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Is Palmer Only on Apple TV?

Palmer is a mid-budget drama based in Louisiana. The film is a fictional story about an ex-convict and his efforts to reconnect with his family and friends after a long prison term. Despite his efforts to rebuild his life, he is haunted by his past.

When Eddie Palmer (Justin Timberlake) is released from prison after serving twelve years, he returns to his hometown to live with his grandmother. In the process, he strikes up a friendship with a young boy. This unlikely friendship is the beginning of a love story.

“Palmer” is set in a small town in Louisiana and features a number of familiar characters. It is a well-written and character-driven story that sticks to its strengths.

The movie opens with a shot of a helicopter over rural Louisiana. A warm acoustic guitar plays in the background. This is followed by a scene of an eight-year-old outcast named Sam. He is the son of a woman who has suffered from drug addiction.

Palmer also stars Oscar-nominated actress June Squibb and Juno Temple. The film is directed by Fisher Stevens.

What Network Can I Watch Palmer On?

Palmer, starring Justin Timberlake, is the latest blockbuster movie from Apple TV+. The film features a star-studded cast, including Alisha Wainwright, Squibb Ryder Allen, and Juno Temple.

The drama tells the story of Eddie Palmer, an ex-convict who returns to his hometown to start a new life. He finds a new friend, Sam, and an unlikely mentor in Eddie’s grandmother.

Palmer is an uplifting story about second chances. It’s about coming to terms with who you are after prison. There’s violence, language, and nudity, but it’s also about acceptance and the importance of being yourself.

If you want to watch Palmer, you’ll need an Apple TV+ account. You can sign up for a free trial and try it out. Just make sure you have two-factor authentication set up. Once you’re done, you can start recording and watching Palmer.

To get the most out of the Apple TV+ service, you should consider downloading the app. This allows you to watch previews of the show. You can even use it to record live channels. However, you’ll need a password and an Apple ID.

What Apps is the Movie Palmer On?

If you want to watch the movie Palmer, you can do so either on TV or through a streaming service. You can even watch the series on an iPad or a Mac, if you have a Wi-Fi network that is compatible with the Apple TV.

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The series follows Eddie Palmer, a former football star who comes home after a twelve-year prison sentence. He finds that his family is in disarray, but decides to rebuild his life. As he works to repair his relationship with his wife and son, he bonds with a young boy named Sam. However, his past threatens to destroy his new life.

Palmer is an original film from Apple’s TV+ subscription service. It was written by Cheryl Guerriero and directed by Fisher Stevens. Also, Oscar-nominee June Squibb and Alisha Wainwright co-star.

Aside from being a kid-friendly drama, it also offers a strong Christian message. It is a story of redemption and acceptance, a reminder that each of us has the ability to change our lives.

The movie is a heartwarming story about one man’s struggle to find a place in the world again. The movie is available through the Apple TV+ app, as well as on the website and TV. In addition, there is a free trial for those who want to try out the service.

Is Palmer on Netflix Or Amazon?

Palmer is a new Apple TV original film that follows Eddie Palmer, a former football star who returns home after serving 12 years in prison. In this movie, he tries to get his life back together while taking care of a young boy who is gender nonconforming.

It’s a heartwarming story about a man who finds an unlikely bond with a 7-year-old. He helps the little guy, Sam, learn how to live a life free of haters.

This movie has some serious buzz around it, and is likely to have a big impact on the box office. Its stars include Justin Timberlake, Ryder Allen, Juno Temple, and Alisha Wainwright. The movie was directed by Fisher Stevens, who has also worked on ‘Playing With Fire’ and ‘Uncle Frank’.

As far as streaming goes, Palmer is currently available on Apple TV+. There’s a seven-day trial, which you can take advantage of by signing up for the service. You can also download the film to watch offline. However, you’ll have to pay for the rest of your month once your trial expires.

Where Can I See Palmer with Justin Timberlake?

If you are interested in watching Justin Timberlake in a new movie, you should look into Palmer, which is about an ex-con who returns to his home town after twelve years in prison. It also stars June Squibb and Alisha Wainwright. You can watch it on Apple TV.

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Palmer is an American drama film directed by Fisher Stevens. It was released in January of 2021. The film was produced by Sidney Kimmel and Academy Award winner Charles B. Wessler.

The plot centers on a former football star who returns to his hometown after a twelve year stint in prison. He finds himself in charge of a unique boy. In the meantime, he faces difficult gender issues and is haunted by the memories of his life before prison.

Eddie Palmer is a former high school football star who has served a twelve-year prison sentence. When he is released, he lives with his grandmother and takes on a job as a janitor. As his life starts to get back on track, he is forced to care for a young boy named Sam.

Is There a Free Apple TV?

If you’re looking to cut the cord on your cable subscription, it’s a good idea to look into Apple TV. The company’s streaming service, which costs $5 per month, offers a number of compelling features. It also has a library of exclusive content. However, the catalog isn’t nearly as expansive as competing services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

To sign up for the service, you’ll need to create an Apple ID. Then, you’ll be able to access the Apple TV app on your iPhone or iPad. You can then browse and stream movies and TV shows, or purchase them.

You can also sign up for a free trial of the service. During the trial, you’ll be able to access shows like Ted Lasso, “The Morning Show”, and the Oscar-nominated Finch. At the end of the trial, you’ll be charged for the subscription. Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription before the trial ends.

If you already own an Apple product, you may be eligible for a free subscription. This is usually bundled with the purchase of new devices, such as the iPhone X or a MacBook Air.

Where Can I Watch Palmer Besides Apple TV?

Currently, there is no way to watch the movie Palmer on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or other online streaming services. However, Apple TV subscribers can stream the film by downloading the Apple TV app from the App Store.

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The Apple TV app can be downloaded by signing into your Apple account and going to the App Store. After you have downloaded the app, you can choose to either play the movie or sign in for a seven-day free trial.

The movie is about a former football player who returns home from a twelve-year prison term to find his family. He is given the responsibility of looking after a young boy. It is a tale of redemption and second chances.

The movie is directed by Fisher Stevens and written by Cheryl Guerriero. The film stars Justin Timberlake as Eddie Palmer and Ryder Allen as Sam.

Upon returning to his hometown, Eddie Palmer finds that his past threatens to ruin his new life. Palmer struggles to adjust to his new life while also forming an unlikely friendship with a boy named Sam.

Is Palmer a Netflix Movie?

Palmer is an American drama film released on January 29, 2021. It is a drama about a former football player who gets out of prison after 12 years. His past threatens to ruin his new life.

The film is directed by Fisher Stevens. June Squibb, Alisha Wainwright and Ryder Allen also star. Justin Timberlake plays Eddie Palmer, an ex-felon who is returning to his hometown to rebuild his life.

After being convicted of armed robbery and attempted murder, Eddie Palmer served twelve years in jail. When he was released, he lived with his grandmother Vivian. Now, he is a school janitor. He meets a young boy named Sam who comes from a troubled background.

Palmer is about coming to terms with who you are after prison. Although it was not a commercial success, it has received decent ratings and was well-received by critics.

One of the best things about this movie is its empowering message. It is about two people helping each other overcome their difficulties.

In addition, there are disturbing scenes of domestic abuse. This film can be a difficult watch.

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