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How To Set Screen Mirroring Between Windows 10 PC And Samsung TV?

If you want to mirror your PC screen with your Samsung TV, you need to know how to set up screen mirroring between your Windows 10 PC and your Samsung TV. This can be done using HDMI cable. Just make sure that the cable is compatible with both devices. This is much easier and quicker than the first method. If you follow all the instructions, you should be able to screen-mirror your PC to your Samsung TV without any problems.

To start, go to your TV’s remote control and press the “screen” button. Then, press and hold the ‘Share Screen’ button. Your TV should now show your screen. You can now use the same HDMI cable to mirror your PC’s screen. Just make sure that the USB cable is compatible with both devices. Your Samsung TV and PC should also be powered. If they do not share a power supply, try a different USB.

To get started, open the Windows Control Panel and choose Settings. You will need to select the screen mirroring app. You can also use the supplied remote control to switch between devices. Once the connection has been made, you should go to the settings tab of your PC. In the connected devices section, you will see a list of devices you can mirror. On the left side, select the TV name. The TV will appear on your laptop’s screen as long as it is in extended mode.

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