 750 nits in HDR. But, the Q90R has better black level than the LG OLED C9, and its color volume is much higher than its competitor’s. It can also display deep dark colors fairly well. However, the Samsung Q90R has a lower pixel density than the LG OLED C9.

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