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What Is The Samsung Smart TV CI Module Used For?

Samsung Smart TV uses a common interface (CI) module to decrypt pay TV channels. It connects a TV tuner to a decryption unit, called a CAM. A TV without a CI module cannot decrypt the signal. This device may be either missing an internal CI or the CI has not been activated. The best way to activate the SMART TV’s CMOBILE is to go into the Setup Security menu and then select the ‘CI’ module. Then enter a new key name in the ‘Key’ field.

After you have installed the CI module, you can activate the TV to watch live television. It will automatically make the required settings when it receives a broadcast signal. After you have enabled the CI module, you can select your favorite content and stream it. This can be done by using the ‘channel’ menu on the TV or ‘apps’ menu. In some cases, the CI module does not start automatically, and you will have to search for it manually.

The CI module is used for subscription services such as HBO, ESPN, and Setanta. In the UK, it is also used for international satellite services, such as BT Sports and ESPN. The CI module should be built into the TV’s rear panel in a special niche. The device should only operate when the card operator has been successfully installed. It should be installed only after the card operator has been fully integrated with the CI module.

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