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OnePlus Partners With HackerTone, Launches New Bug Bounty, Rewards? Upto $7000

OnePlus Partners With HackerTone, Launches New Bug Bounty, Rewards? Upto $7000

OnePlus has introduced a new bug rewards program and has partnered with HackerOne to help improve its security efforts. Rewards for error reports will range from $50 to $7,000, depending on the nature of the defect.

OnePlus says it will engage with academics and security professionals to discover, disclose and responsibly resolve issues that could affect the security of OnePlus systems in the future.

The company has partnered separately with HackerOne as well as proactively defending against threats.

Partnering with HackerOne will help you access an extensive network of security experts to overcome the most relevant security vulnerabilities before external actors can exploit them.

The HackerOne collaboration will begin as a pilot program that invites selected researchers to test OnePlus systems against potential threats. A public version of the program is scheduled to be released later in 2020. All invited researchers will submit their reports through HackerOne – TimesOfIndia.

Security researchers are encouraged to report any threats to the OnePlus official website, OnePlus community forums and OnePlus applications. OnePlus technical experts will analyze the reports.

“OnePlus really appreciates the confidentiality of all the information our customers entrust to us. The two projects demonstrate OnePlus’s commitment to protecting our users’ data through safer systems and data lifecycles,” said OnePlus founder and CEO, Pete Lau.

With the rise of phishing and hacking practices, OnePlus is taking proactive measures to prevent major security threats from compromising user data. In this regard, it has introduced a new OnePlus Security Response Center, which will work with security professionals and top security industry teachers to proactively scan, discover and reveal any security threats in OnePlus systems.

This new authoritative body will ensure that the researcher and OnePlus ensure an efficient process, and to allow the quick fix of the discovered threat. As we mentioned, the new OnePlus Security Response Center will provide $50- $7,000 in bugs to security experts who discover and report potential threats to OnePlus systems through the new bug-fixing program.

The level of rewards currently defined is as follows:

  • Special case: up to 7000 USD;
  • Severity: $750 – $1500;
  • Advanced: $250 – $750;
  • Medium: $100- $250;
  • Minimum: $ 50 to $ 100.

In January 2018, a security vulnerability was reported affecting up to 40,000 customers, leading to the theft of customer credit card information.

The second data breach in November 2019 indicates that customer names, contact numbers, e-mail and shipping addresses have been exposed. Fortunately, payment and account information remained secure, but the company did not specify how many customers were affected.

Given the number of security flaws that OnePlus has had over the years, the company needs to take security seriously. However, if someone finds a potentially dangerous defect in the system, the person could gain more from selling the information to third parties for a much higher price.

OnePlus is undoubtedly an excellent smartphone maker and deserves all the rewards for it. This decade has hosted some of the most outrageous data thefts I’ve ever witnessed. OnePlus is and will be a prime target for hackers because it is a treasure trove of personal information due to its worldwide popularity.

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